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test please delete

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    Snaffle a little zen

    merely at clientco for the entertainment


      First day back on the internet following a successful week away at an isolated cottage on the Kintyre coast. Would recommend.

      Bright and sunny with intermittent heavy showers.

      Washing on.

      Currently watching a comedy/drama, odd couple, buddy cop thing from Tasmania call "Deadloch" on Amazon Prime. A bit odd to begin with as I couldn't work out what it was trying to be... rolled with it and it's a jolly bit of fun poking a pointy stick at pretty much everyone.

      Looking forward to the last episode which is due to land on Friday. Would recommend.

      First long drive in the new car. Liking it...

      Salesman: this model comes with a heads-up display.

      Me: A nonsense bauble that I'll never use. Give me a discount for your cheek.

      <time passes>

      Me going to the shops for a pint of milk:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2023-07-03 122733.png Views:	0 Size:	44.7 KB ID:	4267825
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      Former member of IPSE.

      Many a mickle makes a muckle.



        Links are up


          The forecast rain has arrived, within the appointed hour too.

          Broken clock and all that...


            No rain here, or not yet, though it's turned cloudier and is still very windy

            Lunch was Scotch broth with a bit of wholemeal

            Feeling a bit under the weather this afternoon, and I've got a bit of a cough. Hope I haven't caught my Mum's chest infection


              Tea: pork chops with chips and beans

              Accompanied by the last few minutes of S6E18 of Trucking Hell followed by a new Police Interceptors


                Found a great big hole by the bank of the little stream at bottom of my unkempt garden. Must be a badger. Or a T Rex.

                If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                  Further viewing this evening has been a number of Apple Developer videos about various aspects of SwiftUI and related things. I was originally just going to watch one that seemed relevant to stuff I want to do next with my app, but that mentioned that "This also works well with Other Thing, explained in this other video" so I watched that, and that did the same, and so on, and in the end I'd watched five or six, all relevant to my interests

                  My cough hasn't got any worse, but I'm still feeling out of sorts and very tired. So an early night for me, now it's finally dark enough

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning denizens

                    Sunny start, though remaining mild at 12°C with an expected high of 17°. The barometers are up a minor amount at 998/1006mB

                    The lurgy, if such it be, still seems to be hanging around. Covid test is negative, and temperature is in the normal range, so maybe it's just general debilitation or something

                    Though I have seen anecdotal reports on Twitter of people not testing positive until two or three days after they started feeling symptoms, and they were from people I've followed for years and who make sense, not dingbats. So maybe I'll check again in a couple of days




                      Wetly wet.


                      Cool in here at 19.2 deg, 20.5 deg in the kitchen, 18.5 deg in the leanto.

                      1006.7 mBar, in Hg, Torr, psi, (down from 1008 last night), 68% RH (GDR hair), 64% RH (Lidl electric).

                      Meanwhile on the 24th of June 2019 not much happened, though the Smithsonian channel still existed on Freesat and was showing a prog about the Septic space programme, including the launch of Apollo 4, there being a youtube vid of same, while the other youtube vid is no longer available.

                      Even less is happening today.

                      Lunch: baked potato with cheese and baked beans, a red corner yog, bramble jelly & marmalade on slices of toast, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: Y&Y waffling on about data theft. It went <click>

                      TWATO. Farage waffling on about the injustices of life. Poor dab.

                      Thing about IT at 13:45. It's about the cloud today.

                      Walk (abbreviated) walked in the grey gloom of the afternoon.

                      Entertainment: Trucking Hell S2 E7. Rory and the torched library van.

                      Tea: Mr Brains faggots with peas, some apricot halves, a yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: PM (until it went <click>).

                      Scotland Yard: The Stateless Man. (1955).

                      Joy of Painting. disappointing lack of in this until the last couple of minutes.

                      Joy of Painting. bit more in this one, where did that barn come from?

                      The Human Jungle "the two edged sword". Wonder who's in it this week: Roger Delgado again. Freda Bamford: appeared in the Ipcress File & Funeral in Berlin as Alice the secretary. Glyn Edwards, a character actor from the likes of Ipcress, Zulu, and Minder.

                      Maigret S1 E2 The Flemish Shop.

                      Abandoned Engineering: one I hadn't seen before: Corregidor (As in Hero of) gold as ballast, silver dumped in the sea, flushing the Japanese out of the tunnels, Fox Talbot's house, Missouri prison, Sonny Liston.
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                      When the fun stops, STOP.