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Accountancy fees

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    Accountancy fees

    Hi All

    I just wanted to ask a quick question to get an idea of accountancy fees and if what im paying is normal

    My account does my PAYE, Vat and end of year accounts and charges me £1900.

    Is that about the same as most of you are charged for a simular service.

    Outside of the above he like most accountants im sure is very busy and hard to get hold of.

    I know he has other clients that most definalty he charges less. Based on the income they generate. He is relatively good but I must admit being unable to get hold of him when I need to is frustrating at times.

    Any comments or views on the above are greatly recieved

    Sounds high, most contractor-focussed accountants seem to charge between around £75 to £125 per month (+VAT) so about £900 to £1500.

    There is an accountant recommendation thread - https://forums.contractoruk.com/acco...-requests.html

    It might be worth having an introductory chat with one or two of the firms on there, you will get the same or possibly significantly better service for a fair bit cheaper


      Far too high, especially if you can't get hold of them. You should be able to get closer to £1k, even with FreeAgent thrown in (yes, you do want it).


        How much work are you doing? Are you providing a box of receipts and asking them to sort it out, or are you filling in a spreadsheet or some such with your transactions on a regular basis?


          As LM says we can't say if it's too high or not because we don't know what exactly they do for that money.

          If they offer the fairly standard service where you do most of it yourself through Freeagent like a vast majority of us do then yes it's way to much.
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            My accountant charges just over £1,200 which not only covers company tax returns, PAYE and VAT but also personal tax return for me. On top of that, I get access to a bookkeeping software, FreeAgent which is all included in the service and I can ring up my accountant anytime as I get access to his direct dial as well.


              Thank you all for your comments, think I have to have a conversation