HMRC Scheme Enquiries
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Forum: HMRC Scheme Enquiries

For discussions relating to enquiry letters being sent out by HMRC.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: BIG GROUP

    Mod edit: Joining instructions. This started elsewhere but should be on its own. I have two takers so far. To clarify this BIG GROUP is ONE GROUP across ALL schemes. It does not impact action individuals may wish to take on their own or via other groups.

    Started by webberg, 24th April 2015 14:32
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    • Replies: 1,103
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: HMRC Enquiry letters on Loans from EBT and other schemes

    If you have generic questions regarding HMRC enquiries, this is the thread for you. If you have questions about your own enquiry or want to make contact with others who have used your loan scheme provider, look for the thread in this sub-forum. The first thing to point out, however: WE ARE NOT...

    Started by cojak, 11th February 2013 11:30
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    9th November 2017 16:55 Go to last post
  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Montpelier DTA scheme bulletin

    This thread will provide news and information on the ongoing dispute with HMRC over the Montpelier double tax scheme (BN66/s58). It may also be of interest to deGraaf and Steed users. I will try and post an update every Friday morning, whether there is anything to report or not. The latest...

    Started by DonkeyRhubarb, 8th August 2016 18:38
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    • Replies: 404
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    8th November 2017 19:19 Go to last post
  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Discovery assessment season - unexpected bills from HMRC

    The threads are filling up with stories of unexpected bills arriving from HMRC. Whilst there is no substitute for getting proper advice that suits your own circumstances, the following general description may help reduce the shock. However if you have an accountant - ask her/him for help. If...

    Started by webberg, 9th March 2017 11:05
    6 Pages
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    • Replies: 54
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    24th September 2017 09:05 Go to last post
  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: Disappearing loans?

    It's a common feature of these threads that lenders have become difficult to find and engage with. We have recently had some experience in this arena. In most schemes that used loans, certainly until 2011, loans were advanced by the company acting as trustee for a trust. In some cases, the...

    Started by webberg, 13th April 2017 17:12
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    • Views: 3,196
    17th May 2017 11:33 Go to last post
  6. Sticky Thread Sticky: What an APN looks like

    I now have such a beast and am trying to find a way to get it on a forum thread. It's a scanned document on my desktop that doesn't seem to want to attach itself to a message like this. Help?

    Started by Rob79, 25th September 2014 16:27
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    • Replies: 96
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    10th February 2017 15:27 Go to last post
  7. Sticky Thread Sticky: Tempted to join a new contractor scheme? Ask the following

    13 Questions you MUST ask about any scheme you are offered The following is based on a piece originally written by and now replicated with kind permission of Jolyon Maugham QC and first appeared on the waitingfortax blog in 2014. I have shortened it and consequently any errors are mine. ...

    Started by webberg, 12th June 2015 15:08
    • Replies: 7
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    23rd March 2016 15:41 Go to last post
  1. How we can get political backing

    A point up for discussion. The short and sweet on how I see things, this whole mess we are in is HMmafia's fault. HMRC started this mess with IR35 on contractors. (We all know the long list of facts why we were not employees.) HMRC are writing the unfair duplicitous rules we have to...

    Started by HMRC made Atlas Shrug, Today 09:33
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  2. Horizon exit opportunity (Non-BG discussion thread)

    If you are a member of the scheme then talk to either the new trustees or Go Outsourcing. They should be able to explain, and if everyone is to be believed then it should not be discussed on here. I for one would then, as I said before, like a straw poll on who thinks this is a good idea and who...

    Started by me206et, 12th September 2017 14:44
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  3. can I contact HMRC to settle

    hi, I was in a scheme for 2014/15 so I know I will receive a demand to pay at some point. I would much rather just contact HMRC to say look, I was in this scheme, here are my bank statements, what do I owe? Has anyone else done this? Is it a terrible idea? I just hate being in limbo and would...

    Started by HebdenMole, 29th June 2017 18:25
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  4. What is the 2019 Loan Charge?

    What is the objective of this charge, I mean the official objective? They are not content with pushing through some facicst legislation to tax us in a "guilty till proven innocent" fashion but also want to impose some punitive charge for being involved in a scheme in the first place? Seriously when...

    Started by frodo, 4th August 2016 10:31
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    • Replies: 141
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    15th November 2017 16:38 Go to last post
  5. Final call

    Big Group was formed to find an answer. That remains the position. We believe that we have that answer and we are preparing to deliver it early next year. As part of the process, we have sent our members detailed analysis and plans and asked them to "opt in" no later than 8th December...

    Started by webberg, 13th November 2017 17:13
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 724
    15th November 2017 13:47 Go to last post
  6. Survey I've posted on another thread, a call for volunteers to help us understand this sector a bit better and to guide us in putting together something we think might be...

    Started by webberg, 14th November 2017 17:18
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    • Views: 259
    14th November 2017 17:18 Go to last post
  7. Network One/Quantum/Endeavour/Accessa/Fairfax - HELP GROUP As I have mentioned a few times, there is a group that has formed for users of the above schemes. The link to their website is above. The terms for joining are decided and agreed by the members there and I and my firm, whilst we have a contractual agreement...

