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    The car earlier was a Mercedes SLK. They didn't do much to it, which may explain why it's still going strong with tax and MOT until the end of next February

    And the gold diggers are well and truly into seen-it-at-least-twice-before territory now.

    After that, I decided I wasn't in the mood for any more telly. Instead, I read a load more of The Power

    Very windy out again, with showers

    Goodnight all


      It's wet and windy here too.

      Dinner was very nice and I had a second helping.


        Wet & windy overnight. Blue skies this morning, but still breezy
        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          Morning denizens

          Today, after last night's wind and rain, it's a bright and sunny morning. Currently just 7°C but 14° is on the cards, and the barometers are roughly the same at 983/991mB. The forecast reckons it'll get windy again with a 40% chance of more showers in an hour to two, but there's only a tiny patch of the kind that tends to dissipate before it gets here on the rainfall radar


            Three years ago today:

            Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

            The good chip shop up the way in Jessop’s former HQ closed down tonight. I might venture across town to Grimsby Fisheries for a Pukka Pie and chips this week, assuming Boris doesn’t close everything down at 20:30
            But he did

            Grimsby Fisheries is now my second-closest chip shop, and still of superlative quality


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              The car earlier was a Mercedes SLK. They didn't do much to it, which may explain why it's still going strong with tax and MOT until the end of next February
              Considering how rusty it was underneath, it's somewhat of a miracle. Pistonheads was not impressed.




              White sky blue in parts.


              Chilly in here at 13.4 deg, 13 deg in the kitchen, 12.5 deg in the leanto.

              993 mBar, 29.3232 in Hg, 744.811 Torr, 14.4 psi, (up from 992 last night), 74% RH (GDR hair), 74% RH (Lidl electric).

              Meanwhile on the 12th of May 2019 NF watched an ep of Bab5 "The Long Dark" followed by an ep of "Hanna", whilst on the 13th of May it was sunnyish and I stashed a bookcase full of books in plastic boxes in the garage, said plastic boxes having previously contained half a ton of databooks which met, in turn, the recycling skips, NF having tidied up the remaining untidy tomes left over from the disposal of the two little bookcases.

              Walk (abbreviated) walked in the wan sunshine and semigale.

              Lunch: baked potato with cheese & baked beans, a red corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of rather more toasted toast slices again, 0.91*1.51 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: Y&Y Gap Finders: the japanese knotweed/bamboo/horse tails eradication man.

              More potching removing broken chunks of corrugated cement sheeting from next door's carport roof.

              I don't remember it being so heavy. .

              Tea: chilli con carne with rice, seemed meh, some peach slices, a yog, 0.91*1.51 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: PM.

              Some septic programme about someone building an underground domed house in Colorado. Should be handy when push comes to shove since the bathroom is under 25 feet of rock & dirt. .

              Wheeler Dealers S10 E1: 1996 Aston Martin DB7: bought: £12k5 (trade sale), total: £14468, sold: £15k to a dealer. MOT until August, currently SORN.


              Read bit more of book.

              20 minutes of the thing about Pluto on BBC4. I can remember when I could watch stuff like this.

              Read bit more of book.

              The Directors: Francis Coppola. I think I've watched five of his epics.

              The Movies: 2000 to today: Part II. Well I haven't watched many of those. .
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              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Morning all

                Windy and intermittently sunny although the cloud cover has increased since I got up and looks decidedly grey now. Currently 13 degrees ('feels like' 11) and that's the high for the day. Rain forecast from early afternoon onwards. Barometer down a touch to 1001 mBar.

                Received a water bill from Thames Water. They've reduced my monthly payments to £5 from £36 as my account is in credit. I checked the meter reading in the bill and it was correct so I guess all that shower dodging is paying off.


                  Lunch: ham toasties

                  Just after I'd finished that, the mutilated fox turned up again, wandering around the lawn. A magpie and a pigeon were out there and completely ignored it even when it limped in their direction, so they must know it and regard it as mostly harmless. At one point it settled down for a good long scratch, when I was able to see that the nearside hind leg that dangles uselessly as it walks does in fact still work, if only for that purpose


                    Rain has commenced.

                    Trying to wrap up loose ends before taking a long weekend off work.


                      Been raining here too. I had thought of popping to Sainsbury's, but it seems the rain will be on and off for a couple more hours

                      I'll go tomorrow morning instead. I need to go to the bank and pay in a cheque as well - Eon sent me one for the balance on my account at the old place, but they've made it wider relative to its height than the phone app expects so I can't pay it in that way

                      I'll be very annoyed if the machine in branch can't handle it either and I have to queue up to speak to a human, all for the sake of about £30