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    Afternoon meeting was successful, a large project plan was produced and filed appropriately.
    …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
      The car will be ready about half five

      Bit of a pain TBH because the journey home will be pretty bad at that time. Oh well
      Maybe they had Edd China working on it since he's little else to do these days. .
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

        Maybe they had Edd China working on it since he's little else to do these days. .
        Could be

        It's home again now. They didn't do anything with the wing, because I'd told them it wasn't urgent and it probably took them a while to do the other bits. They farm out bodywork stuff to the bloke in the adjacent units anyway, so I'd be better off talking to him directly. All running a bit smoother now though, and the traffic on the way back wasn't as bad as I expected


          Spag bol for tea

          Accompanied by Inside the Factory on the important subject of peppermint Aeros


            Was watching “The Way” earlier, and they were in a cafe near the start. It was a cafe used in another BBC/S4C drama in the last couple of years, but can’t remember which one.
            …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


              No more telly after the chocolate factory, but I read more of The Darkroom

              I'm wondering how my lower limbs will feel tomorrow. They aren't used to walking about four miles in a day. I need to start exercising again

              Goodnight all


                Morning denizens

                Grey start again, though more in the overcast way. No sign of rain, though there's a 20% chance of drizzle at teatime. Only 7°C to start but hitting 12° by teatime, and the barometers are barely down at 1013/1021mB. Going to be windy though, it seems


                  Big walk this morning due to Max wanting to head out early, and it appears he wasn't the only dog who did that as we met a couple of other walkers half an hour earlier than we normally would.
                  Anyway, >6km covered by me and by the looks of things we had the best part of the day for it, as a mist is descending now.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore









                    Chilly in here at 14.1 deg, 13 deg in the kitchen, 13 deg in the leanto.

                    1023.5 mBar, 30.224 in Hg, 767.688 Torr, 14.8446 psi, (down from 1027 last night), 75% RH (GDR hair), 69% RH (Lidl electric).

                    Meanwhile on the 31st of August 2019, long long ago & far far away, NF thought it summery at 18:00, and found it already dark at 20:00 when visiting the Chinese, it being September the very next day, whereas Xogg had found himself imaged on streetview* to his considerable alarm.

                    *He's not alone there, coz I am on streetview too.

                    The drizzle started as I thought to go for a walk so I didn't bother.

                    Freecell score: 100%, running average: 86%

                    Freecell score: 70%, running average: 86%.

                    Lunch: baked spud etc.

                    Entertainment: TWATO <click>

                    NZ Customs thing.

                    Canadian Customs thing: seen this one before: Freecell score: 91%, running average: 86%.

                    Oz Customs thing. Boxes of chinese "food". Kid from NZ with a UK passport & unable to get NZ citizenship due to a DUI when she was 18 sent back to NZ coz she'd worked on a holiday visa. Lots of tears.

                    Tea: soup etc.

                    Entertainment: PM <click>

                    Scotland Yard "Late night final": the man who died twice.

                    Freecell score: 94%, running average:86%.

                    Maigret "The open window (2001)". Well that was loooong. A locked room mystery and not a particularly good one.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 29 February 2024, 21:55.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning all

                      Overcast. Dry. A bit of a breeze. Currently 8 degrees with a high of 13 expected. Rain expected late evening / overnight. Barometer steady at 1028 mBar.

                      I managed about half a day yesterday then had a lie down, then gave up and sat on the sofa under a blanket.

                      This morning I felt moderately ok but am now starting to feel a bit rough again. I suppose expecting to feel better after three days was a bit unreasonable.