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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    Our next bonkers trip starts in just three weeks. I need to check it's up to date but all the flights are listed here should you want to follow along

    Excellent aid to improving public safety by warning people where you're going to be


      Tonight's major motion picture premiere was… well, part thereof, because it was Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) and it starts with a whole lot of the tedious nonsense about "the ways of our people" and crap like that, except it feels the need to include laborious explanations of things like why the blue things are apparently talking in English some of the time (to make life easier for the audience would be the obvious reason, but they have to confabulate in-story stuff about our hero's mental linguistic processes because he's being a narrator while he explains this, though that doesn't really explain why it happens when he isn't being a narrator; I dunno, maybe that doesn't happen because I have subtitles on anyway, but that alone proves that the whole thing isn't achieved in a slick manner whereby you don't even notice it) (and the subtitles for the blue-people speak are set in that Papyrus typeface anyway) and a whole bunch of other explication-dressed-as-narration; and, as he has bred with the blue things since the events of the last film, he keeps going on about "family" to an extent that makes it seem like a Fast & Furious film. So I put up with the first hour or so, by which point the story was actually beginning to start (or starting to begin) and I'll watch the rest of it some other time

      In its place, and very close alphabetically although I didn't notice that until just now: Ava (2020) which is one of those black-ops-assassin-gets-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-Company things. A moderately good example of its ilk, but formulaic

      And then, although I only watched it the other week, I watched Last Night in Soho (2021) again because it's visually excellent, and the story is really good too

      Goodnight all


        Morning all, local time 0706

        Cloudy but that is due to clear as the day progresses. Currently 14 degrees with a high of 23 expected.

        Slept well, until about 1 am, and dozed since then. Will get up in about an hour for a leisurely breakfast before walking over the road to the airport.











          Cool in here at 22.1 deg, 23.5 deg in the kitchen, 21 deg in the leanto.

          1018 mBar, 30.06 in Hg, 763.56 Torr, 14.765 psi, (unchanged), 67% RH (GDR hair), 66% RH (Lidl electric).

          Meanwhile on the 21st of June 2019 NF was busily mapping stuff while RichardCranium made a brief visit, and my intestinal discomfort seemed to be continuing.

          Freecell score: 100% (of 10), running average: 85%.

          Lunch: baked potato with cheese & baked beans, bramble jelly & marmalade on slices of toast, red corner yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          The drizzle has abated & the sun's out.

          Entertainment: Dead Ringers. TOo'CN.

          Documentary about "High Noon" on PBS.

          Various tosh including a thing about finding Atlantis on ?5select? which was slightly less bolloxy than the usual output of Blaze.

          Tea: chilli con carne bol (which is hotter than the aforementioned) with spag, a yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          Entertainment: thing about Dad's Army on 5, made in 2020 by which time they were all dead apart from Ian Lavender.

          Maigret (1961): The Experts S1 E11. A proper BBC shaky set in this one.

          The Four Just Men (1960): The Princess. Honor Blackman in this one. Lee Montague as a naughty gentleman of Asian extraction. Also Leonard Sachs as a not so naughty gentleman of Asian extraction.

          The last 20 minutes of "Deep Impact (1998)".
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          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Morning denizens

            Cloudy out, though in a lots-of-fluffy-bits kind of way rather than a flat-sheet-of-overcast way. A bit of sunshine manages to make its way through from time to time though. Currently 22°C, expected to get to 26° with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. The barometers are very slightly up at 1011/1019mB


              Afternoon all

              Cloudy. Currently 26 degrees with a high of 27 expected.

              On the Lizzy Line heading home


                Home again after the trip south. As my Mum was only sent to the other hospital for an x-ray, all her stuff was still at the fracture unit, so I had to stop off there to pick it up en route with my Dad to see her. From there, the optimal route onwards was past the Panacea Museum, so I got to wave to the spirits of Octavia & Co. twice - there and back

                She's clearly out of sorts, as is to be expected, but in reasonably good spirits under the circumstances


                  Ooh, er, loony lady 3 is trying to get me to go and stay at her place in the Lake District. Sounds a nice idea but her driving scares me to death, not sure I could handle being a passenger on a 300+ mile journey.

                  If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                  John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                    Kebab & chips for tea

                    Still very warm here; could do with another of those thunderstorms


                      Tonight's major motion picture premiere was Jurassic World Dominion (2022) which is, as you may have guessed from the title, one of those dinosaur ones. It was OK as these things go, I suppose; at least some of them had feathers

                      And then a rewatch of Yesterday (2019). I'm still not sure if I like this one for the story, or for the plethora of Beatles tunes. Probably a bit of both

                      It's cooled down a little now, but tomorrow will be even hotter, they say. But things should get back to more reasonable temperatures next week, for which much thanks

                      Goodnight all