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  • ram1244
    started a topic Receiving payments in crypto

    Receiving payments in crypto


    I'm planning to work/contracting for crypto companies doing, I haven't done any contracting before, I have been going through how contracting works at the moment.
    More often the crypto outfits do not have any address or location and I would be paid in crypto (USDC) I would have...
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  • Annoying new 'off payroll' question on SA100 Tax Return??

    Since I last submitted a tax return they have added a new question 8 on the employment pages:

    The notes say:

    I was working outside IR35 through my own Ltd Co until Apr 2021 and then closed the company mid 2021. The question seems to say to tick the...
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  • New to contracting - oversea client - in/out IR35 - umbrella/ltd - uk/europe

    Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you for some help to make the best decision. Here's my situation:
    1. Currently working as perm
    2. The client I'd be contracting for is based in the US (which is why they can only hire me as a contractor in the UK)
    3. They don't have a clue of what inside/outside IR35 means
    4. I'd
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  • engineerer
    started a topic Java dev transition to contracting

    Java dev transition to contracting

    I am considering transitioning to contracting and I would like to ask about a few things - not necessarily about the diference between inside/outside IR35 etc, bench time, saving money etc, I've done some reading by now. I would appreciate if experienced contractors could share their views on what I...
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  • Liquidator goes into administration while still holding my funds

    Hi everyone,

    I am living a nightmare right now, so I thought I would post my story to ask for advice.

    With IR35, my client asked all contractors to go perm or leave.
    All agents at the time were saying most contracts are now inside IR35, so eventually I did find...
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  • davec123
    started a topic Returning to contracting IR35

    Returning to contracting IR35

    Good evening all,
    I’ve been out the contracting work for a few years now and been books in. I’m thinking of returning to contracting and looking for advice from anyone working inside IR35 now.
    1. Do I still need to be a Ltd company or Will sole trader work?
    2. The consultant jobs...
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  • Know a competent tax lawyer/accountant with the knowledge of UK and US regulations?

    I am a US citizen in the UK married to a European citizen and we both do contracting work. A US company wants to hire me as a consultant on an extended and pretty much full-time basis. Am trying to figure out how I should set myself up from the legal structure and flow of funds perspective to minimise...
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  • alangarden
    started a topic Company Motorcycle maths

    Company Motorcycle maths

    So this has been done to death but wanted to check my ‘maffs’!

    I’m considering purchase of a motorbike purely for business use to dive in and around city centres when visiting Clients (it may also only be used in a sunny day!). Making use off the Annual Invesment Allowance and the...
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  • Umbrella VS limited company in public sector inside IR35?

    I'm in IT and currently I'm being offered a position in the public sector inside IR35 via an agency and they gave me 2 options (exact wording):

    Option 1. An umbrella route whereby you become an employee of the umbrella, with payroll taxes deducted at source.

    Option 2. A payroll...
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  • Remote european IT contract (client in Germany, Ltd company in UK)


    I'm an IT contractor (currently under an umbrella company). I have been offered a contract (fully remote) with a German company, and the recruiter (who is UK based) has mentioned this is outside IR35. I still have my own Limited company operational, although I am trading (at the moment)...
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  • Should I take out liability insurance AND IR35 insurance?

    My insurance is due and I'm wondering whether I should just take out professional/public liability insurance for £170 or cough up for IR35 insurance which is another £300. I know the emphasis is on the client now to deem your IR35 status so perhaps shouldn't need the insurance but I'm just wondering...
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  • TwoWolves
    started a topic Boomed


    New "outside" contract, modest rate increase on existing.

    I suppose I should feel euphoric but I actually feel exhausted and stressed, it's not easy finding outside contracts at the moment and the thought of going permie or inside makes me nauseous - I may be allergic.
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  • British Citizen open limited company in Republic of Ireland

    Hi All,

    As per my understanding British Citizen can open limited company in Republic of Ireland even after Brexit.
    I have recently liquidated my company in UK and starting a contract in ROI. I will open a limited company in ROI.

    Any issues in terms of Entrepreneur...
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  • nikwax
    started a topic TAAR and Condition D

    TAAR and Condition D

    Let's say I closed down a limited company (MVL) and was intending to move abroad.

    I have correspondence with a solictor demonstrating that I was in the process of acquiring property in the other country.

    Then at the last minute I was offered a new contract.
    - it is a...
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  • Being offered renewal under umbrella, unsure about where to go from here

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading lots of IR35 related threads (I'm still confused) but I would also really appreciate your feedback on my current situation.

    I've been with this client since April 2020, renewed once and current contract ends end of coming March. Client has...
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  • Estonian Ltd working in France for a French company


    First of all, thank you for keeping this forum so helpful.

    I just have a question regarding my Estonian Limited and need some help.
    I have a new 1year contract proposition from a French company. I have an Estonian limited (which is in EU), but my client said...
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  • £1k pa saving from using a Limited Company inside IR35?


