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accountant x

  • Zorbas
    started a topic Please: How to submit Cessation Accounts ?

    Please: How to submit Cessation Accounts ?

    sorry first time in my life I use a forum, please excuse my mistakes

    I need to close my LTD and I need to submit cessation accounts. My company is dormant for few years now and I submit the accounts myself, I don't have an accountant. My question:

    How do I submit the...
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  • VAT scheme if providing services abroad and most efficent to save tax outside ir35?

    I have been offered a contract for £100k+ per year to provide IT services internationally. Is it necessary to pay Value-Added Tax (VAT) in this case? Additionally, what is the most efficient way to pay myself, as a director, and my sibling, who is serving as the company admin or secretary, through...
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  • Changing Limited Company midway Outside IR35 contract

    Can someone with knowledge or having done the same please help.

    During Extension, Is it a good idea to change an outside IR35 contract from a current limited company issued with an Outside IR35 contract to a new Limited company operation from 9 months?? What are the implications?...
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  • Likourinos
    started a topic IR35 doesn't apply to US companies?

    IR35 doesn't apply to US companies?


    I am about to sign a contract with a US company and I phoned an accountant to get some advice regarding IR35 rules.

    I was told that IR35 doesn't apply to US companies but my contract could still be checked for IR35 status from the HRMC.

    I am bit confused. Does...
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  • ram1244
    started a topic Receiving payments in crypto

    Receiving payments in crypto


    I'm planning to work/contracting for crypto companies doing, I haven't done any contracting before, I have been going through how contracting works at the moment.
    More often the crypto outfits do not have any address or location and I would be paid in crypto (USDC) I would have...
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  • Annoying new 'off payroll' question on SA100 Tax Return??

    Since I last submitted a tax return they have added a new question 8 on the employment pages:

    The notes say:

    I was working outside IR35 through my own Ltd Co until Apr 2021 and then closed the company mid 2021. The question seems to say to tick the...
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  • Parasol Umbrella seem to have disappeared today

    The Parasol website (myparasol.co.uk) seems to have disappeared this morning and their phone numbers don't ring through.

    The websites for Nixon Williams and ClearSky accounting that I think are linked seem to respond still but none of their phone numbers work either.

    Is anyone...
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  • Know a competent tax lawyer/accountant with the knowledge of UK and US regulations?

    I am a US citizen in the UK married to a European citizen and we both do contracting work. A US company wants to hire me as a consultant on an extended and pretty much full-time basis. Am trying to figure out how I should set myself up from the legal structure and flow of funds perspective to minimise...
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  • alangarden
    started a topic Company Motorcycle maths

    Company Motorcycle maths

    So this has been done to death but wanted to check my ‘maffs’!

    I’m considering purchase of a motorbike purely for business use to dive in and around city centres when visiting Clients (it may also only be used in a sunny day!). Making use off the Annual Invesment Allowance and the...
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  • Closing my Ltd Company and Paying Tax Liabilities from Personal Bank Account

    I have started the process of closing my limited company via my accountants but am very suspicious about the steps in the process that they have outlined in them doing so.

    They have stated that I should not close my business bank account at this time as any tax refunds due to the company...
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    Last edited by Tractor Trace; 10 August 2021, 19:27.

  • Mobix
    started a topic Paid twice in 1 accounting month

    Paid twice in 1 accounting month


    I recently had to switch to an umbrella due to IR35.

    I got paid for the first time in the May tax month. I submitted my timesheet for June as normal and my agency sent the money to the umbrella before the 4th of June. This meant that the Umbrella processed the payment...
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  • PencilPot
    started a topic Accountancy fees

    Accountancy fees

    Hi All

    I just wanted to ask a quick question to get an idea of accountancy fees and if what im paying is normal

    My account does my PAYE, Vat and end of year accounts and charges me £1900.

    Is that about the same as most of you are charged for a simular service....
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  • mike78
    started a topic Current Accountant is not responding

    Current Accountant is not responding

    Hi All,
    I am about to start liquidation and need to submit final returns. and my current accountant is not responding since few days now.

    I think I don't have any other option than going to other accountant .

    Any issues I can face please ?

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  • elliscs
    started a topic UK/US Accountant Specialist?

    UK/US Accountant Specialist?

    Hey folks,
    I'm new to the UK and am starting a Contracting Web Dev business. I just got off the phone with Maslins and they recommended this forum for finding an Accountant specialising in UK/US contractors.

    Can anyone recommend an accountant?

    Much appreciated,...
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic 26 year old, new to contracting help!

    26 year old, new to contracting help!

    Hi All,
    I am looking to become an IT contractor. I have interviews for both an inside IR35 role and outside.
    For arguments sake lets say they are both offering 450GBP a day for 6 months (lets say 120 days of work).
    Therefore I get 450*120=54,000GBP sent to me.

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  • alex1011
    started a topic Buy To Let Question

    Buy To Let Question

    I have a property which is rented out for £2,000 pcm. I transfer the net proceeds of circa £1500 (minus agents fees, maintenance etc deducted) to my Mum each month to support her.

