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test please delete

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    Links are up


      Lunch has been the Pukka steak slice that had a use-by date of yesterday. I'm sure it'll be fine; it tasted OK


        Spent much of the day getting somebody else to set something up via the medium of Slack chat. It didn't work in the end. I went off and looked at various logs I had access to from Jenkins and so on, and it turns out the deployment of the first of said changes failed at lunchtime, but neither of us had thought to check, so it was never going to work. And by the time I'd tracked that down, he'd knocked off for the day. So I quickly fixed a thing I was working on first thing, before he became available to help with the other thing, and with that done I knocked off as well

        Only six more working days until I'm done for the year!


          Tea: leftover KFC

          Accompanied by the Highways Agency programme


            Not hugely exciting opal hunting tonight: a mechanical failure that was quickly fixed, and a tunnel collapse that didn't matter as they'd dug down to it with an excavator anyway. One lot accidentally dug down into the water table though, thereby rendering their mine too unsafe to continue

            Other than that, I started reading The Battle of the Beams by Tom Whipple. Despite the title, it isn't just about R.V. Jones and stuff like Knickebein, but also about radar and other uses of electromagnetic radiation on both sides

            Past me booked future me an appointment at the dentist at 9:15 tomorrow morning. Present me is not best pleased with past me

            Goodnight all


              Morning denizens

              Rainy grey start again. Currently 4°C and maybe reaching 6° this afternoon, though it's back below zero tonight. The barometers are up a bit at 996/1004mB

              Off to the dentist in a bit. The most annoying thing about the time of the appointment past me accepted is that I need to travel across town in the rush hour. No earlier than ten should be my rule in future, I reckon


                Morning all
                After yesterday's monsoon which closed roads and caused a railway tunnel to collapse, today the sky is cloudy with no precipitation. The ground is sodden, but that is to be expected.
                The text from out council last night was an apology for not collecting the bins and saying they will try today - along with garden waste, which was today anyway, and this is the last garden collection of the year.
                Had my head torch switched on while out perambulating right up until 7:45. The dog had his disco light on for the whole walk, mainly because he doesn't have opposable thumbs and can't press the button to turn it off.
                …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                  Dentist done. No problems identified, so I'm good for another six months, apart from a visit to the hygienist in a couple of weeks. They'll just do the polishing bit and go on about floss

                  I allowed enough time to get there, arriving about three minutes before the appointed time, the traffic having been as bad as expected at the places I'd expected

                  I parked by the old place, in a spot that's got no restrictions until 9:30. Turns out the resident permit scheme doesn't apply to the next road where the dentist is, being apparently unable to go under a railway line, like a witch not crossing a river. But there's never anywhere to park along there anyway.

                  On the way back to the car, I noticed the big back gate had been left open so popped in for a nosy around. Not a lot's changed in there, apart from the garage that "went on fire". It's now got a sturdy padlock securing what remains of its door, though the adjacent ones haven't and there's nowt left to burn in that one so I don't know what the point is

                  And then over the road to Iceland, where I secured frozen Greggs goods for home baking

                  And so home again, a little faster than the journey over





                    Sunny in parts.

                    Blue sky in parts.

                    Cold in here at 10.8 deg, 10 deg in the kitchen, 9 deg in the leanto, 5.4 deg in the salting house.

                    1008.5 mBar, 29.78 in Hg, 756.44 Torr, 14.627 psi, (up from 1002 last night), 72% RH (GDR hair), 65% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 2nd of August 2019 in those halcyon warm summer days before the plague NF was contemplating the curious pricing of crisps in Sainsbury's, while I was leaving the wasps' nest alone, and LM was wondering if I was cleaning the place up a bit to move in a laydee (no, as it happens), and I met two ex neighbours in town who cleared up the name of the daughter I couldn't remember.

                    Shirts in the WM.

                    Shhirts out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

                    Smalls in the WM.

                    Smalls out of the WM & pegged out on the line (this last has reached replacement time, it's sagging rather, I suspect one of the apple tree branches landing on it didn't improve its lifespan much).

                    Cottons in the WM.

                    Walk (abbreviated) walked with the excitement of a helicopter apparently landing somewhere out of view.

                    Cottons out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

                    Lunch: baked spud etc.

                    Entertainment: Y&Y waffling on about something. TWATO <click>.

                    The thing about Tea at 13:45.

                    Shirts in off the line & into the TD.

                    Shirts out of the TD & roughly iRoned.

                    Smalls in off the line & in the TD.

                    Cottons in off the line & awaiting the TD.

                    Entertainment: The Infinite Monkey Cage S15 Science's epic fails.

                    Smalls out of the TD & airing upstairs.

                    Cottons in the TD. It went from 0:01 to 1:36 so I pulled out the wetest & started again. Got there eventually.

                    Tea: soup etc.

                    Entertainment: PM <click>

                    Wheeler Dealers S9 E2 Morgan Plus 4: the one with the rusty chassis that tub o'lard thinks is a good idea. But then that feckwhit isn't doing the spannering.

                    Scotland Yard 1960 "Evidence in Concrete".

                    Classic Literature & Cinema: War.

                    Maigret and the Elusive Witness 1997 S7 E1.

                    Massive Engineering Mistakes. I40 Arkansas river bridge collapse Webbers Falls caused by collision with tugboat and two barges, rebuilt in 65 days. Toddbrook Reservoir spillway Whaley Bridge: missing chunk of concrete that should have sealed the top of the spillway to the puddled clay core. Louisiana grain silo explosion 1977 caused by grain dust. Waterfall NSW Oz train crash caused by the deadman's handle failing to detect a dead man at the controls.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 8 December 2023, 18:43.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      I think I shall have a
                      New project plan has been agreed (but not released, it just happens to have been saved to a server folder I happen to have access to), which would extend the time of my involvement in the project through for at least a further 5 months.
                      Time to warm up my negotiating skills.
                      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore