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test please delete

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    In a team meeting to prioritise stuff for the next sprint. Nice to know that none of it is going to be my problem


      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
      In a team meeting to prioritise stuff for the next sprint. Nice to know that none of it is going to be my problem
      I had the reverse - a retrospective during which I was still more vocal than most of the Indians on the team
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        Escaped a meeting until 1pm.

        Time to do some work.
        "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


          So far 3 meetings with the project manager (he's Dutch).
          He likes to get into very precise details about things that are unimportant, and gloss over the bits that matter.
          He also believes that the best discussions are done on calls, not by email/chat. So I'm busy working and he phones me.

          We're discussing with a Spanish user about some testing they need to do. The call is scheduled to take 30 minutes max.
          The user needs to sign off 2 documents, one from the project and one from a third party. The two documents are UAT signoff, to say that the User Accepts that he can do the business process (i.e. his job)
          The documents are NOT about the user signing off on how the data flows between systems.
          The PM spent the best part of an hour confusing the user by talking about signing off the design of the data flows. This is after my earlier call where I said that he needed to remove certain details of the solution from the SteerCo document, as they were either incorrect (he said something was manual when it's automatic, and that we are using SharePoint for certain steps) or irrelevant (the exact location of a folder on a server)
          Over an hour later and we're finally done.
          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan


            Lunch: roast pork and apple sauce bap


              Originally posted by eek View Post

              I had the reverse - a retrospective during which I was still more vocal than most of the Indians on the team
              I still contributed quite a bit in terms of assessments of the work involved in proposed features and so on, but secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't have to do any of it


                Afternoon all

                METAR EGFF 271220Z AUTO 14009KT 9999 BKN019 OVC031 17/15 Q1011

                Grey and crap out the window.

                The evening's entertainment over the past week or so has been Snowpiercer on Netflix. It's ok but I'm starting to get concerned as I don't think there are that many episodes left and Sean Bean's character is still alive.


                  This morning I ran a sprint planning session as the Product Manager (a) is on leave and (b) teflon'd a load of work my way (hence my request for a rate increase on the renewal that's coming up).

                  Apparently I did quite well according to the Delivery Manager who is trying to herd two loads of cats into alignment.

                  The sun has come out.

                  The bed linen from the weekend's changing of the linen has finally been washed. I don't trust the weather enough to put it out on the line though.


                    …and done

                    I spent a good chunk of the last day creating an example of how to add a new model to the app; it's fairly simple to do, but it touches a lot of important parts of the codebase, and demonstrates how a lot of the fundamentals work, so I'm hoping it'll be useful for the chap who takes over and any other developers who join the team - I did it because having a walkthrough like that would have saved me a lot of time when I started on the team back in March. I carefully tidied up all the commits so it can be followed step-by-step from starting to a working thing, and documented it all within the repository and on Confluence, complete with links to the individual commits on GitHub

                    And during the weekly developer hour on Google Meet this afternoon there wasn't a planned talk, so I gave an impromptu walkthrough and demo of a bunch of stuff from the W3C Maps4HTML Working Group stuff I did the other year, which they seemed to like


                      The recycling has been taken down and the bin trundled forth