    Started by webberg, 14th November 2017 14:59
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    14th November 2017 14:59 Go to last post
  8. AM Limited COP8 HMRC Investigation Letter..

    I (stupidly) fell into the trap of the EBT/PBT structures and was taken in with the 'it's 100% legal' and the 'Counsel Approved' sales pitches, along with the 85%+ take home! Fortunately, I changed to running my own Limited Company as of the beginning of this year, mainly direct to clients now. ...

    Started by neo222, 27th December 2012 18:37
    65 Pages
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    am limited, cop8, ebt, hmrc, tax return
    • Replies: 645
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    14th November 2017 11:21 Go to last post
  9. Have we done this yet? New settlement opportunity

    New settlement 'opportunity' ...

    Started by WalterWhite, 8th November 2017 08:57
    • Replies: 5
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    11th November 2017 08:56 Go to last post
  10. End of the road

    Hello everyone Like many of you, I used an umbrella scheme for several years, so am now facing huge APNs from HMRC. I couldn't afford to pay them, so made some high risk investments with the little money I had. Those failed. So, I am now also unable to pay the amounts owed by self assessment....

    Started by EndoftheRoad, 9th November 2017 16:42
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,044
    10th November 2017 14:33 Go to last post
  11. VAT return - Box 7

    Hi, I am an IT contractor operating my ltd company and as most contractors I have recently switched from the flat rate VAT scheme to standard VAT. While looking for instructions on how to fill in the return I came across a grey area. There seems to be some confusion regarding "Box 7 - Total...

    Started by fotistso, 9th November 2017 08:43
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 434
    9th November 2017 21:25 Go to last post
  12. 2019 charge - reporting

    We have had a number of questions recently about how and when various parties might be obliged to report unpaid disguised remuneration loans. As a result we have had a study of the rules and our opinion is as follows. Part 4 of the Finance Bill Schedule, para 36, discusses this. The lender...

    Started by webberg, 11th September 2017 14:17
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    9th November 2017 11:54 Go to last post
  13. EBT HELL: Assignment Solutions Isle Of Man / Premier Tax Strategies / DMS

    Hi All New to all this and I have just been made aware of the likely implications of using the services / schemes historically provided by any of the above companies. If you were using any of the above please PM me with a view to sharing information as I am trying to understand the best...

    Started by FTTM, 1st October 2012 09:49
    31 Pages
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    • Replies: 308
    • Views: 83,675
    8th November 2017 19:10 Go to last post
  14. AML Contact Details

    Does anyone have contact details for AML (email/phone), i used their scheme from 2014-16 but not had any dealings since and would like to speak to them?

    Started by Worried 72, 8th November 2017 11:05
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 439
    8th November 2017 14:54 Go to last post
  15. Taking Corrective Action

    With thanks to other posters on various forums. Corrections welcome. The paperwork Basically you complete the FN by telling them what steps you are taking ie agree to end any dispute or appeal you have with them. You then tell them how much you are going to pay. You then sign and date the FN...

    Started by BrilloPad, 8th November 2017 08:14
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    • Views: 403
    8th November 2017 08:14 Go to last post
  16. Paradise Papers - Mrs Brown's Boys

    Source BBC: "Three stars of hit BBC sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys diverted more than £2m into an offshore tax-avoidance scheme, Paradise Papers documents show. Patrick Houlihan and Martin and Fiona Delany transferred their fees into companies in Mauritius and sent money back as loans. Similar...

    Started by demby, 7th November 2017 11:23
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 532
    7th November 2017 11:37 Go to last post
  17. HMRC Scheme Enquiries: Network One

    Hi folks I stumbled on this forum when I was looking on the internet in a state of panic :bang: I hope this is the correct place for this. I have also received an income tax assessment for 2011 - 2012. I was contracting under a company called Network One. I was wondering if anyone else...

    Started by Freddie97, 16th March 2016 16:28
    14 Pages
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    • Replies: 133
    • Views: 43,337
    6th November 2017 22:40 Go to last post
  18. Barrister bankruptcy This gentleman is often mentioned in these forums and has some notable victories (and losses) to his name, including Dextra (victory). He has also had to deal with a number of issues in relation to his professional life recently. It appears that...

    Started by webberg, 21st March 2017 18:50
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 3,473
    31st October 2017 21:14 Go to last post
  19. Overdrawn Capital Account Scheme (Aston Mae / Glen Mae / Procorre)

    Anyone used Aston Mae / Glen Mae or Procorre and received Notice of Assessments for scheme that was based on overdrawn capital account? I've received 2011/12 and 2012/13 both i've appealed and HMRC have agreed to appeal and postponed. Just wondering (whilst Big Group closed) how many others out...

    Started by ITmark, 21st April 2017 18:35
    5 Pages
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    procorre ireland
    • Replies: 45
    • Views: 9,984
    22nd October 2017 17:52 Go to last post
  20. employed/self employed - IR 35 liable?

    From a professional magazine. The "Edward" is Edward Troup, who is HMRC's Executive Chairman, (whatever that means). The Taylor Review Edward politely declined to answer questions about the continuing erosion of the tax base through the growth of the gig economy, following the government’s...

    Started by webberg, 20th October 2017 13:20
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 783
    20th October 2017 18:23 Go to last post

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