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    Much laundry has been done and put out on the washing line. My wash basket is now empty.

    Of course that now means I can't mow the lawn.

    However I could do some weeding out the front if I felt so inclined.


      I have done as much weeding as my knees could handle. The gravel parking space looks much better but no doubt it'll all be back within a week.


        Laundry taken in. It's mostly dry and the few damp spots will soon sort themselves out.

        My little patch of lawn has now been mowed.

        Therein ends my gardening for the weekend, although I suspect I'll be doing the lawns at Mum's tomorrow as I doubt my brother will have done it.


          Home again after the journey south to visit my Mum in hospital

          This involved going to my parents' house first to collect my Dad, along with a wheelchair. Then we went down to the hospital, where I trundled him in and up to the Coronary Care Unit, which is where she's being kept because they haven't ruled out the possibility of her heart having been involved in the fall.

          It turned out my primary role was to sit between the two of them and relay what my Mum said to my Dad, repeating it loudly and clearly, as he couldn't hear her properly from a few feet away. As he lip reads, this meant I also had to remove my face mask, which I wasn't too happy about, being in a building renowned as a veritable Mecca for the diseased. But what can you do?

          Anyway, my Mum seems to be in good spirits, they think they've finally managed to get her blood sugars under control, she's got a tailor-made splint for the three broken fingers (left hand, fortunately), she's being given some powerful opioid to control the pain from the hairline fracture of the pelvis, and she claims she might be allowed home on Tuesday

          On the way back I stopped off at Not-As-Big Sainsbury's. I'm still not so keen on that one, but I think I got what I needed so it'll do for now


            The frequently unreachable Chinese was finally contacted after four attempts over the space of about twenty minutes. Won't be ready until about half seven, but at least I'm in the system now


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              The frequently unreachable Chinese was finally contacted after four attempts over the space of about twenty minutes. Won't be ready until about half seven, but at least I'm in the system now
              And exceedingly nice it was too


                {emotionless greeting}

                Three Word Slogan


                  Tonight's major motion picture premiere was Death Race (2008) which is very silly but entertaining enough

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning all
                    A bit of rain overnight, and it’s overcast, but hopefully that will burn off as I have some fencing to do.
                    {emotionless greeting}

                    Three Word Slogan










                      Warm in here at 15.2 deg, 15.5 deg in the kitchen, 14.5 deg in the leanto.

                      1016.5 mBar, 30.17227 in Hg, 762.44 Torr, 14.743 psi, (down a tad from 1017 last night), 73% RH (GDR hair), 71% RH (Lidl electric).

                      More strange dreams re working. Bored with that now.

                      Meanwhile on the 31st of May 2019 NF's dad had reversed his car into a wall, NF had the marching band out for my redundancy, whilst I had finally made an appearance being gainfully unemployed. The work account presumably shut off at 23:59:59 that evening.

                      Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the grey gloom. Well it keeps the pollen down if nothing else.

                      Mr pigeon chasing off a jackdaw under the bird feeder.

                      Food inflation: Morrisons jam pots: same size, now 420g instead of 454g. Bastards.

                      Lunch: baked potato with cheese and baked beans, red corner yog, bramble jelly (420g version) and marmalade (454g version) on slices of more toasted toast than yesterday's slightly undertoasted toast, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: Just a minute.

                      Freecell score: 88%, running average 85%.

                      Freecell score: 88%, running average 85%.

                      Riding Shotgun (1954) with that Randolph Scott chap. Hadn't seen this one before.

                      Frontier Marshall (1939) with a slightly less wrinkly Randolph Scott chap as Wyatt Earp and Cesar Romero as Doc Holliday. Hadn't seen this one before. It was remade as "Darling Clementine" in 1946 with that Henry Fonda chap. It must be said it's not a patch on "Clementine". And more than averagely historically inaccurate. IRL Holliday died of TB 8 years later.

                      Tea: more of the usual crap, a red corner yog, some pear halves, a slice of toast with bramble jelly, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: bits of ST VI The Voyage Home. Because I like it. Especially, well, most of it, the hospital scene, the whaler scene.

                      Freecell score: 88%, running average: 85%.

                      Man vs History on Blaze. More bollox. Notable absence of Ancient Aliens nutjobs, Which is good.
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                      When the fun stops, STOP.