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    Tea has been chicken casserole, made in the Remoska, and was really nice

    It's very clear out tonight and, with the lights out, I can see Orion rising over the road


      Telly was more of the motorway police thing that's mostly not on the motorway whilst dining, followed by more of The Repair Shop

      And earlier I read Pepys' diary for November and December of 1664, thereby concluding volume V. On to 1665 next, which is when things really start to hot up: the war with the Dutch kicks off and, later in the year, the Plague comes to London

      Goodnight all


        Morning all

        Lovely sunrise earlier.
        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          Mod Pali

          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan






            Colder at 15.8 deg in here with condensation on the windows.

            1023 mBar, 30.21 in Hg, 767.3 Toff, 69% RH.


            Sun came out.

            Trip to B&Q to get more roofing felt (this version is much inferior to the previous stuff of 10 years ago)) and some primer having firstly brushed all the puddles off the roof along with some detritus and crap felt.

            By the time I'd got back the roof was mostly dry, what with the heat of the sun & all that.

            Duly primed.

            Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a red unpippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: the Oz customs thing, of which I'd seen both before, including the Jewish Aborigine chap who made an enormous fuss.

            The roof then got roughly felted, the adhesive stuff is much inferior to the stuff I used last time, not much stick to it at all.

            The nailing of the sides will have to wait until tomorrow since I'd just about finished when the sun went down.

            Feck nose if it'll prove to be satisfactory.

            I hoiked the last large remaining chunk of Strangelove Pater's green house off which may make a bit of a difference.

            Tea: sausages and onion gravy, nice enough considering how rubbish the sausages were compared with the cumberlands, some tinned pears, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: Discovering Paul Newman: the cinematographer on his last film was moved to tears when he remembered how glorious Mr Newman had looked 50 years earlier.

            Quantum Leap: the Man of La Mancha one.

            Joy of Painting. duly achieved. Another seascape.

            Dan Do: the house thing Yng Nghymraeg on S4C which I find amusing.

            Dr Mercy: no doubt extracting yet more lipomas.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all.

              Blue sky and dry out. Currently 8 degrees with a high of 12 later. Expected to stay sunny all day. Barometer steady at 1024 mBar.

              Had a lovely evening out last night at Noble Rot in Soho (the clientele being very 'Soho'). Feeling surprisingly refreshed this morning, I guess top quality wine agrees with me

              Today's Kantar diary fact is:
              Queen Elizabeth I ascends the English throne upon the death of Queen Mary Tudor 1558


                Morning denizens

                Cloudy out again but the sun's found a thin patch right now, making it rather brighter than a full-on overcast. And it may even get brighter later

                Temperature is still only 8°C with no better than 11° on the cards; barometers barely changed, but upwardly, at 1015/1023mB.

                Not a bad night's sleep was had. Various weird dream sessions happened, but I can't remember any details other than the one involving some people from years ago and some from entirely different contexts that I don't even know personally, all sitting in the pub discussing what a shame it was that it would be closing down the following week. The pub in question closed down in 2009, so I have no idea what all that was about


                  Off for toothpaste inspection no 4 on a nice sunny day.

                  If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                  John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                    Sausages in finger rolls for lunch. Yum!

                    Brightened up quite a bit out now


                      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                      Sausages in finger rolls for lunch. Yum!
                      You're making me hungry.
                      Meetings since 11:30, not due until 15:00 and The Wife tm is out visiting a client site today, so she's not around to make lunch (which she does occasionally)
                      {emotionless greeting}

                      Three Word Slogan