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test please delete

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    Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

    Bit chilly out, but the new coat did a cracking job of keeping me warm even though I hadn't bothered putting on a jumper


      Busy day writing documentation.

      Then suddenly remembered that I had to post a letter as the post survey has restarted.

      Then also remembered that I still haven't written the essay for my OU assignment and it was due at midday (with a 12 hour grace period for technical issues).

      Lunch was more of the soup HWMBO made the other day.


        I let my PC do all my remembering for me.

        If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
        John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


          Really nice tea of pork chops (cooked in the Remoska) with chips, peas and gravy


            Fire on the side road!

            It's in the hotel, which these days I think is mainly used as B&B accommodation for people in need of council housing, along with the occasional vanload of workmen. I gather it's not too serious, but we're now up to four fire engines, a fire car, and a paramedic car. Hoses have been run from mains at both ends of the road, and at least one chap in breathing gear has been in there and come out again. Looking from the back, the cloud of smoke that was drifting over the gardens seems to have dissipated, so I assume it's out now

            There's a strong smell of burning ganja in the street, so maybe it's all been caused by one of the hotel residents having a grow in their wardrobe and making a mess of the electrics for their grow lamps

            But I suspect that's actually coming from some guys who live about three doors up, who make something of a habit of standing around in their front yard with a spliff on. They helped the fire brigade by carrying hose reels down to the hydrant at this end, and the one who then stopped to chat to me as he was ambling back up had one going throughout

            Oops, forgot to post this when I composed it around midnight

            Police are now here too, but they always show up to stuff so I'm not reading anything into that. Blue lights are still flashing on the fire engines, so whatever's going on, it isn't over yet.


              Telly was more of the off-brand traffic cop thing, and then more of The Repair Shop, the latter being suspended for a while when I spotted the blue lights of the first fire engine turning up the side road and went out to gawp at what was going on

              I watched the one with the printing press, and it definitely seems to be an Adana No. 1 vertical platen, which I believe had an inside chase measurement of about 5" by 3" which looked right. It must be an original 1934 model as, according to Adana Printing Machines - Wikipedia, that was the version with a steel strip disk pawl, which this one had

              Goodnight all


                Morning all
                {emotionless greeting}

                Three Word Slogan


                  Nearly dead now.

                  Waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in so I can move.





                  Hints of drizzlyness in the air.

                  Colder at 15.5 deg in here.

                  1026 mBar, 30.3 in Hg, 769.5 Torr, 68% RH.


                  Moderately dreadful night's sleep as the overexertion kicked in.

                  Though I was going to about 04:00, but it passed off.

                  More to do: finish off the nailing down of the felt to the sides of the roof before it all blows away.

                  Since the roof has a layer of tinsheeting this requires the drilling of holes before the nails can be hammered in.

                  Found some roofing nails left to me by Strangelove Pater (I assume).

                  Holes drilly drill drilled in aforementioned fecking tin fecking sheeting during the endless fecking drizzly drizzling.

                  Overlaps duly coated with that adhesive stuff (the Marley one not the other tulipe).

                  Got quite wet.

                  Rain is running off the roof rather than through it, which is good.

                  A roll of felt ready for return to B&Q.

                  Lunch: Heinz pea & ham soup with Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich on same, red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Oz customs thing including the torching of the Indonesian illegal fishing boat, one ep of the NZ Border Patrol with the usual idiots trying to take ganga into NZ which never ends well (this prog is 19 years old, I wonder what that fresh faced MAFF lady looks like now).

                  Blister on finger due to applying adhesive by brush burst again, now duly sanitised & covered with a plaster (another of which fell off during the morning's entertainment).

                  Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the gathering gloom & drizzle, rather quiet out there, aside from some rather irritating dogs.

                  Tea: more fiery chilli con carne with rice, some tinned pears, a yog or two, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Discovering Lana Turner: turns out I've seen exactly one of her epics: "The postman always rings twice".

                  Joy of Painting: another success.

                  Discovering Tim Robbins: looks like I've seen one of his films too.

                  Dalgliesh E5.

                  Disaster thing: dumb stuff that nearly get you killed such as chasing tornadoes: Doomsday caught on camera on Paramount.

                  Oz firefighters caught in a bush fire that burned out their fire tender.

                  Philippine volcano: Taal.

                  Tornado hits an airport.

                  Montecito California mud slide.

                  River of blood, plague of frogs, darkness (solar eclipse).

                  In other other news, there's a new season of Trucking Hell starting in early December.

                  I wonder if Rory is in this one.
                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 18 November 2021, 23:01.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Morning all

                    Blue sky again. Dry again. Chilly again. Currently 9 degrees ('feels like' 7) with a high of 14 later. Cloud cover set to increase as the day progresses but no rain expected. Barometer up to 1028 mBar.

                    I got a laughable attempt at an essay done and my assignment submitted. It only contributes 10% to the overall assessment score and doesn't affect the grading of the module so I'm not all that bothered.

                    Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                    Video game 'Minecraft' is officially released by Mojang 2011


                      Morning denizens

                      Cloudy start but some sunlight is starting to break through, so it may be a re-run of yesterday, which ended up quite sunny but not very warm. Currently 11°C and maybe getting to 14°, though that seems to depend on it not getting sunnier later. Barometers up a little at 1019/1027mB, so still fairly hesitant

                      Quite a decent night's sleep was had, leaving me feeling pretty refreshed thereby