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    Did I mention the palaver over my finish date? I was supposed to finish on Friday September 30th, but then the consultancy found they'd miscalculated and it was supposed to be Thursday September 29th. Then they found a scrap of budget to extend, which they said was for ten days, giving Thursday October 13th.

    But it turned out (despite me repeatedly asking if everybody was sure) that what they meant was ten days from the original finish date, so Friday October 14th

    And as a result of this confusion coming to light last Friday, and people going off to have a look and work out what was going on, I have just signed a new contract for one more day of work

    I said all along, they shouldn't say things like "extend by x days" given how many times the contract dates have changed; they should just state the precise date they mean

    At least nowadays we don't have to fax this stuff…


      Tea has been sausages (the nice caramelised onion ones), chips and beans


        The car earlier was the Land Rover Mk. II that I'd already seen them ruining a few months ago

        And the opal hunters had varied but mostly bad luck

        And then the latest episode of the Glasgow station programme, in which I learned a minor diagnostic technique for the information display panels at the end of each platform. I don't imagine I'll ever find this useful, but you never know

        Feeling quite tired after a reasonably productive day: for ClientGov, I finally got headless-browser-based integration tests up and running for the main service we work on (a thing I've been banging on about ever since I started on this team back in March). And for my 3D Möbius strip, I got it animating in a fairly trivial way. Next: using a Perlin noise map to provide a texture for the surface

        Goodnight all


          Finally, after several months of watching it on iPlayer from the start, we made it to the last 2 episodes of series 16 of Silent Witness tonight. We knew what these ones were, but it still hits home.

          Anyway, TFBSZ.
          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan


            Morning denizens

            It threatens to be a bit of a sunny start out, though it'll get cloudier later. But the open skies mean it starts a bit colder, currently 9°C though expected to reach 18° this afternoon. And the barometers have rocketed back up at 1017/1025mB


              Morning all
              CBS overnight meant the temperature on our walk was 6oC - a tad king billy.
              Crisp, autumnal, still air means I have a great view of Mr Buzzard standing atop a telegraph pole. (OK, it's a wooden pole that's actually carrying electric cables, but you get the idea)

              If Pondy is up and around, today would be a good day to fly over Devon.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                Morning all

                Sunny. Pale blue sky with wispy stuff. Cloud cover set to increase as the day progresses but clear again overnight. Currently 9 degrees with a high of 18 expected. Wind has dropped. Barometer is up to 1025 mBar.

                Tired. Could do with going back to bed.




                  Chilly in here at 16.6 deg, 18 deg in the kitchen, 13 deg in the leanto.


                  Blue sky in parts.

                  1023 mBar, in Hg, Torr, psi, (up from 1019 last night), 74% RH.


                  Bedroom window misted this morning, probly due to the erotic dream. .

                  Always good to have an argument (5 minute version) with the binlady regarding "sidewaste": in other words the 3 black bags I'm allowed to put out since I don't have a wheelybin weren't going to be collected as they were regarded as sidewaste for next door who do have a wheelybin.

                  Irritated of Neath. .

                  Of course 99% of the crap in said binbags was sidewaste for next door since I don't generate much blackbag waste myself.

                  Glad to see the food waste containers were emptied successfully. There'll be more next week.

                  Meanwhile back in 17th January 2019 NF was consuming proper British Chinese food, while on the 18th I was redirecting invigilator and students to the actual room the exam was in rather than whichever room had been shown on their list.

                  Whilst on the 18th I was expressing the futile hope that IC & IC's IW would stir their sticks & take some of their crap down the dump themselves. It's better to live in hope than die in despair. Or something.

                  Entertainment: "In our time" is on about The Knights Templar. I'm waiting with bated breath for a mention of Oak Island. .

                  I was tempted to start the washing since it looked fine out there. Then it started raining. Ho hum.

                  Taking advantage of the brief hiatus before the deluge returns: Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the grey gloom.

                  It did drizzle briefly, but not enough to put the brolly up.

                  Lunch: baked potato with cheese and baked beans, red corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of slightly more toasted hot bread than yesterday's offering , 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: thing on R4 about Ukrainian comedians and jokes about the war. Who knew it was a thing?

                  Originally posted by Depressed Lady
                  Thanks Putin. Now I've stopped thinking of killing myself & spend my time thinking about killing more Russians

                  The Y&Y Gapfinder thing: organic low alcohol sparkling wine: "What's in a bottle of wine?".

                  Are the Austrians still putting antifreeze in theirs? Just askin' like. .

                  They might not be but the fecking Indians are:


                  You can't make this tulip up.

                  The deaths of 66 children is a serious blow to India's efforts to cast itself as the "pharmacy of the world".
                  No tulip sherlock. .

                  Freecell score: 100%, running average 85% (84.92%). More in the zone today.

                  Some updation of the components list along with sticking on some lables on the rack thingie so I have half a chance of finding stuff mentioned therein, not that it's at all likely but it's the thought that counts.

                  After waching Wheeler Dealers and The Repair Shoppe, I had a sudden impulse to purchase a TIG welder so I had a lie down until the urge went away. . As if I need yet another welder in addition to two stick welders, a MIG welder, and two sets of oxyacetylene kit.

                  Minor potching with an old UPS which would, if I could get it to work again, power a shedload of crap in here, it being 800W.

                  Downstairs roughly vacced during which it was necessary to beat the filter on the garden wall again after it had been used next door. .

                  Tea: chilli con carne with rice (penultimate portion), a third of a Tesco large Xmas pud (BBE 2021) with custard which was very nice, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: PM with the usual congregation of lying Tory bastards. Nothing to see there then.

                  Wheeler Dealers S13 E8: 1968 C3 Corvette. Bought for $19.5k, about $2k in bits & pieces, sold for.

                  Frighteningly enough, OldYerAndOut fettled the rear brakes & calipers. .

                  Edd rejetted & rebuilt the 4 barrel Holley which was only half working before. I note he didn't show the method for setting the fuel level in the bowls using the plugs.

                  It's the favourite way of setting your car on fire.

                  Trucking Hell S6 E?

                  Stone me that was hard work.

                  Rory is in next week's epic. .

                  Trevor Fishlock's epic on ITV Wales. Barmouth and Presteigne. Time waits for no man & it won't wait for me.

                  No Mach a Seo! this week for some reason.
                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 6 October 2022, 22:17.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Morning all

                    METAR EGFF 060820Z AUTO 25011KT 9999 NCD 15/12 Q1027

                    Bit of a breeze this morning with heavier winds forecast for the afternoon.

                    Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                    If Pondy is up and around, today would be a good day to fly over Devon.
                    Bit hazy over North Devon by the looks of it. However, I won't be flying because for the 8th day running the jenga tower of +ve test strips has increased by one. FFS!

                    Mind how you go.


                      Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                      Entertainment: "In our time" is on about The Knights Templar. I'm waiting with bated breath for a mention of Oak Island. .
                      Well if it doesn't get mentioned then that's just more evidence for the cover up conspiracy.