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test please delete

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    EDIT: missed the Om on my phone

    A hotel without a bar is an abomination against nature. Reminds me of the hotel resort we stayed at in Maui where everything shut at 8pm.

    The promised thunderstorms never materialised but there was some rain. There might be a storm in the small hours but I'm not hopeful.
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      Kylie presumably finished, as they let the fireworks off around ten past nine. Now, I assume, thousands of people are still milling around in the vicinity of the station, where the railway has apparently managed to get a limited number of trains running again

      The usual US borders and NZ roads stuff was on the box this afternoon, though I didn't pay much attention as I messed around with some Swift and tvOS stuff

      And later, the latest episode of Ambulance was followed, as usual, by an old episode of 24 Hours in A&E

      Monday again tomorrow. They keep doing that to me

      Goodnight all


        Morning denizens

        Cloudy start, though it looks as if a little sun is starting to break through. Currently 16°C and not expected top get any higher than 18°, with a 40% chance of rain around lunchtime and a windy afternoon to follow. The barometers are sharply down at 987/995mB

        The storm which was moving in on the south coast of England as I went to bed made its way here around 3am, waking me up briefly - though that was due to a persistent loud drip somewhere outside the open bedroom window, as I don't think we got any thunder and lightning


          And into the final day of this break - the zoo, the photography museum, a bit of shopping and then the 19:00 flight homeward which means the 16:33 train to the airport..
          merely at clientco for the entertainment


            Morning all

            Cloudy with occasional flecks of blue sky but bright enough. Currently 17 degrees with a high of 19 expected. A nice breeze about. A light shower is forecast early afternoon. Barometer down to 1003 mBar.

            There was much rain overnight and a thunderstorm right overhead! I did have a wander about to check the open sky lights in the bathroom and kitchen weren't going to cause a flood, and left them ajar enough for ventilation but not enough to allow water ingress.

            Currently fixing miscommunication issues where idiots are saying report updates are live when they're actually in test.









              Cool at 19.6 deg in here, 21 deg in the kitchen, 18.5 deg in the leanto.

              995 mBar, 29.38 in Hg, 746.3 Torr, 14.43 psi, (down from 998 last night), 77% RH (GDR hair), 76% RH (Lidl electric).

              Telex machine glowing.

              Meanwhile on the 12th of July 2019 the vain attempt to tidy the office was ongoing whist NF was rained on while he was out and the rain stopped as soon as he came back in.

              Sun came out.

              Shopping trip to Tesco done dusted washed dried sanitised and put away. 34 bus out 34 bus back. I assume the 38 was held up by the 20mph limit.

              Sun went in, the drizzle returned, the plod back home was damp.

              Sun's out.

              Lunch: stuff.

              Entertainment: last 10 mins of Y&Y, TWATO all about some hairy **** who seems to like 16 year old girls.

              Freecell score: 82%, running average: 86%.

              Tea: stuff.

              Entertainment: PM until it went <click>

              That Welsh geezer opera singer chap who does the adverts: looking at 1971 this week.

              JoP. <-brief.

              Ghosts US S2 E21 wherein we discover who murdered one of the ghosts.

              The thing on BBC2 about Chaos Theory: the tow headed **** & his friends are Strange Attractors. Who'd have thunk. In this week's ep cupid stunt ends up in ICU, it being a matter of regret that he didn't come out in a wooden box.
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              When the fun stops, STOP.


                On the right some bantam chickens - to the left Pandas
                merely at clientco for the entertainment


                  To the annoyance of the seals, in Berlin zoo the gardeners and care staff wear the same uniform.

                  currently the person cutting a hedge has 5 sets of eyes going where ist der fisch
                  merely at clientco for the entertainment


                    Links are up


                      Lunch has been sardine (olive oil variety) toasties

                      Lots of rain happening here now; almost as much as there was just before lunch