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    Raining again out

    But my steak and ale (London Pride) casserole is in the InstantPot™ and smelling exceedingly pleasant, so a nice dinner will be taking my mind off the weather within the hour


      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
      Risking a


      No risk at all. Woo!

      top drivelling!
      Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


        The steak and ale casserole turned out very nice indeed, with a lovely rich, thick gravy to it. And I remembered I had that large Yorkshire pud left over from the other night, so I reheated that to form a nest for it. All went down very well with chips and peas

        Still raining, but apparently it might stop *checks weather app* a week on Saturday


          You need a bit of pastry around that there casserole

          Watched the first two episodes of the new series of Hospital. I meant to start it the other day but wasn't in the mood. Not sure if there's a right mood really. Interesting if rather depressing viewing.


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
            You need a bit of pastry around that there casserole
            I was thinking of maybe making pies with the rest of it

            Tonight's viewing was a bit of Trucking Hell whilst dining, but nowt apart from that. Too knackered to bother

            But it's Timesheetday tomorrow!

            Goodnight all


              Morning denizens

              Another grey start. Though not raining right now, it will, and soon by the feel of things. Currently 11°C but with a chilly breeze making it "feel like" 7°, and not expected to climb; barometers down at 980/987mB




                Windy, very.

                Wet, very, horizontal.

                White sky, strangely bright.

                Warmer at 18.3 deg.

                992 mBar, 29.29 in Hg, 58% RH.


                And what is Friday?

                Washing day.

                Smalls in the WM.

                Smalls out of the WM and into the TD.

                Shirts in the WM.

                Will this joy never end? Just askin' like.

                Good to see the scum were having fun in Swansea last night.


                Walk walked in the horizontal drizzle.

                Smalls out of the TD and airing in the front bedroom.

                Shirts out of the WM and into the TD.

                Cottons in the WM.

                Lunch: poached tomato and scrambled egg (rather less leathery than preferred) on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toast, bramble jelly on same, bramble jelly on Morrisons oat and barley bread, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Shirts out of the TD.

                Cottons out of the WM.

                Cottons in the TD.

                Shirts roughly iRoned and now hanging on the picture rails of the back bedroom.

                Cottons out of the TD.

                Entertainment: Engineering Disasters S2 E10 (the last one).

                Oh, and it's pissing down again.

                Barometer is up to 993 mBar now.

                Texas oil refinery explosion:


                Fuel/air explosion. <- don't do this.

                Run by BP.

                Times Beach Missouri: how to spray your dirt streets with dioxin contaminated oil.


                Yeeeehaw! waste obtained from companies making Agent Orange and hexachlorophene (the stuff they used to put in toothpaste back in the day: Signal toothpaste with hexachlorophene in the stripes).

                American Airlines Flight 587: the vertical stabiliser fell off.


                Skylab sunshield and solar panel loss: or how not to launch a space station.


                Really goes with a bang.

                Trucking Hell S2 E10.

                Tea: Tesco breaded haddock, some tinned mango slices, a yog (or two), 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Discovering Rod Steiger,

                Oddly, they didn't mention "Hennessy (1975)" which I remember watching in the Carlton Cinema in Swansea.


                Weatherman Walking: Porthkerry to Llantwit Major.

                Classic Albums: DSOTM on Sky Arts.

                Disasters at Sea on Quest: chemical tanker explosion off the coast of Virginia.

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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Morning all

                  The ground is damp but no current precipitation. Overcast but not too dull, I suspect the sun is trying to get through. Currently 13 degrees ('feels like' 11) and that's the highest it will get. Rain forecast from lunchtime onwards. Barometer has dropped to 998 mBar.

                  Bins were trundled this morning as it was raining last night. Added to the pile that's forming on the pavement.

                  Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                  'Hawk-Eye' makes its broadcast debut at Lord's cricket ground in London 2001


                    Managed to dig up a nice easy task on Jira and assign it to myself. Just right for a Friday


                      Just remembered I need to collect a parcel from the delivery office, located somewhere in the outer reaches of the Andromeda Nebula. I figured I'd go this evening but looked on the website to check whether they're open until 19:00 or 20:00 on Friday. Answer: 13:00

                      In fact, most days they now close at noon

                      So I'm popping over there now. And as it's a comparatively short trip via a business park from there to Sainsbury's, I figure I can go there and get some of the shopping (including bits that they don't offer online and maybe some lunch), leaving just enough for tomorrow's delivery to avoid the exorbitant delivery charge