    I have been contracting inside IR35 for a while now. I pay an umbrella company £100 per month for their services (£1200 pa). I was considering going down the limited company route on the basis that I will save approx £1k per annum (£1200 of umbrella fees - £200 of limited company...
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  • Tax liability in Sweden & UK IR35 status - UK limited company


    I have my own UK limited company and signed a contract with a client (private small company) from Sweden. The contract has no end and will continue until one of the parties decides to terminate it. I'm working for this company full-time and I'm pretty much an employee except that I'm...
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  • rogerF
    started a topic SIPP most efficient Funding

    SIPP most efficient Funding

    SIPP Contribution question.


    I am thinking of opening a SIPP and I have a question about the most tax efficient way of funding it.
    I would want to make regular, say monthly contributions.

    Here is my situation:
    1- I am the director of my UK...
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  • Childcare costs through limited company

    Does anyone know what the new rules are regarding childcare, specifically around putting costs through your limited company. I know the rules were changed in October 2018, but I'm reading and being told contradictory information so would be good to get some clarification.

    The scenario...
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  • MikhailCompo
    started a topic How to Close Down My Ltd

    How to Close Down My Ltd

    So my FTSE250 client offered me a decent package to convert to permie as they're binning all contractors before Feb 2020, so I have taken the plunge.

    Can anyone clarify the following points for me? I have been told that if i am over 25k then i must appoint and pay for a liquidator...
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  • sdd
    started a topic Please help with registered address query

    Please help with registered address query

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help on here.

    I have a limited company that has never traded that I'm looking to dissolve.

    My home address currently shows on companies house as the correspondence and registered address.

    I want to change this for security...
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  • Rictastic
    started a topic Company Wind Up

    Company Wind Up


    Has anyone had experience with winding up a limited company and the most tax efficient method for doing this:

    My last invoice/payment will come through mid October (2019) and I plan on moving back to NZ mid December, on the last payment I'll have around £90000 in my...
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  • suresh505
    started a topic Limited company status - post IR 35

    Limited company status - post IR 35

    I work as an IT contractor through a limited company with myself and my wife as directors. My wife performs the role of a company secretary and draws a small salary.

    Once private sector IR 35 rules come into force, I will almost certainly start working with an umbrella company. I would...
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  • eco666
    started a topic IR35 and 'work trackers'

    IR35 and 'work trackers'


    I am contracting for a large business (as a limited company). Recently, the company I am employed by has asked every employee fill out a 'work tracker' (for management purposes) whereby each employee has to fill in a tracked spread sheet, on a daily basis, every task they have completed,...
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  • Been trying to get my business partner out for nearly 7 months, now he's ignoring me!

    Hey everyone,

    Basically, I have been in a limited company for over 2 years with my business partner. We agreed that having different views for the company around 6 months ago, me still having faith in the company though and him not. As the company wasn’t trading at a plus and basically...
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  • New limited company, IT consultant, husband and wife scenario

    All, I would appreciate your comments regarding our plan on how to handle our salary/dividends/tax matters when it comes to the limited company that I have just founded together with my wife.

    - He is a director of the limited company
    - He is paid a salary of £8,424/year...
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  • abu1
    started a topic Changing accountants mid contract.

    Changing accountants mid contract.

    Hi I am thinking of changing my accountant as he is not doing much or anything at all. Also currently he is abroad and I am unable to get hold of him since last 4 weeks.

    what do I have to do for handover to a new accountant? Do I need to make HMRC aware?

    Also any recommendations...
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  • bubble99
    started a topic Ltd Co contractor moving to New Zealand

    Ltd Co contractor moving to New Zealand

    Hi all - interested in some advice.

    I'm a kiwi who has been living in the UK for about 16 years. I'll be returning to NZ later this year to live. The last few years in the UK I have been using limited company to contract through (sole director/shareholder) and a decent level of cash has...
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  • Travel Expense Claiming - Temporary Workplace or not?

    I have just started my own limited company and am set with my first contract which is for a duration of 6 months.

    The contract states the work location to be in 'Location A'.

    I spend 6 hours at Location A twice a week and the remainder of those days plus the remaining...
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  • Language training as an expense for a Ltd Company


    I am the director and owner of a small limited company. In the coming months, my trading activities in Sweden are set to increase. Although English is almost always sufficient, knowing Swedish would be greatly beneficial. I am wondering if language learning (1 to 1 from a tutor) is...
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  • Anyone used Brookson one, parasol, danbro, 6cats int, jsa, payme or orangegenie ?

    I need a view on these companies. I am planning to go for umbrella services, although it will significantly reduce my monthly take home amount, but I have no idea about the difficulties i might face if I choose to LLC. my assignment is for 6 months only. My agency recommended these companies to work...
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  • Inside IR35 Contract, Is it worth working through limited company

    I have recently got new contract that falls under Inside IR35 .
    I was assessing weather its still good option to continue through my own limited company.

