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test please delete

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    Warmish at 15.3 deg in here.

    1035 mBar, 30.56 in Hg, 776.3 Torr, 65% RH.


    Walk (unabbreviated) walked.

    Lunch: baked beans on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast baked potato, red corner yog, bramble jelly sandwich, marmalade sandwich, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Oz Customs thing: who knew smuggling drugs out of Oz was a thing? Total fecking genius from Sudan found with the usual selection of foods (including raw dates $220 fine) & ?khat? along with bags & bags of fireworks in the same bag as some cigarette lighters. Large Kiwi gentleman with an extensive criminal record attempting to enter to get a job working for his father: back on the plane home.

    Some minor potching done in the office/frontroom junk room, to whit: replaced the fuseholder on a power supply I built about 10 years ago in Ye Olde Sloughe of Desponde coz the end bit that holds the fuse has disappeared (I'll find it tomorrow) so the whole thing needed replacing, which took place on a set of low steps with me kneeling on the floor since there's no bench space available, it being totally occupied by piles of junk.

    The remarkable thing was that I found a new fuseholder that fitted the hole in the box & the limited space in the psu itself.

    Tea: chilli con carne with rice (nicely fiery after 2 weeks sojourn in the freezer), some pear halves, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: Discovering Gregory Peck.

    Quantum Leap S3 E9 "Rebel without a clue"

    Joy of Painting: the "zzzz" was exceptionally strong in this one out like a light.

    NCIS S10 E17 "Till Death do us part": a remarkably tedious* Deaks & Kenzi getting fecking married.

    *Tedious beyond the endurance of man. The only good bit was the return of someone we haven't seen for a while.

    Trucking Hell S5 E3.

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    When the fun stops, STOP.


      Morning all

      Dark and dull, overcast. Currently 11 degrees with a high of 12 later. The sun might poke out but it's going to remain cloudy all day. Barometer sharply up to 1036 mBar.

      Another busy day at the coal face beckons. No complaints in from the users

      Today's Kantar diary facts are:
      British House of Commons vote 343-185 to abolish the death penalty 1969

      Beatrix Potter prints 250 copies of 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' for the first time 1901


        Morning denizens

        An imperfect night's sleep due to weird dreams. Nothing unpleasant, just enough to make me half-wake to think "Well that makes no sense", "That wouldn't happen" and the like. So although I generally feel OK, I also feel slightly tired and unrefreshed

        Grey day out, but fairly mild again; currently 9°C, maybe reaching 11° later, no rain expected, and the barometers are well up at 1030/1038mB

        Got to take the car for its new front tyres this afternoon. It's just one thing after another


          Scotch broth and multiseed bread for lunch. Delicious and nutritious


            At the tyre place


              Crazy day of skiing in amazing conditions with clear blue skies and empty slopes. Excellent food & drink.

              Am I missing much?
              …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                At the tyre place
                Tyres were fitted, and I also got them to check out the rear one that loses pressure; that was, AFAIK, taken off and re-gunked, as well as given a bath to detect any leaks. He didn't mention any, so I assume it was just a problem with sealing at the rim, as I suspected

                I was attended to by the boss, which is good because you know he always does a good job, but also a reminder of mortality as he's clearly feeling his age a lot more than when he first fitted a tyre for me nearly twenty years ago

                They were very busy, but they always are, having a well-deserved reputation as the best place in the city for tyres

                Once all that was done I broke the new tyres in by coming back past the university and over the river, then out to M&S and Sainsbury's for some Christmas-related shopping. There were the usual couple of moments of slipping slightly when pulling away right at the start, which you always have to watch out for with brand new tyres. But by the time I was coming home, the car was feeling much more sure-footed than it has been for a while. Not that it was sliding around all over the road before, but there's just this sense that it's somehow handling better


                  Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                  Am I missing much?
                  Only the usual fruitful and informative discussions in General (specifically)


                    Ended the day with still no users complaining about the data migration. I consider that a job well done.

                    Quick check in with the chap who we did the bulk of the co-ordination with and sent him the 'naughty list' of people who were still creating content in the old system. They will have to manually move that new stuff over themselves.

                    Prepping now commences for the next migration. The 'alpha' push will happen next week, and then we'll do a 'delta' in the New Year before we hand it over to the business. We'd usually do all that over the course of a full week but it's nearly 5 million documents so we ain't taking that risk.


                      Walk briskly walked, green and red rings closed

                      Not as briskly as usual as, a couple of hundred yards in, my sister phoned. We're supposed to be having a pre-Christmas family gathering on Saturday for my Dad's birthday, as my nieces will be with the other side of their family for Christmas. But they've just got back from the Caribbean (one of them works in the travel industry and got a free holiday for doing so well at work) so people are now apparently dithering because of Omicron and all that

                      I expressed my view that as tests aren't necessarily reliable until three days post-infection, a lot depends on when exactly they got back; any question of meeting the requirements of whatever hash has been made of travel rules by the government should be ignored, as those rules are basically dictated by the PM's desire not to be criticised by the Daily Mail which is why they make no sense. So if it turns out the girls got back on Tuesday, and have a negative test on Friday, maybe that'd be OK. But it might make sense, if it can be arranged, to just postpone the whole thing until after New Year.

                      But I dunno, I figure I'm triple-jabbed and will probably be OK either way; it's our parents, who are triple-jabbed but both ill in an assortment of ways and generally frail, we should be most concerned about.

                      Anyway, our brother is now being consulted about the girls' exact movements so we at least know what's going on and can work out what to do on that basis…