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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    My sister has been going through our Mum's archives and, amongst other treasures, presented me with my school reports from our last two years in Liverpool, when I was aged 7 to 9

    I find it amusing that my teachers' comments tended to be along the lines of "Must start to apply himself in class" and the like, while further down the same page it'll say things like "Exam results: 98%" and "Place in year: 1st of 70"
    If you'd applied yourself you'd have gotten 100%


      Morning all

      Blue sky and lumpy fluff. Damp from overnight rain. Currently 18 degrees with a high of 22 expected. Rain forecast for the wee hours. Barometer up a bit to 1019 mBar.

      One week of work and then off to Thailand. Hurray.


        Links are up


          Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

          If you'd applied yourself you'd have gotten 100%
          From an early age, I'd realised that "good enough" was better than most other people could manage


            Still very tired from lack of sleep, but the innards had subsided to the point where it seemed likely that the present discomfort was more from hunger than anything else. So I took the risk and had tea: oniony chicken casserole with just a few chips, because that's fairly mild. Very nice, and no adverse reaction in the five or ten minutes since finishing it


              Oh, and today I found out that ClientGov have sorted out their cost codes and stuff, so I won't be getting next week off. Instead, I'll be the sole developer/technical person left on this project, dealing with any last-minute fixes and helping the team who'll support the service, until we finally go live around the end of October

              But I raised the point that I needed to use up my leave, and they're wholly in agreement that I deserve a break. So as the next thing won't have the same urgency as this, they'll make sure it happens


                Tonight's opal hunters did their usual muddling through and seemed happy enough. And some of the gold diggers were doing fairly well for themselves

                My tea has stayed where it was put, at least for now

                And I'm exhausted after the lack of sleep last night, so an early night for me

                Goodnight all


                  Morning denizens

                  Very grey and gloomy start out, with light rain just starting as I typed "but not raining yet". Currently 13°C and soaring to 21° later, while the barometers are down a bit at 1002/1010mB

                  I had a good night's sleep this time, for which much thanks


                    ^^^Good show.




                    Wanly sunny.

                    Blue sky in parts.

                    18.5 deg in here, 19.5 deg in the kitchen, 18 deg in the leanto.

                    1009 mBar, 29.795 in Hg, 756.8 Torr, 14.634 psi, (down from 1013 last night), 77% RH (GDR hair), 79% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 15th of July 2019 PhilTheGreek had two soft boiled eggs for breakfast, whereas I fell asleep reading a book & then awakened with a bump (undefined).

                    Entertainment: The Long View on R4: compare & contrast the antisemitic Henry Ford (nice medal from dear old Adolph), Clive of India, and Elon Musk (medal from Putin?).

                    Followed by Mr Palin's book about his uncle.

                    Walk (abbreviated) walked in the intermittent rain.

                    Lunch: baked beans & baked potato etc.

                    Entertainment: TWATO.

                    Trip to that Swansea & Oxfam to get rid of a pile of books. Bought 2 more to make up for it plus a pair of shoes.

                    More "gardening" done: the massacre of the honeysucking****le and more of the cursed brambles.

                    Tea: soup and such.

                    Colonel March of Scotland Yard E24: "death in the dressing room". Tedious Java dancing mystery. Apparently one of the 3 pilot eps. It gets good reviews but not one of my favourites, the tedious dancing going on far too long. Richard Wattis as the villain.

                    Scotland Yard "The Tyburn Case" with that Edgar Lustgarten at his lugubrious best. The lady dead in a sewer one, solved by invisible mending.

                    JoP. JoP: yet another black canvas seascape, no in this one.

                    The Human Jungle "Wild goose chase". Vladek Sheybal & Francesca Annis in this one.

                    Maigret's War of Nerves (1996) S5 E4. The one about the incredibly clever Superior Being.

                    Abandoned Engineering: S10 E1 the Nazi massacre of a French village, Alcatraz, Sealand.
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning all

                      Cloudy but bright enough. Currently 16 degrees with a high of 22 expected. Showers forecast this morning giving way to a sunnier afternoon. Barometer down a bit to 1017 mBar.

                      Tired this morning.

                      Oh and in yesterday's news, the handle on the toilet broke off. Totally corroded. I have to lift the lid on the cistern and pull the lever to flush. Thankfully, the landlady is pretty responsive and a plumber is coming at lunchtime today to sort it out.