    My Mum doesnt have another income so would pay less tax than me. Is there a way for me to not complicate/change...
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  • Ldter
    started a topic Accountant for new Ltd with no revenue

    Accountant for new Ltd with no revenue

    Hi all,

    I've joined this forum as I'm going to set up an Ltd to build some software which won't probably see any revenue for at least a year.
    The reason why I'd like to have an accountant when setting up my Ltd is to also have a registered address to use for the incorporation....
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  • Going alone in doing annual Company accounts

    Hello Everyone.

    I need some advice please and hope you can help!

    I've been a Ltd Co contractor for 7 years and my last contract ended back in February this year and I then took a fill time PAYE job with another company. So really, the Ltd company isn't in use any more but...
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  • PK2
    started a topic Difficulty moving accountant

    Difficulty moving accountant

    Hi everyone,

    For those of you who moved accountants how long did the process of getting your accounts up to date with the new accountant take?

    It's been 3 weeks since I gave PayStream a formal notice (by email) and my new accountant keeps telling me that they haven't even...
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  • uk-newbie
    started a topic Has anyone left Intouch Accounting recently ?

    Has anyone left Intouch Accounting recently ?

    Been with them for over 4 years now but really not seeing any value for what i'm paying and the last 3 weeks of trying to get something done through them has been beyond a joke.

    Has anyone left them recently ?

    Was it a smooth process?

    Any issues / penalties for...
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  • Additional fee for year-end tax filing

    I started contracting through a limited company in Feb this year. When I signed up with my accountant, they promised that the year-end tax filing and all services would be included in their package and I pay them a monthly amount. Now when filing tax for the year 2018/2019, they are charging...
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  • How to go from Accountant to DIY Accounts

    Hello All

    I am looking for guides / advice on how to go from monthly fee paid accountant to DIY accounts.

    There are many threads with strong opinions both ways on whether going DIY is a good idea. I would say there are more on it being a bad idea than a good idea. I am...
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  • Do I need an accountant if I'm taking a break? Advice needed

    i'm a newbie to the contracting world and need some advice on accounting matter please.

    Contract started : April 2018
    Contract ends: end of June 2019
    Company year end accounting date: end April 2019

    I've been with a local small accountancy...
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  • Fathomable
    started a topic How Soon To Engage An Accountant?

    How Soon To Engage An Accountant?

    I'm currently permie, going contract next month. I've set up a company, purchased the necessary insurance and got a business bank accountant. I don't want to handle the accountants day-to-day, so I need to get an accountant. Probably an online-only FreeAgent accountant like Gorilla or Dolan.
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  • kembljoe
    started a topic Expense - 10 mile rule

    Expense - 10 mile rule


    I've recently changed my accountant. My new accountant says:

    "I need to make you aware of the 24 month rule. For example contract A was for 18 months and located at Canary Wharf, you then have a new contract (Contract B duration 18 months) and the new place of...
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  • Extract Capital as Entrepreneur's Relief - Advice


    I'm shutting down my ltd. company after moving into full term employment. There is around 60k distributable profit in the business, and I'd like to exit this with entrepreneurs relief (@ 10% capital gains, so assume 54k net).

    When do I take this 60K out of...
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  • Starting a contract before the VAT registration is complete.

    Hi, Crunch (accounting) have applied for my VAT registration for my newly created company but there was a mistake and hence HMRC requires more evidence/documents for the verification process. I have all of those and have already provided them to Crunch which in turn will update my application. Based...
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  • abu1
    started a topic Changing accountants mid contract.

    Changing accountants mid contract.

    Hi I am thinking of changing my accountant as he is not doing much or anything at all. Also currently he is abroad and I am unable to get hold of him since last 4 weeks.

    what do I have to do for handover to a new accountant? Do I need to make HMRC aware?

    Also any recommendations...
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  • Current accountants making the move to a new one harder than it should

    Bear with my first post, appreciate the patience if someone is able to help.

    Due to the extremely poor service I've been getting with Umbrella Accountants and reading the posts here I've decided to go with InTouch
    When they asked me last week if I'd prefer giving them the notice...
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  • Jackthedog
    started a topic Question about expenses

    Question about expenses


    Need some help, sorry this question may have been posed many times before but I am not clear.

    I’m new to contracting and have just set up a limited company (am director and am employee) and started as a worker providing IT Consultancy Services.

    I have...
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  • speaktofrodo
    started a topic IT Contractor accountant in Preston, Lancashire

    IT Contractor accountant in Preston, Lancashire

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a contractor newbie and am about to start on my first contract next month. Can someone recommend a good accountant in the Preston area? I'm an IT contractor an accountant who has got experience with IT contractors and tax advice around them would be preferred. I know...
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  • fwd
    started a topic Accounting & Pay for 1 week in the tax year

    Accounting & Pay for 1 week in the tax year

    Hi, In the tax year of 2016/17 I only worked the final week of the year, (last week in April).

    My invoice for the year was 2,750+550 VAT= 3,300 in total.

    I am on the flat rate scheme @ 14%, what’s the treatment to get the maximum. Appreciate if someone could provide...
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  • squidlet
    started a topic End of year accounts with new accountant

    End of year accounts with new accountant


    I've just received the end of year accounts for my boyfriend's Ltd, and out of about £43,000 in turnover, the corporation tax adds up to about £5,200.

