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    Hedgehogs out and about again tonight, although a local cat ate some of their food earlier. I’m fairly certain that one of the Arlo cameras has a fried charging circuit, which is a bit of a pain.

    Anyway, TFBSZ.
    {emotionless greeting}

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      The car earlier was a Ford Mustang Mach 1, which turned out looking very nice

      And then the opal hunters had been binned off in favour of the gold miners, in a series which I've already seen. Twice, probably. But it's not as if they're easy programmes to remember, because they're basically all the same

      As and when I'm in the new place I'll have more channels to choose from, as there's a working TV aerial there. I know this because among the various documents I've received is one from the management company two or three years ago about upgrading the communal aerial system, which also suggests there might even be a communal satellite dish, assuming they decided to install that option

      With and after the meal, it was the latest episode of the Glasgow railway station programme, which is the last of the series

      Early night now, ahead of my penultimate day… for the time being. There may be another gig coming up in the department soon, but being government and not involving the current consultancy who are nominally my clients, I'd have to go through the procurement process. So there's no guarantees even though they'd like to end up with me for it. We shall see…

      Goodnight all


        Morning all

        Saw a massive shooting star about 4.30am heading South, but now it's wet & windy out.
        {emotionless greeting}

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          Morning denizens

          Patchy cloud out again, which will supposedly get more cloudy then less cloudy again over the course of the morning. It's a bit damp from rain in the night too. Currently 14°C and soaring to 18° this afternoon, but the barometers are sceptically down a bit at 997/1004mB


            Morning all

            Mostly blue sky with wispy bits here and fluffy bits there. Currently 16 degrees with a high of 18 expected. Some light showers forecast this morning. Barometer down to 1010 mBar.

            Tired this morning.

            Smalls in the WM.


              Time to hit Ventura highway.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan



                Damp. Currently no precipitation.

                Windy, very.

                Wanly sunny on occasion.

                Cooler in here at 17.4 deg, 18 deg in the kitchen, 17 deg in the leanto, 16 deg in the salting house.

                1001.5 mBar, 29.754 in Hg, 751.19 Torr, 14.52552 psi, (up from 998 last night), 76% RH.


                Smalls in the WM.

                Smalls out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

                Shirts in the WM.

                I await with innerest the results of this experiment.

                Whilst on 10th February 2019 I was anticipating redundancy whilst watching Endeavour and the Austin A40 whereas NF was wastching "First Man (2018)" and the Saturn V.

                Shirts out of the WM and hanging on the upper line. It's very windy so they're drying nicely.

                Cottons in the WM.

                Some minor potching in the front room office sticking little labels on component drawers. I seem to have remarkably few (or less) 12 ohm resistors for some odd reason, though I can't remember the last time I used a 12 ohm resistor, whereas there's literally 1000s of 1k & 10k resistors.

                All this stuff will end up in a skip eventually when the house gets cleared.

                I almost felt dynamic enough to consider moving the tellies so I could clean behind & underneath them.

                However sense prevailed & the sticking of little labels was easier to contemplate.

                Cottons out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

                Shirts in off the line awaiting the attention of the iRon.

                Something Loud just flew over. It's not on FR24. .

                Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toast, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, red corner yog, 0.91* pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Y&Y waffling on about mortgages & CO poisoning.


                Shirts roughly iRoned & airing upstairs.

                Walk (abbreviated) walked in the breezy sunshine that clouded over.

                Smalls & cottons off the line, nicely dry, remaining cottons iRoned & every thing airing where it should.

                Freecell score: 91%, running average 85%.

                Tea: chicken in white sauce with rice n peas, some peach slices, a yog, 0.91* pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Thinking Allowed. PM.

                Wheeler Dealers S14 E4 1973 Saab 96: they change the clutch on the seller's driveway. Some impressive fettling of the rust holes. And the creation of the new windscreen by chopping up the windscreen from a 2014 Impala was mindblowing.

                Bought for $2800, total spend: $10k6 (including $500 for the new windscreen the chap cut by hand), sold for $11,750.

                It must be said that not everyone has an English wheel or a metal stretcher/shrinker in their toolkit. .

                Repair Shoppe by Royal appointment. . Clock. Goblet. Fire irons (non royal). I wonder what that stuff the cast iron was soaked in is. And lo! that's how you weld cast iron with preheating and controlled cooling rather than that bodge job on the cracked Supra exhaust manifold from last week's ep of Wheeler Dealers.

                Skin A&E: the usual cysts and lipomas.

                Some lunatics climbing sea cliffs on Mingulay.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                  Time to hit Ventura highway.
                  Didn't take long, can't spot the differences.
                  {emotionless greeting}

                  Three Word Slogan


                    Smalls were hung out in between meetings.

                    Next in were white / white-ish things which are about to be hung out now.

                    Then I'll be putting in jeans and jumpers. At that point, empty basket nirvana will have been achieved.


                      It's windy at Heathrow so I've had the Big Jet TV bloke chuntering away on my second monitor for much of the morning. It's an enjoyable accompaniment to the fairly trivial bits of work I have left to do