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    Oh, today's other excitement was a text from the GP inviting me to book an appointment to get both flu and Covid jabs. Not sure having them both at the same time will leave me feeling very well the day after, but I'm going for it anyway


      Tea has been oniony chicken casserole, made in the Remoska. Very tasty


        The opal hunters were still optimistic and doing quite well at the stats of their seasons, though the inevitable mechanical problems are starting early

        And then a new Police Interceptors

        Time for bed now, to be ready for what will be a very busy Friday

        Goodnight all


          Morning denizens

          Sunny sort of start, though with bands of cloud on the horizon; whether coming, going, or lingering, it's hard to tell. It's up to 8°C already, and soaring to 15° later. The barometers are up a little bit at 986/994mB

          Last day of summer! The Autumnal Equinox is tomorrow, at 07:50BST


            Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
            Oh, today's other excitement was a text from the GP inviting me to book an appointment to get both flu and Covid jabs. Not sure having them both at the same time will leave me feeling very well the day after, but I'm going for it anyway
            Ah yes: both arms hurting & difficult to turn over in bed. I'm looking forward to that yet again, though, being a mere whippersnapper you miss out on the joy of the 's flu jab which is nastier.




            Wanly sunny.

            Blue sky in parts.

            Cool in here at 17.1 deg, 17.5 deg in the kitchen, 15 deg in the leanto.

            997 mBar, 29.44 in Hg, 747.8 Torr, 14.46 psi, (up from 993 last night), 77% RH (GDR hair), 72% RH (Lidl electric).

            Meanwhile on the 13th of July 2019, the watching of "The Duel" was rapidly abandoned due to boredom and replaced by "The War Wagon" with Duke Wayne. NF was enjoying a Chinese, and as is usual, it was Very Nice. .

            Vastly amused by someone on the vintage radio site who thinks that his 135 post thread is "mammoth". I restrained myself from pointing to this one. .

            Since the weather is reasonably clement:

            Shirts in the WM.

            Shirts out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

            Smalls in the WM.

            Smalls out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

            Cottons on hold until tomorrow.

            This last was A Good Idea, the former, not so much: raining intermittently.

            Lunch: scrambled egg etc. Stone me that Hovis is solid stuff.

            Entertainment: reading book.

            Nearly dry shirts brought in, spider evicted from tumble drier, shirts in tumble drier.

            The nearly dry shirts out of the TD and roughly iRoned apart from the two which weren't sufficiently nearly dry to meet the iRon and are still tumbling away.

            Went the TD goes beep the shirts will be extracted and the now soaking wet smalls will meet the TD.

            Shirts duly iRoned & airing upstairs.

            Smalls in off the line when the rain returned & in the TD.

            Smalls out of the TD & airing upstairs.

            First time the TD's been used in months.

            Freecell score while awaiting the beep of the TD: 89%, running average: 86%.

            Tea: soup & such.

            Entertainment: PM <click>

            JoP. JoP.

            Dial 999 E34. Picture Puzzle.

            Bollox on Blaze. Strangest Things. Pyramid tookit: stone ball, copper hooks, bits of wood. Shoe shop kid's X ray machine. A "Roman" head found in a middle American grave from about 1500ish.

            What on Earth? More weird tulipe seen from orbit. Circular lake & circular island in Argentina.

            Swedish Customs thing on Quest+1. The smuggled cat in this one bit the dust & we saw it after it did it, poor thing. The smugglers thereof were busted.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all

              Sunny with high level wispy stuff. Currently 12 degrees with a high of 17 expected. A light shower forecast mid afternoon. Barometer up to 1002 mBar.

              The 'agile delivery coordinator' who manages to prove on a daily basis that they have no understanding what the team does or what we're delivering, has once again asked me to confirm if an issue with a report is going to affect our delivery timelines even though I have to tell them every day that it isn't a dependency.


                As expected, a hectic day

                I had this important demo to get ready for this afternoon so, of course, I was also needed for an hour-long session with an external supplier this morning

                In time honoured tradition, I had the final pieces in place for the demo approximately ninety seconds before it was due to start. It went very well to start with, with my email making its way through the various things I've plumbed together and ending up where it was supposed to be and configured as it should be, which was the bit they were after (and which at least one of them had previously opined we wouldn't be able to do). When they tried, a couple of problems arose, of course. But they didn't mind really as they'd seen that it could do what was needed, and understood that there would be teething troubles. All in all, it counted as a success

                So then I spent the rest of the afternoon, once I'd had the lunch I hadn't had time for, working out what the problem was. It was, of course, Microsoft: they'd been sending from Outlook, which chooses to construct its emails in a rather peculiar manner which trips up the Python email parsing library. A very easy fix once it was tracked down, just telling the Python method to ignore the MS wrapper and keep digging deeper to find the content. So I was able to reprocess one of their original emails and send them a screenshot of it in the right place with the right config, and at that point I packed it in for the weekend

                Timesheet was done earlier, of course


                  Tea: spag bol, and very nice too


                    Frustrating week. Glad it's over.

                    Very grumpy with the work tulipe. Equally grumpy with the trainee accountant who is causing me to spend hours checking their work and explaining why they're wrong. At some point over the weekend I have to go through all my fixed asset records to prove how their adjustment of depreciation is wrong. Time to change accountants me thinks.


                      Not one but two major motion picture premieres tonight, starting with Lola (2022) in which a couple of gifted, eccentric, and isolated sisters invent a machine that can pick up radio and TV transmissions from the future in 1938. Initially this allows them to get into Dylan, Bowie, The Kinks, et al. decades before anybody else, but then war comes and their technology is turned towards assisting in the fight against the Nazis. But, as so many have discovered (or will discover), using knowledge of the future to change the present can have unexpected consequences… It's presented as found footage, or rather found B&W film, because one of their eccentricities is that they tend to film everything they do. Some aspects of the war seemed to be depicted in a rather simplistic and unrealistic way, but of course it's the war as affected by their discovery, so it's an alternative timeline to the one we know. And it isn't really about that anyway. I thought it was intriguing, and they've done a very good job of manipulating real historic footage to depict the alternative history of the story. Worth eighty minutes of your time, I reckon

                      And then Gorky Park (1983). It's a pretty good murder mystery based in Moscow and involving the usual aspects of Soviet society. I read the novel way back, maybe a year or so before the film came out, and I enjoyed it but don't remember it much. Decent film of that ilk

                      Finally, a rewatch of Jupiter Ascending (2015) because I haven't watched that in at least a few months and I like it, no matter what the people who have nothing better to do with their lives than complain about things not being as good as The Matrix think

                      Goodnight all