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    90 mins of time wasted on a call to talk about report delivery where the so-called focus was on helping the team but it really was to a thinly-veiled attempt at checking up on progress. I tried to get the developers out of it but the CTO insisted on their attendance.

    Lunch was some takeaway dinner left overs.


      some new friends for you LM


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          i thought you'd like it, matbe otters too.


            Ribs & chips for tea


              It’s a bit breezy.

              Sourdough loaf out of the oven, and now TFBSZ.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                This evening's car was a Mustang brought over from the USA, but I was in the kitchen when they got around to attaching a British number plate to it, if they did

                And it's a new season of the gold diggers, with some getting off to a very good start

                And later, a new episode of Traffic Cops

                Then I started reading The Power by Naomi Alderman, in which women gain the power to hurt or even kill men by producing electricity from their hands. It's very good; shortly appearing on Prime as a major TV series, written by the author

                It's very windy out, with occasional rain too I think

                Goodnight all


                  Morning all

                  I got some sleep!
                  {emotionless greeting}

                  Three Word Slogan


                    Morning denizens

                    It was more grey than not earlier but it seems the trailing edge of a front is passing across us from the northeast, so it's clearing rapidly. Still a bit breezy, and will continue so all day. Currently 9°C, 14° on the cards for later, and the barometers are down compared to yesterday at 986/994mB, but maybe they'll be bouncing back with the passage of the aforementioned front? Though looking at the pressure map, perhaps not - it looks as if a low might be coming in behind it…


                      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                      This evening's car was a Mustang brought over from the USA, but I was in the kitchen when they got around to attaching a British number plate to it, if they did
                      Not known at DVLA. Apparently the chap who bought it was actually Real from the thread on PistonHeads.



                      Dry. (as in not currently raining).

                      Damp. (as in it's rained a lot overnight).


                      Blue sky in parts until it all went white.

                      Chilly in here at 13.1 deg, 12.5 deg in the kitchen, 12.8 deg in the leanto.

                      996.5 mBar, 29.4266 in Hg, 747.44 Torr, 14.453 psi, (down from 997 last night), 74% RH (GDR hair), 75% RH (Lidl electric).

                      Meanwhile on the 12th of May 2019 next door's brave little soldier had managed to stir himself sufficiently to aid in the assembly of the new petrol self propelled lawn mower (which he must have used at least 10 times in the intervening years) whilst NF was still tidying the old flat and disposing of ancient computer mags including a mouse defiled copy of DDJ.

                      Getting a bit bored with waiting for the charity collectors to turn up.

                      Especially since it's currently looking like A Nice Day out there.

                      Picked some fallen over daffs and a sprig of forsythia to place on the parents' grave in place of the dead bunch of £1 daffs.

                      Walk (abbreviated) walked in the wan sunshine. Naturally enough the British Heart Foundation van driver phoned up as I was about halfway through.

                      Five ercol chairs, a drop leaf table, a mirror, and a linen basket thing now departed. I wonder if anyone will buy them. .

                      I retained the 6th chair since my rather large dad had sprung the back.

                      The hall seems rather empty now. . Broke my foot on the table leg back in 2019.

                      Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toasted crust, red corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: Y&Y waffling on about building houses on the green belt, gambling shops, and some poor bastard who shares a name and DOB with some scrote who keeps running up debts which end up with him.

                      And as soon as the chairs have gone, her next door but one said she'd have bought them off me if she knew I was getting rid of them.

                      Minor potching in the car port getting ready for more major potching when I get a round tuit.

                      In a fit of unusual enthusiasm, the self propelled lawnmower was pressed into use for the first time this year to mow that bit of next door's lawn that I seeded with remarkably enthusiastic grass. It grows even faster than the moss and is impressively lush, much to my distress. Theoretically it ought to be the same stuff as the top end but it's obviously much too enthusiastic for my liking. Took two days to strim that bit last year when the brave little soldier next door couldn't face the stress.

                      Took a bit of effort to persuade the mower to start but it eventually agreed to go, mowed two strips & ran out of petrol. I eventually remembered where the petrol can lived.

                      Freecell score: 100%, running average 85% (85.17%).

                      Tea: chicken in white sauce with rice n peas, peach slices, 2 yogs (BBE 13/3), 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: PM.

                      Mercedes SLK Kompressor: bought (unseen): £2010, total: £2955, sold: £3650. MOT & tax until March 2024. Replaced: headlamp, relay, hydraulic pump for roof, compressor, 2 belts, brake master cylinder, lateral g sensor thingie, rust spots.

                      Who do you think you are? Anne Reid. Ancestor ended up transported to Tasmania.

                      The Repair Shoppe: paint drying (literally) on some sort of Ukrainian icon, kayak (ditto), a notebook calendar from 1963 belonging to someone with links to the Cavern in that Liverpool place, leather chair.

                      Bit of "Red (2005)" with that Brian Cox chap afflicted by yobs who shoot his dawg. A bit like John Wick, I wonder where they got the idea from?

                      Couldn't find anything I really wanted to watch so read more of the "Space Chronicles" book. It is rather repetitive being a collection of articles over nearly 20 years.
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                      When the fun stops, STOP.