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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

    Whatcha done?
    Took a tiny tears doll apart to see why it cried, apparently.

    Whenever I see the phrase "Data Scientist", for some reason I think Scientologist. Not sure why... (Without Data Scientists I'd have been quite a number of beer tokens poorer last year - did a project converting their findings into a usable system for the guys who sell machines that do, for example, covid-19 testing).

    Just sampled the gin. I'm not sure about it, so I think I might have to sample some more.
    Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


      The buds are starting to bud on the chestnut trees outside


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
        Went for a walk up to the High Street and back. Picked up a few things in Whole Foods that I didn't need.

        Scorchio out there. Definitely didn't need the thick tights and cardigan.
        I must remember not to wear thick tights when I go for my walk in a few minutes. Up to 21°C here now


          Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

          I must remember not to wear thick tights when I go for my walk in a few minutes. Up to 21°C here now
          Well that's my public service done for the day. I do these things so you don't have to.


            Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

            No thick tights worn. I didn't put on my thick coat either, but the lighter one I did wear wasn't really needed


              Ribs and chips for tea


                Tonight's viewing has been some C5 police thingy during dinner, then The Americans S3E13, March 8, 1983 (TV Episode 2015), which brings S3 to its conclusion

                Another early night, I suppose. Still, only a short week this week and next week. Then again, that's two day's invoicing lost. It's a hard life being a contractor

                Goodnight all


                  Morning all

                  Doesn't feel all that bright out. Maybe the sun isn't quite ris? Anyway, there's a blue sky and some wispy stuff. Currently 11 degrees and expected to get up to 22 later. Unlikely to rain. Barometer has dropped to 1020 mBar.

                  Tired this morning but today is my last day before having a bit of time off, so I can cope

                  Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                  Brothers Michael and Ralf Schumacher become the first siblings to share front row of the grid in a Formula 1 World Championship event 2001


                    Morning denizens

                    Blue sky with some small fluffy bits to the west, still a bit of cloud cover to the east but the sun is breaking that up and starting to shine through now. Already 13°C (up 1° in the last thirty minutes), heading for 22° this afternoon, 1010/1017mB

                    Going to be a busy day's work; the other contract dev and I are moving on to the other codebase, but the permie dev responsible for that (who herself only took it over from a different permie two weeks or so ago) is off from tomorrow, so we need to get up to speed and get our local development environments set up as quickly as possible




                      Warmish at 17.9 deg in here.

                      Blue white sky.


                      1018 mBar, 30.06 in Hg, 56% RH.

                      <checks clock> Wednesday.


                      Walk walked.

                      Wanly sunny and vaguely warm.

                      Irritatingly full of kids.

                      Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Freecell score: 100%, running aveage 84% (83.76%).

                      Minor potching done, finding more crap to get rid of in the garage.

                      Turned out that of the collection of paperwork in said garage, the only one to get seriously wet was the C compiler manual for the 6303.

                      The M$ C compiler manual (now in paper recycling) was untouched of course.

                      So the 6303 compiler manual is quietly drying out with all the pages separated and adorning various rooms.

                      Don't suppose it'll ever get used again but there you go.

                      Tea: the last of the roast chicken with carrots & onions, a helping of tinned fruit cocktail, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: separating 300 pages of A4 so it can dry all crinkly.

                      There was some gesticulating cheese eating surrender monkey on the BBC news channel whilst I was reading the teletext.

                      He seemed quite exercised about something but I wasn't innerested enugh to turn the volume up.

                      "Mrs Brown (1997)" with Billy Connolly and Judy Dench.

                      I'd forgotten that he dies in this one too.

                      10 minutes of "Highlander (1986)" wtih Clancy Brown doing his Kurgan thing, plus Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert showing their ability at accents.

                      Now: The Yellowstone Supervolcano on Smithsonian, Proper Doom(tm).
                      Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 31 March 2021, 22:30.
                      When the fun stops, STOP.