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    It's hot! Is it really middle of September? The trees are also very green leaved.

    I got myself on a train after spending most of the morning in and out talking to the guys from Thames Water. Seems like there is a fatberg going on within the joint sewer.

    Around my way Thames Water are unblocking a few joint sewers and an actual main has burst.
    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


      Off to Berlin this weekend to do museums and rubbish.

      flight 1 is delayed so it’s likely i will miss flight 2 - could get annoyed but I suspect I will be in Berlin by 10am tomorrow anyway - with a voucher for a future weekend away..
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        Quite a productive week overall, and the people responsible for such things have got our team's AWS accounts set up, so I shall be setting up various services and deploying associated Lambda functions next week

        I suspect I'm going to end up being quite busy next month. The other two devs have two more weeks left, after which it's just me to do all the technical work. A lot of that will be around deploying things, but just this afternoon I had to rewrite a big bunch of stuff somebody else had written a few months ago, which it's now clear was just plain doing things wrong

        I don't blame the dev responsible though. None of us had a clear idea of the best way of doing that particular task at that stage. I uncovered it because I needed to add a further capability, and I had to do the rewrite to get my new bit working. But it does concern me rather that there might be other bits we haven't yet realised are equally wrong, and I'll be the only one there to rewrite them. Ah well, that's why we get paid the big bucks, I suppose


          Hey, today I looked at the JavaScript over the 6 different sets of people delivering code.

          I’ve booked a meeting for everyone the week after next to discuss coding standards (in fact any standards would be good because looking at the code we seem to have used 14 different standards - and we only have 9 JavaScript files
          merely at clientco for the entertainment


            Sound like they're doing a bit of sound checking over at the park. I discovered from a map of the event site that they've put the stage in the nearest corner to us, pointing away, so we might not get much of the sound. Usually, events there have the stage on the far side pointing this way. It makes more sense to do it the way they have this time though; the direction of sound will go towards the university and the cemetery beyond that to where the ground falls away quite steeply in the direction of the river, so no nearby residential areas will be in the line of fire, so to speak


              And I made plane 2 so in an hour I’ll be in Berlin
              merely at clientco for the entertainment


                In Berlin and caught the train with 30 seconds to spare. Couldn’t see the machine to validate the ticket so the journey to Berlin might cost me a €60 fine if a ticket inspector arrives l
                merely at clientco for the entertainment


                  Tea was a rack of ribs (sweet BBQ sauce) and chips

                  Accompanied by some Trucking Hell

                  And then the major motion picture premiere was 65 (2023) which has dinosaurs and people trying to avoid being eaten by same. Not too bad as these things go, though I doubt it will enter the pantheon of classic movies any time soon

                  Followed by a rewatch of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) which is always entertaining, particularly the scene of trying to get into the Ferrari while out of it on Quaaludes

                  Goodnight all









                    Cool in here at 20.3 deg, 21.5 deg in the kitchen, 19.5 deg in the leanto.

                    1007.5 mBar, 29.75 in Hg, 755.69 Torr, 14.62 psi, (up from 1006 last night), 77% RH (GDR hair), 73% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 11th of July 2019 I was getting fleeced by the AA renewal and NF forgot to trundle forth the bins.

                    I see that the 3M water tank is no more.


                    It's only been there since about 1952.

                    No Second Sleep today, but the dreams included one about a 12 bit A2D converter board I last saw in 1993. And working somewhere. I hate the working somewhere dreams. This one seemed to involve the death of a parent, which would be remarkable, considering. . Wot with being an orphan & all. .

                    Freecell score: 92%, running average: 86%.

                    Lunch: soup & such. Feeling a bit meh so avoided the beans.

                    Entertainment: The News Quiz. I remember when it used to be a quiz about the news. .

                    Ancient Aliens bollox about sommat or other. I got my 2nd sleep. .

                    Classic Movies: The Story of Brighton Rock. Let's see if I can tolerate more of it this time.

                    Discovering Leonardo di Caprio.

                    When they say you can't boil an egg in a microwave, they're quite right. Despite it being in a cupful of water. Well there's a thing.

                    Fortunately the yolk had cooked or it would have taken even fecking longer to clean the microwave.

                    Tea: scrambled egg sandwich and stuff.

                    Entertainment: cleaning the microwave and the 6 o'clock news.

                    Maigret S2 E10 (1961): A Crime for Christmas.

                    The 4 Just men E37: Justice for Gino.

                    "The Killer is loose (1956)" with that Joseph Cotten chap. Later noir. Rather good. The perp stole a .357 Magnum from a hardware store. Poor old John Larch didn't make it to the end again. Bit like "Play Misty for Me".

                    I see from the news that two people & a horse were killed in the collision between a car and a horse & trap at 23:30 in the evening.
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning denizens

                      Grey start out, and mild enough at 17°C with 22° promised for later, though the cloud will mostly persist. The barometers are trivially down at 1003/1011mB

                      There's been the odd bit of sound from the park, which I think is soundchecking for the DJ stage. From here, the main stage is in the direction of over the road, while the DJ stage is more down the bottom of the road. Anyway, they're both facing away from us and the wind is also NE, so the sound levels over here will be about as low as they could get in the circumstances