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test please delete

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    Originally posted by xoggoth View Post
    SV sideways now. Or is it just my browser?


    Same problem for a bit east.
    Not your browser - I reckon they went under one of those overhead things you find at the entrance to car parks and it knocked their camera skew whiff


      Tea has been chicken madras with rice and naan, and very nice it was

      I messed up the timing slightly so the nurse will have to make do with me having fasted for eleven hours and forty-seven minutes - though there's a chance I might end up sitting in the waiting room until it's exactly twelve hours anyway, I suppose


        Still trying (and failing) to write a flipping essay.


          Telly was another couple of episodes of that Warship thing on C5's catchup service during and after dinner. I'm pretty sure that when they're sent to track a Russian submarine, they're not actually supposed to get in its way and have their sonar array wrecked by the submarine crashing into it

          And then a shortened S4 episode of The Repair Shop, though nobody had brought in a wrecked sonar array to be fixed. Could have been a nice little crossover thing going on there

          Early night now to prepare myself for the morning blood extraction

          Goodnight all


            Morning denizens

            Seems like a gloomy grey day out there so far, though of course it hasn't had much chance to show its hand yet. But it's 6°C, maybe rising to 9° later, and expected to rain until lunchtime and then again this evening, remaining cloudy during the hiatus. Barometers are up a bit at 996/1004mB

            Off next door to have my blood drawn in a few minutes


              At the GP’s


                Home again


                  I suspect there may have been some kind of mistake concerning my tests, but I'm not sure what it will turn out to have been. First she asked me if I'd brought a urine sample, which I hadn't because I'd never been asked for one. I couldn't quite catch if she then said that I would have to bring one, or that I wouldn't; so I have no idea if I have to or not, and it was never mentioned again. I would have assumed they would at least have given me a specimen bottle if one was required, but maybe we're expected to use any old bottle we have lying around nowadays to save money

                  Then she got to the blood-drawing part, but she only took two vials, and normally it's four

                  So I'm assuming that in a week or so, when they get some results and somebody actually gets around to comparing them with last year, they'll realise that they've failed to order the tests they actually needed, and I'll get a call asking me to come back in so they can do it all again and see if they get it right this time


                    Morning all

                    Overcast but dry. Seems quite bright out but it won't last as rain is forecast from mid-morning for the rest of the day. Currently it's 8 degrees ('feels like' 6) with a high of 10 if we're lucky. Barometer is up to a squeak below 1010 mBar.

                    Tired this morning. I feel like it's going to be a long day.








                      Wet. Very wet.


                      Cold in here at 12.2 deg.

                      1010 mBar last night, now 1004 mBar, 29.65 in Hg, 753.1 Torr, 14.56 psi, 67% RH.


                      That was then: it's really raining now: the bouncy kind.

                      Glad I cleared the drain grids on yesterday's walk up the hill.

                      Today's walk is postponed until this afternoon due to the continuing inclemency of the weather.

                      Freecell score: 100% (of 7), running average 84% (84.35%).

                      Lunch: pea & ham soup with Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich, red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: none, can't be arsed to listen to TWAO.

                      TV Times purchased.

                      Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the damp, rain free, gloom.

                      Tea: Tesco chunky breaded haddock, pear halves, yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: Discovering Alec Guinness.

                      Quantum Leap S5 E1 "Lee Harvey Oswald Part 1". More watchable than most of S4.

                      Bab5 S4 E7 "Epiphanies" Bester's back. Wants to go to Z,Ha,Dum. Not a good idea.

                      The Rookie S1 E20 "Freefall". The proper plague one.

                      Car SOS S9 E6 Peugeot 106 Rallye. I'm sure Tim will be wetting himself.

                      Bab5 S4 E8 "The illusion of truth".

                      In other other news, it's been pissing down since 17:00.

                      In other other other news, wind turbine failure Pant Y Wal wind farm, glad I don't live near that:


                      And it's from the Wail.
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                      When the fun stops, STOP.