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test please delete

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    Chilly in here at 13.1 deg.

    From a low of 991 mBar last night, now 998 mbar, 29.47 in Hg, 748.56 Torr, 14.47477 psi, 65% RH.


    Telex machine gleaming well.

    Walk (abbreviated) walked in grey gloom with hints of sun and a cold wind.

    Shopping trip to Tesco via shanks' pony done, dusted, washed, dried, & put away.

    Daffs (undusted, unwashed, unsanitised) purchased for Parental grave.

    Lunch: scrambled egg (with added chilli) and poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower & spelt toasted crust, bramble jelly sandwich, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: Never Forget Your Welsh:


    There's tidy then, boyo.

    Bunch of daffs duly deployed as intended, with a shedload of weeds removed.

    I left the forgetmenots, and I note that two crocuses and something else are making a half hearted attempt at growing a bit. There was, IIRC, one crocus in bloom last year.

    The soil is dreadful & I'm slightly tempted to ferry some decent loam up there to improve it a bit.

    Tea: some of the roast chicken with carrots & onions, some pear halves, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: Discovering Leslie Caron. What an attractive woman.

    Quantum Leap S4 E22 "A leap for Lisa". That one was almost but not quite inneresting.

    Bab5 S4 E5 "The Long Night" Goodbye to the Emperor.

    Oak Island nutjobbery. S8 E21 "Off the railing". Feck me this puts the t into tedious.

    Gary's found a button. Stone me. And a "ship's rail" in the swamp.

    And a bit of "Cannon" in one of the previous nutter's collection of finds.

    NCIS S18 E7 "The First Day". Palmer suffers (or rather suffered) a loss. Thought I'd missed sommat.

    Bab5 S4 E6 "Into the Fire".Hello to a pre Heisenberg Mr Cranston.
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      Morning all

      Blue sky with bits of fluff. Dry after much rain overnight. Currently 7 degrees ('feels like' 4) with a high of 9. Unlikely to rain today but there might be a bit overnight. Barometer down to 999 mBar.

      Slept heavily after all that lunch and brain work. Now back at the coal face after what was a rather nice weekend.


        Morning denizens

        Rainy with sunny spells is the theme today, it seems, with one such spell coming to an end shortly. Currently 7°C though the wind is bringing that down so it "feels like" 3°; not expected to get any hotter later. And the barometers are down somewhat at 988/995mB


          Links are up


            I've remembered I have to go for blood tests tomorrow morning, and they're the fasting kind. So as I have to be there at 8:15, I'll need to have my tea early tonight - it seems various sources suggest anywhere between eight and twelve hours is needed, so to be on the safe side (and not having been advised otherwise by the surgery) I should probably go for twelve


              Couple of southern not-fried chicken drumsticks for lunch


                Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

                No jumper, but I took a scarf as the wind seemed like it might be a bit chilly, and indeed it was. And it was drizzling very slightly when I set off, so the woolly hat was also deployed.

                No extra leg added today as apart from the grotty weather, my left knee was grumbling a bit. Makes a change, as it's usually the right one. And then less than halfway round, my calves were also complaining a bit and feeling tight. It seems that if I go two days without a walk, I might as well just take to a wheelchair

                And now I'm back, of course, it's turned sunny out


                  Rain that wasn't specifically forecast (just a 20% chance at some point this evening) has occurred this afternoon.


                    I got around to divvying up the sausages that were in the fridge and putting them in the freezer. I seem once again to be in the position of having many frozen sausages of different kinds. I'm OK with that


                      SV sideways now. Or is it just my browser?


                      Same problem for a bit east.
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