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  • Anyone else asked to stay back an 1hr or per day??

    3 months into 12 month (inside ir35)contract, prev worked abroad for 5 years, but due to personal reasons I need to be in the U.K. for the next few years.

    1st month of the gig was fine (minus the obvious inside changes), but for the last 2 months, pretty much everyday, I’ve been asked...
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  • chirag2205
    started a topic T&M Contract - Issue

    T&M Contract - Issue

    Hi All,

    In June I signed up a T&M Contract with an IT Company. It was initially 10 man-days per month, starting from 01/06/2021 to 31/07/2021.

    That means basically 10 days for June and 10 days for July.

    We both signed the contract, I started working and very...
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  • Umbrella VS limited company in public sector inside IR35?

    I'm in IT and currently I'm being offered a position in the public sector inside IR35 via an agency and they gave me 2 options (exact wording):

    Option 1. An umbrella route whereby you become an employee of the umbrella, with payroll taxes deducted at source.

    Option 2. A payroll...
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  • luimneach2005
    started a topic All new - penalties?

    All new - penalties?

    Haven't contracted in several years and it's all a
    bit weird to me.

    Is it normal to have a penalty clause that requires ££ if you don't provide/work a notice period? Is it normal to have to sign off deliverables (that you are not capable of delivering alone) before having time...
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  • Can anyone recommend a more 'balanced' Intellectual Property Clause

    Can anyone point me to a more 'balanced' Intellectual Property clause than the one below, to be included in a software development contract. We would like to clearly distinguish between work that the client specifies on the backlog, and other ideas/work that we contribute during other conversations...
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  • Is it fair for contractors to pay Employer’s NI from his day rate?

    Umbrella companies deduct employer NI and employee NI from a contractor’s day rate agreed with the hiring manager. Is this fair? Is the umbrella companies just a facade for double NI collection from a contractor’s day rate? Most hiring managers are not even aware that employer’s NI is being paid...
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  • Claiming expenses through PSC whilst working through Umbrella

    Hi there.

    I was unfortunately classified to fall inside IR35 only a month after my start date on this new assignment, so will now have to switch to an Umbrella.

    I very much wish to continue working through my PSC, maybe straight after this assignment ends, so planning to keep...
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  • 12 Month Contract With Immediate Notice of Termination on Both Sides

    Anyone had experience of contracting through PSR (Public Sector Resourcing)? I've received an offer for a 12 month contract and the notice period is zero days on both sides. When I queried this with the consultant he said that yes, unfortunately there is no notice and immediate termination can be...
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  • TwoWolves
    started a topic Boomed


    New "outside" contract, modest rate increase on existing.

    I suppose I should feel euphoric but I actually feel exhausted and stressed, it's not easy finding outside contracts at the moment and the thought of going permie or inside makes me nauseous - I may be allergic.
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  • Consequences of leaving a contract signed before start date ?

    Hi all

    I believe its difficult to answer the question without the specific contract details but please let me know your experience

    I've signed a new contract and haven't started work yet
    Notice period is 2 weeks

    I won't be able to take up work because...
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  • alexmc
    started a topic Agency contract does not mention their client

    Agency contract does not mention their client

    I can imagine contracting to a software company and receiving a contract which does not mention the software company's clients.
    However is that ever right for an agency contract for IT services to not mention the client that they are for?

    I have received a contract from an agency...
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic 26 year old, new to contracting help!

    26 year old, new to contracting help!

    Hi All,
    I am looking to become an IT contractor. I have interviews for both an inside IR35 role and outside.
    For arguments sake lets say they are both offering 450GBP a day for 6 months (lets say 120 days of work).
    Therefore I get 450*120=54,000GBP sent to me.

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  • Urgent: Help required on Contract and Subcontract

    Hi experts,

    I need your help urgently to make a contract structure. I am consulting/contracting from last 4 years from my Limited company (e.g. ABC Limited). I got a client who want to associate with my Limited company for a milestone based delivery model. It is going to be a big peace...
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  • Furlough and working for another company


    I have limited company and I recently lost the contract soon after buying a house. In difficult situation now. I have below questions:

    1) Can I furlough myself from my company and get small job retention grant?
    2) While on furlough in my own limited company can...
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  • Contractor/Sub-Consultant vs. Agency Worker

    Back story: I've worked via agencies for many years and will be branching out to contractor work.
    I'll be providing temp office services cover to corporate (usually finance) companies. Also providing some virtual services.
    I already have interested end-clients, but have funding/research...
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  • Excessive contractual obligations

    Hello all,

    I’d be interested to know others’ views on some proposed contract terms -

    I am the sole director of a limited company through which I provide IT services as per a normal contractor model. A new client has presented me a contract with the usual definitions i.e....
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  • utopia
    started a topic End client mentioned in a contract

