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test please delete

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    Originally posted by eek View Post

    Don't stress it won't be your problem for long.

    Utterly silly question on the same front - does your new flat have enough parking for your cars?
    A garage in an on-site block is part of the deal, and there's plenty of unallocated parking around the grounds. It's also on a very quiet road to nowhere and most or all of the properties thereon also have grounds, so on-street parking is plentiful


      Originally posted by eek View Post

      I tried to find a recent twitter thread where it explains how the Knight Templar became the 3rd largest air force in Europe post ww2 but that was the Knight Hospitallers rather than the Templars

      The thread however is at...

      John Bull on Twitter: "Sod Pepsi's navy. Let's talk about the point after WW2 where the Knights Hospitaller, of medieval crusading fame, 'accidentally' became a major European air power. I tulipteth ye not. ?️?️" / Twitter
      I remember that thread - fascinating stuff


        HWMBO has cooked dinner and made cocktails, although I did have to forage for more limes from the local supermarket (Tesco were out, Morrisons had plenty).

        HWMBO says he might take a chance on venturing to West Ealing to the fishmongers there as finding shell-on prawns in Ealing Broadway has proved fruitless. Ealing Common has a fishmonger too - we are equidistantly betwixt two options.


          Ribs and chips for tea


            The car earlier was a Corvette - a C3, maybe? something like that. Anyway, I'd seen it before

            Then the usual varying fortunes for the opal hunters.

            And finally an old Police Interceptors

            Getting an early night now as I'm feeling very tired and there's an interesting bug I'd like to fix tomorrow, so getting a decent night's kip will help

            Goodnight all


              Morning denizens

              Almost a sunny start out, but it's beginning to cloud over and expected to get breezier, with rain arriving around lunchtime. Currently 12°C after a fairly mild night, and likely to hit 17° by the time the rain comes. The barometers are U-turning on their ebullient rise of yesterday, being down to 1009/1017mB


                Morning all
                CBS, etc.
                The WifeTM is supposed to be off today (as well as yesterday), but took a work call yesterday where one of their competitors has just bailed on a key client. Said client phoned her to see if she could help, so she's off towards Bristol for the day.
                Yesterday evening I racked the 15l of cider that I juiced at the weekend so it's sitting on the floor beside me bubbling away on the brewing tray. The 25l I did a month ago is calming down now, so I'll probably rack it off this weekend into clean demijohns to let it settle, should be ready to bottle by the end of the month.
                …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore







                  Wanly sunny before it went away again.

                  Chilly in here at 16.9 deg, 18 deg in the kitchen, 16 deg in the leanto.

                  1015 mBar, 29.973 in Hg, 761.3 Torr, 14.721 psi, (down from 1020 last night, which was down from 1022 earlier), 74% RH.


                  Meanwhile in a preplague 18th January 2019, I was watching "Jack's Return Home(1971)" with that Michael Caine chap, whereas NF was watching "Siberia(2018)" with that Keanu Reeves chap & not rating it much.

                  The sun went in & the rain it raineth with a vengeance.

                  Then it stopped again.

                  Walk (abbreviated due to the increasingly pressing need for a jimmy) walked in the grey gloom and intermittent drizzle.

                  Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons soya & linseed non crusty toast, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Archive Hour on R4 about Kate Bush. David Gilmour appeared briefly.

                  Freecell score: 91%, running average 85% (84.92%).

                  The piles of crap that have accumulated over some years have been sorted and filed appropriately.

                  There's now another binbag of paper to burn. .

                  Tea: battered haddock, another third of the Tesco Xmas pud (BBE 2021) with custard, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Wheeler Dealers S13 E9: clip show. .

                  "The lost tribes of humanity" on PBS with hat Alice Roberts.

                  "Ghosts" at 20:30 on BBC1. Must be the only return I get on my licence fee.

                  Some spying bollox on Blaze: not as inneresting as last week. I sorted through papers to throw away whilst "watching".

                  "The Hunt for the Real Red October" on Blaze: the 2nd part, detailing the attempted recovery of the K-129 from the depths & the possible reasons it sank, all of which are pretty tenuous but there you go.
                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 7 October 2022, 22:05.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Morning all

                    METAR EGFF 070820Z AUTO 24012KT 9999 SCT017/// //////TCU 16/12 Q1020

                    Towering Cumulus supposedly about but I can't see it. Bit breezy today.

                    Today's positive news is that I'm no longer positive meaning the jenga tower of covid tests has reached its peak and I'm free to leave my compound and start licking peoples faces again.


                      Morning all

                      Bright but cloudy this morning. Currently 14 degrees with a high of 18 forecast. Rain expected over lunchtime. Barometer down to 1019 mBar.

                      As I achieved very little yesterday, I need to put in a bit of effort today.