    My boyfriend (director) contracts all over Europe, for 2-6 months at a time. This means he has to travel to various...
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  • thekidslocum
    started a topic Hello and intro

    Hello and intro

    Evening all.

    So, I appreciate this must have asked before so sorry to waste anyone time. Essentially, I'm a doctor now doing full time locum and has my own ltd company. Want to be as tax efficient as I can be and the more I look around it the less I understand it. Anyone know of a good...
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  • essjay2730
    started a topic New Accounting firm

    New Accounting firm

    First post on here but SJD have finally pushed me to the limit. I wont go in to specifics but broadly speaking I am underwhelmed by their service after 3 or 4 years with them. Mistakes, lack of responsiveness, excel spreadsheet book keeping, having to chase, expensive....to name but a few. I am therefore...
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  • Working through UK Ltd, resident in France, client in UK/USA

    Hi All

    I have a friend that is in a bit of a pickle. He's on a very decent rate, but has been 'advised' all sorts of 'advice' from his French accountant.

    • UK national, resident in France (lived there for a few years now).
    • Client is American
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  • Depreciation of IT hardware reducing balance?

    I can't get my accountant to do straight line depreciation on IT hardware as I believe is normal. The problem comes when you wish to close down the company and they have done reducing balance. They try to say that they only do reducing balance. Can the director insist on a particular depreciation scheme?...
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  • ContractorLtd
    started a topic Accountants for LTD Companies

    Accountants for LTD Companies

    HI All,

    Anyone will recommend a good accountant for my Ltd?

    I had MicrobusinessTeam accountants but they are SO SO terrible. They never reply to emails, never pick up the phone, they are so unprofessional and not well prepared. Please avoid!

    So any advise will...
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  • Accountant name required for a screening

    I've been contracting through an LTD from a number of years and now I'm moving to a Fixed Term Contract directly with the employer.
    As a part of the screening process I've been asked to provide the name and contact details of my accountant. Does anyone know what they'll ask the accountant? How...
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  • What do you look for when choosing an Accountant?

    Hi all, as busy professionals I am wondering what is important to you when choosing an Accountant. Do you prefer use a specialist contractor accountancy firm or a general accountancy firm?

    Is personal service important to you? Or do you make your choice based on cost?

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  • Childcare - an allowable/valid limited company expense?

    Background - I am new to IT Contracting and have just set-up a new limited company

    Quick question - I have three children under the age of 6 years old so my childcare costs per month are high! As the sole employee/director of my small limited company can I claim some/all of this as an...
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  • Accountant for company doing very little work?

    My contractor limited is going to have a very quiet 2016/17 I think, as I focus on other things. I'd like to keep the company in existence, but it won't do much.

    What would anyone recommend regarding accountants for this situation? I don't want to pay 1000 + VAT for the year to one...
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  • MarcNY
    started a topic Accountant Recommendation

    Accountant Recommendation

    Hi all,

    I am new to contracting in the UK and am looking for an accountant to help me the administrative hurdle.
    So far i found:

    Walker Smith Global

    Does anyone have experience with any of those or can you...
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  • Does your industry matter when choosing an accountant?


    Completely new to contracting, just been offered first contract and trying to choose an accountant. Danbro was recommended by the recruiter and I have had a chat with them which was very helpful to get an idea of umbrella vs limited and what my take-home would be for the various options;...
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  • New company formation - a couple of questions

    I'm about to set up a new company. I've read around this forum and decided that InTouch looks like the best bet to provide accountancy services. A couple of questions follow - the best answer gets my referral if you'd like it (which will probably be on Wednesday 8th April).

    I'll be...
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  • Tax advisor/ accountant recommendations specialised in contracting in Belgium.


    Wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a tax advisor or accountant specialises in dealing with contracts in Belgium?
    I am new, but did try the search function - and have read the long and informative post on contracting in Belgium.

    thanks in advance...
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  • midheach
    started a topic Normal Accountant Duties

    Normal Accountant Duties

    Hi All,

    I recently started up and limited company and have been contracting through it. However, I am having trouble identifying what my accountant should be handling and what I should be handling myself.

    Are the following considered normal accounting duties or am I asking...
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  • psg
    started a topic When should I start to work with an accountant?

    When should I start to work with an accountant?

    As an IT contractor, does it make sense to wait until to find a contract job(couple of months) or it's better to start working as soon as I finish company formation process?
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  • andrewkew
    started a topic Accountant Selection Advice

    Accountant Selection Advice


    I am looking for a good accountant in London to do my accounts of my LTD company. Searching the web I found a company called Forbes Young.
    They seem to have offices all over the country not just in London but I cant seem to find many reviews about them?

    Does anyone...
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  • Limited Company -Cancelling Accountant's Services - Do It Yourself

    I run a limited company as the sole Director I am thinking of cancelling the services of my accountant and doing my company's tax, VAT/PAYE, Salary and dividends all myself.

    What information do I need to ask my current accountant? Is there a list of items that I need to ask my current...
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