    The agency will deduct tax at Basic Rate, Employee NI, Employer NI at source and will deposit around £8000/month...
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  • Reduce limited company expenses when no trading or inactive

    By October last year I became a contractor in the IT sector and completed two assignments (2 to 3 months each) as senior software developer, using my new limited company. For the last 3 months I was not working but still paying my accountant Brookson £170 a month as they claim I need their services...
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  • pabs
    started a topic new to contracting, need some advice please

    new to contracting, need some advice please

    Hi All

    I have recently been put forward for some contract roles through a recruitment agency. The agency have asked me to inquire about either setting up a limited company or using an umbrella company.

    Last night i phoned a company called Compare the Umbrella (comparetheumbrella.co.uk)....
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  • Depreciation of IT hardware reducing balance?

    I can't get my accountant to do straight line depreciation on IT hardware as I believe is normal. The problem comes when you wish to close down the company and they have done reducing balance. They try to say that they only do reducing balance. Can the director insist on a particular depreciation scheme?...
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  • Limited Company with a single client - does IR35 apply?

    Afternoon All

    Forgive me if this has already been addressed

    I am an IT contractor and have set up a limited company. I have a single client whom I work for and bill through the company. If i were to take the IR35 test would I fail? If so is there any other way round it?...
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  • Advice please - backdating pension contributions

    Hi folks. I'm a newbie to this site. I've read through some previous posts but found them difficult to compare to my own situation.

    I've been operating my own limited company for exactly 2 years now. In that time I've taken a salary of c£10,600 for the second year and a dividend of c£23,000....
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  • Tax Considerations for Netherlands Contract under UK Limited Company

    I have been offered a contract in the Netherlands and I understand I could work in one of the following ways:
    1. Under my own BV (Netherlands limited company).
    2. Under my UK limited company.
    3. Via a payroll company.
    4. Part payment to my BV or UK limited company and part payment (€200)
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  • Running a Limited Company for short-term intermittent contracts

    Having retired from full-time work I am hoping to continue working part-time but no more than 6 months in any calendar year. And this 6 months might be made up of a number of shorter periods throughout the calendar year.
    I would prefer to set up a Limited Company rather than go through an umbrella...
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  • Childcare - an allowable/valid limited company expense?

    Background - I am new to IT Contracting and have just set-up a new limited company

    Quick question - I have three children under the age of 6 years old so my childcare costs per month are high! As the sole employee/director of my small limited company can I claim some/all of this as an...
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  • Limited Accounting Newbie - "Give a guy a little help this Christmas"

    Just started contracting again after years of being permanent. The last time I was a contractor I paid my accountant £150pcm to use an online tool but this time around I wanted to see if I could do it myself. After some researching I'd like to share my current understanding and hopefully someone can...
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  • Sonia
    started a topic Two Directors of Limited Company

    Two Directors of Limited Company

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently opened my Limited company and added my partner as a second director. As we just started contracting and keep it just as a part time thing the income isn't very high yet (around 13 -15 thousand a year). The issue that I would like to find out about is whether...
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  • Umbrella company monthly take home pay could be more than Limited Company??


    I have read all sorts of info / forums on the pros and cons of Umbrella companies vs Limited Companies.
    I thought I would be "clever" and create a limited company. I've haven't traded yet. Now I'm it looks likely that I will have between 2 to 3 months work at £150...
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  • happyuk
    started a topic VAT Notice of assessment of tax

    VAT Notice of assessment of tax

    Hi would appreciate some advice on the following matter which is creating a fair amount of stress.

    For the past 2 x years I had been contracting using an umbrella company (Parasol). Because of the 24-month rule I considered the possibility of setting up my own Limited Company, and actually...
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  • Does your industry matter when choosing an accountant?


    Completely new to contracting, just been offered first contract and trying to choose an accountant. Danbro was recommended by the recruiter and I have had a chat with them which was very helpful to get an idea of umbrella vs limited and what my take-home would be for the various options;...
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  • New company with a business partner - what to do with existing one ?

    Not sure where to get the advise, yes I can ask my account but he will just give me the legal aspect.

    So as the subject of my post, I am going to move my activity a little bit wider and partner with someone who doesn't have a business yet. To start "fresh" we decided to create...
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  • DRobin8410
    started a topic Ineligible to be a Company Director

    Ineligible to be a Company Director

    I am ineligible to be a Company Director and normally operate through UMbrella companies. However, a number of agencies and clients are no recognising umbrella companies. Is there an alternative vehicle I can use to apply for contracts via agencies that only deal with Limited Companies?
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  • TManby
    started a topic Contractor Expenses

    Contractor Expenses

    I have recently set up a Limited Company in line with the Financial Contract I work on. Being new to the world of 'self employment' I am keen to seek advice on what I am OK to claim on expenses.

    I rent a flat each month around the area my contract is based. My flat is several hundred...
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  • c0ntract0r
    started a topic Newbie Questions

    Newbie Questions

    Have lost my job so am being forced to get into contracting at the moment.
    Starting out , I feel like a little child lost in a maze. I would appreciate any help that you guys can provide.

    I have an offer for a contract but need to decide whether to form my own limited company,...
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