    End client mentioned in a contract

    I operate through a PSC and have been on an outside-IR35 contract with a UK-based recruitment agency for a few years. The client, for the purpose of this contract, is a large consultancy. This consultancy has a number of business clients in the UK, one of them being a large insurance agency. I have...
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  • IR35 status when contracting from abroad


    My UK Ltd company provides consulting services to my UK based client. They have requested to all contractors to use the CEST tool to assess if we are inside or outside IR35. I recently moved to Spain whilst temporarily (for the next month or so) will carry on working for my UK Ltd...
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  • trailfinder09
    started a topic Outside IR35 to a perm...best timing

    Outside IR35 to a perm...best timing

    I have been contracting for the same client for 5 years ( different roles and different teams) and my contract ends end of Feb 20. Now all contractors are being moved to a brolly or PAYE contractors. I was offered a perm role instead. Though there will be a drop in take home pay, I am seriously considering...
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  • callum103
    started a topic looking to perform some training

    looking to perform some training

    Hi all,

    I have just recently started my first contract role in Business Continuity for an initial 6 months. the role involves updating documents, making sure the business is compliant to ISO standards and managing the BC champions team to ensure the whole business has an awareness of...
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  • Question about contractor to permanent contract


    I would like to know if it is possible to sign a contract where you agree to automatically go permanent after a period of time?
    If yes, should you agree on all terms before signing: contractor day rate, permanent salary, bonuses?
    Or do you need two separated contracts?...
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  • southernladuk
    started a topic Quandary over contracts

    Quandary over contracts


    Looking to get some input on the following. I'm presently in contract with an bank, all fairly okay but coming to 18 months now and the next renewal, whilst likely, will be a bit tougher as it has to be approved from on high. A rate rise is unlikely too. Renewals after that are unknown...
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  • American-based IT Contract - clarifications?

    Hi everyone,

    First-time contractor here with a couple of questions that I wanted to clarify. I'm currently working with a company, but my visa with them is expiring and I am moving back to the United States in a few weeks. I've worked out an agreement with them to continue contracting...
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  • StuckInPurgatory
    started a topic Never ending contract

    Never ending contract

    Hi! I really hope someone here can help me.

    Last March I agreed with a local IT consulting firm to do some Web development work for a local business. We agreed via txt message to develop a system worth 50 hours worth of work. It sounded like a great way to make a bit of extra cash in...
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  • Terminated for asking questions about my data.

    Please delete thread.
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  • Personal data request - is this normal / legal?

    Hey all,

    I’ve just landed a new contract - as part of the recruitment company’s vetting process they are asking for copies of my passport, address and NI number. This is on top of all the company documentation.

    I have two issues:
    1) is this legally required?...
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  • Pre-employments checks after contract already started

    I am currently in a 6 months contract with my new client.
    This time I don't have any middleman/agency, is just me and my client.

    I am there for 3 weeks already, work is going smooth all seems fine. I recently received an email from some external background checking company that...
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  • Contract clause where Company indemnifies agency against IR35 losses


    I am the director of my own business providing specialist IT services. The location where the services are carried out and the way in which they are carried out is not determined by the agency or the client.

    The agency contract which I am being asked to sign includes...
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  • Ash2003
    started a topic Thinking of taking the leap into contracting

    Thinking of taking the leap into contracting

    Hi all

    I am 24 and have 3 years industry experience in data and analytics. This has built my skills in scrum meetings, sql, excel, power bi, ssrs, crystal reports, data warehous mapping and understanding feeds, working off jira or vsts boards. Having worked with many contractors in my...
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  • CGMFerrier
    started a topic New contract - IR35 free

    New contract - IR35 free

    Hello all,

    I am a Software developer and just got a new contract with a company last week. They made the offer, I accepted now comes the time to sign the contract.

    One of the sections is bothering me (two actually). It states:

    and the last...
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  • ifti12
    started a topic Recruiters and real estate agents are same

    Recruiters and real estate agents are same

    Here is my story of hiring process with COMPANY-X.

    1) The agency advertised the job with the rate range £500-£575. Also still have job confirmation in my inbox though its been removed from Jobserve.

    2) I applied for a job and agreed the rate of £550/day with the AGENCY-Y....
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  • rabtor
    started a topic Work in Belgium, Live in UK

    Work in Belgium, Live in UK


    I'm looking at a contract in Belgium where the company allows 70-80% working from home (which would be UK for me)... So likely one week a month working in the Belgium office.

    Would i be able to use my UK Ltd company for this and pay corp tax and personal tax on wage...
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  • Cadbury
    started a topic Turned up for first day, then had to leave

    Turned up for first day, then had to leave

    Bit of weird one this. I interviewed for a position which I got. Contracts signed with Agency and start date agreed. It was all quite rushed as the client wanted my to start ASAP.

