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    Originally posted by WTFH View Post

    Whicked, sweet, awesome?
    Have you had a good week?


      Morning all

      Lovely clear, sunny sky with a hint of wispy fluff here and there. Currently 6 degrees with a high of 10 expected. Barometer up to 1005 mBar.

      Using the potential for a move to have a clear out. Whilst getting ready for work this morning, I tipped 95% of the contents of my bedside drawer into the bin. No idea why I've collected so much nail polish and related tat when I never do my nails or get my nails done. Very cathartic.


        Links are up


          Lunch has been turkey soup

          And I'd forgotten that this afternoon's weekly meeting has been cancelled, as the other usual attendees are stuck in other meetings this week


            Trying to get tickets to see Dune Part 2 at the BFI IMAX. Hard to find a seat that's not in the front row. About halfway back would be ideal but that's what everyone else has booked. Might have to take a half day off work to go at the same time as the unemployed and feckless.

            Lunch was going to be an omelette but I threw the eggs on the floor and now have none left.

            I still want the omelette so I'll be heading off to Tesco in a minute.

            And I've put an offer in on the flat I saw on Friday in the hope that the landlady will wait until mid-April for me to move.


              Lots done today. I'd ordered some additional smart lightbulbs to augment the solitary one I already had, so the living room's two lights now both have one, as do the bedroom and study. As a result, the study is now filled with bright purple light on the stroke of 17:00 to remind me to knock off should I be distracted by work

              And I'd also got some lampshades as I was starting to find the bare bulbs grating on me, which also arrived this morning. So I fitted those while I was changing the bulbs. Much nicer

              And then I had to go round to the chemist's, and not just for the monthly prescription. Some of the various medications are greatly out of sync with the others, to the extent that I use coming to the end of them as a reminder that it's time to place the monthly repeat prescription request. Opening one of them for the first time on Saturday night, I found that it only contained 20 capsules instead of the 28 that should have been in there, as shown on the label. So I took the box round with me to ask them for my missing eight. They seemed very taken aback, but sorted me out.

              It appears somebody else must have been prescribed 20, so they've hacked up the blister packs to achieve this, but then given that box to me by mistake. There was also a black cross scribbled on the box, which was probably supposed to remind them this was the special one; clearly, it didn't work

              I assume they're now having to go through their records and work out which person got eight too many, and probably notify the prescribing physician so they can check that the patient hasn't died from taking them for eight days longer than they should have, and all that malarkey. Or maybe they'll just keep quiet and hope nobody says anything

              And in the midst of all that excitement I did also manage to get some work done, though to be honest I lacked enthusiasm today


                Darn it. If I'd signed up to the last Ashdown Forest volunteer thing I'd have been a celebrity on BBC Countryfile.

                If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                  Look on the bright side, my sister was once dispensed valium instead of an antihistamine.

                  Unfortunately at that time I didn't know there was a market for such. .
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                    Look on the bright side, my sister was once dispensed valium instead of an antihistamine.

                    Unfortunately at that time I didn't know there was a market for such. .
                    Yes, at least whoever got too many was still getting the right thing!

                    I'm not sure why they would have been prescribed twenty anyway, as it's an ACE inhibitor which I thought was usually prescribed as a long-term thing


                      Tea was chicken madras with rice and naan

                      And to accompany it, Inside the Factory on the subject of Axminster carpets

                      A useful sidebar in there about dealing with stains, too.