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    Depressingly, the network issues are mostly resolved.
    …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


      Morning all

      Yesterday's weather: Dull, overcast, lots of very cold rain. High of 9 degrees. Barometer down to 1001 mBar.

      There were issues with the Lizzy and Piccadilly Lines to get to clientCo near Heathrow yesterday and the buses were all rammed as a result. I wasn't late but it also wasn't a nice journey. The trains were still on the wonk at home time.

      Today's weather: Blue sky, high level wispy stuff, dry (damp from dew or rain, not sure which). Currently 4 degrees with a high of 7 expected. No rain forecast. Barometer up to 1011 mBar.

      Off to Glasgow this evening with HWMBO. Tomorrow we go to Sofia for a few days (where it has been snowing ).


        Lunch: a chipolata and bacon bap (white, no sauce)


          Tea was the remaining limbs of the Big Chicken with chips and ketchup

          Accompanied by E2 of The Crime I Can't Forget about a young girl who was kidnapped and murdered in Northern Ireland in 1981; it was many years before the culprit was tracked down, because he was a Scottish van driver who worked out of London and was only over there for a day. Though the IRA bombing the forensic service's HQ and destroying all the material evidence in the case didn't exactly help


            Further viewing was an Apple Developer video about Swift Macros, followed by some reading

            The lurgy, whatever it may be, isn't as bad today. But it's still left me feeling inordinately tired now

            Thus, time for an early night

            Goodnight all


              Morning all, Glasgow calling

              Dark (sun not ris), dry, light frost, clear sky. Currently -4 and the high will be 4.

              On our way to Sofia where it is currently 3 degrees, with a high of 4 and likely to be raining when we get there.


                Morning denizens

                Clear and frosty morning out, with those who have need of their cars wishing they could pop them in the microwave to defrost. Currently -2°C but rising to 3° later, though no snow expected hereabouts. The barometers are down a bit again at 993/1002mB

                The just-past-full moon is still quite high in the west

                This morning's excitement has been the first use of my new coffee grinder. For years, I've been using a blade grinder that attaches to the liquidiser base, that being a 20th century thing my parents offloaded onto me years ago, and it was frankly a bit of a pain to deal with first thing in the morning. So I finally got around to ordering a Krups burr grinder. I daresay the coffee is better or something, but I'm not that much of a connoisseur: it's just a lot easier to press a button, wait a few seconds, and have freshly-ground coffee than it was to faff around with the other thing. It's not so noisy either


                  Morning all
                  Overnight rain meant it was wet underfoot on the walk, but the sky is clearing.
                  In mid October there's about 1 week where it's useful to have a head torch on when going out for a morning walk. Then the clocks change and you get a month's respite. This week started as "useful to have one on", but is now "necessary to have one on", although by 7.30 it's bright enough just to be useful rather than necessary.
                  Only 3 more months until it gets light enough again.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore





                    Wanly sunny.


                    Chilly in here at 11.8 deg, 11 deg in the kitchen, 9 deg in the leanto.

                    1003 mBar, 29.618 in Hg, 752.3 Torr, 14.547 psi, (down from 1006 last night), 73% RH (GDR hair), 63% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 1st of August 2019 WTFH asked "Are you sure?".

                    Entertainment: The Reith Lecture, enlivened by the Tory Scum Bill Cash asking a "question" which seemed to take up half the time available thereto.

                    Hair duly cut.

                    Shopping trip (minor) to Morrisons (to have a pee since I was busting) done dusted washed dried sanitised & put away.

                    Still no sign of Glengettie tea bags. The multiple bin system has kept me going for months but stock is approaching zero.

                    Lunch: scrambled egg etc.

                    Entertainment: Y&Y wittering on about LPA etc. Oh how I remember what joy it was getting two of those, one each for the parents, which came in remarkably handy as it transpired.

                    Walk (abbreviated) walked in the increasingly grey gloom.

                    Freecell score: 100% (of 22), running average: 86%.

                    Tea: soup etc.

                    Entertainment: PM <click>

                    Wheeler Dealers S8 E8 1954 Chevy Stepside truck. Feck nose why. No MOT since 2013 so presumably exempt, scrapped, or exported.

                    Dr Pimple Popper. Chap who thinks he has parasites living in his skin: she disagrees, but takes a biopsy. Woman with a lipoma on the back of her neck: complication: sensitive to the epinephrine in the anaesthetic. Chap with stucco keratosis: the joy of liquid nitrogen.

                    Dr Pimple Popper popups. Repeats. Chap with an extra "testicle", actually a pedunculate lipoma. Woman with trichoblastomas. Chap with a rhinophyma who turns out to have a skin cancer in addition.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 29 November 2023, 22:41.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Greetings from Heathrow.

                      A sunny 4 degrees here. Just about to head to our Sofia flight. Had a nice breakfast on the plane down from Glasgow