    This is a gig where I'll be working mostly from home, so was agreed that I'd do the first week at the clients...
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  • Agency asking me for Onboarding Information 9 months into Contract

    9 months into a contract my agency onboarding team has emailed me asking for an updated CV which includes all the months for all my contracts for the client's 'auditing retirements'. This is ridiculous seeing as I was contacted, interviewed, offered the contract and accepted on the CV version they...
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  • Contract Ended by Client, false info given to Agency

    Hey guys,

    I've just had my six month contract ended by my client, although mutual. In a nutshell,

    Started February, due to a mix up in paperwork on my client's end and the nature of the work, I was sent home while this was sorted by them. I had only been paid for two weeks...
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  • Bheleu
    started a topic which firm to use for a Contract Review

    which firm to use for a Contract Review


    I have just been offered a new six contract, any suggestions as to who I should use to review it and why?

    So far I have had all my contractors review by one firm, sometimes I think its a wise idea to have another look around. I have tried talking to a different firm,...
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  • Extensions to contract not signed but agreed on email

    Hello -
    Being an IT contractor working under my own LTD, I was offered a 3 month extension a couple weeks ago by my recruiter on behalf of the client for who I have been engaged with for the last 6 months on a huge IT project. The agreement was made over email between myself and the recruiter....
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  • From Permanent to Contractor for the same company IR35

    Good afternoon,

    I've been a permanent member of a company for 2 years but I am ready to jump to a contract role.

    it has been offered me the opportunity of become a contractor for the same company where I am working now. As I have read in the internet and this forum this...
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  • openshac
    started a topic Contract Terms

    Contract Terms

    I've been asked to sign a contract and had a couple of questions regarding the terms. Am I being reasonable or should be aware of any red flags.

    Portal Contract
    The agency (Lorien) refuse to email me a contract. They said I have to view it (in separate sections) on their online...
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  • Looking to freelance with some partners, where can we source work from?


    As per the title I am looking to get into freelancing with a few friends and was interesting in finding out how you folks source work and do you use any resources, agencies etc?

    We will be specialising in Web Application & Cloud Development using Microsoft technology...
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  • Ashkan
    started a topic Contract Clauses - Not sure what they mean

    Contract Clauses - Not sure what they mean

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can provide some guidance.

    I've just received a contract with the following two clauses:

    A: "The Company(The recruitment agency )shall be entitled to withhold from any payment due to the Supplier under this Agreement any sum that it may in...
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  • Contract offer directly from client but want the security of an agency

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask for some advice as someone who has only ever worked through an agency and an umbrella company before.

    I've received an email from a former employer about a new contract opportunity. Previously (concluding 18 months ago) I worked with them...
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  • Weird contract relation between agency and client

    I'm quite new in the contract world.

    I did my first contract in a big company where the contract was between

    Everything worked fine.

    My contract has finished and now I have a offer from another...
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  • Umbrella Company for part time temporary contract work (first contract)


    I've recently finished a regular job, and have now been offered some contract work. It's a decent daily rate, but it'll only be a few days here and there, so there may be weeks when I'm not doing any work, and it might not last that long.

    Is an Umbrella Company right...
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  • Short Contract in Berlin for through my UK LTD.


    I have a 3months contract offer in Berlin, I would need to be in Berlin 3weeks per month and 1week in London. The contract is with an GmbH. I've read various forums of people saying you need an AUG license to contract in Germany therefore using a UK Ltd isn't possible. My current...
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  • Breach of contract? Urgent advice needed

    Hi fellow contracters,

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    I was recruited for a Head Of Social Media role, replacing the current Head Of Social Media (who has since moved to America).

    I received a job request for the role, went to interview stage with the Head...
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  • New to contracting, contracting leading to fixed term contract and LTD question

    Hi All, I was recently recommended to come join this community as I am wanting to leave my current role which is mostly overseas and come back to the UK.
    I have a job offer contracting close to home but because of the circumstances and details around the offer, I am unsure if LTD or umbrella,...
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  • StefPrivate
    started a topic Freelancer Payment Terms??

    Freelancer Payment Terms??

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to get into freelancing and I wanted to know what payment terms (when you get paid) people have experienced. I have heard of top tier companies making you wait up to 3 months, which is frustrating! What have people seen? And how do you manage cash flow?

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  • Is it bad not to have a signed/countersigned copy of a contract?


    I have recently finished a project for a client.

    I don't have a countersigned copy of the contract from the agency. This is not ideal but should I be worried? The commercial reality of the situation is obvious from our email exchanges. I am being contracted to perform...
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  • CorP
    started a topic Crunch time. Advice needed.

    Crunch time. Advice needed.

    Hello all.

    I have been working as a business analyst for just shy of 10 years. Over this time, I have seen my salary rise from a junior entry level salary of 25k to approx. 80k as a lead. Consistently told that I have great potential, the companies I have worked at have and continue to...
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