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    Morning all (local time 0642)

    Blue sky and fluffy lumps. Slight chance of a light shower this morning. Currently 22 degrees with a high of 30 expected.

    We leave Maui later today to start the arduous journey home.


      Tea has been chicken madras with rice and naan. Very nice

      An ice cream van came by earlier and stopped on the road just outside (the public road outside the grounds, not the private road outside the flat). Sadly, I was in the throes of cooking, so no 99 for me

      Other notable achievements of the day have been putting loads through both the dishwasher and the washer dryer, the latter being currently in the drying phase

      And I spent a bit of time working on the prototype of a SwiftUI app as there was no unrepeated car or gold mining to watch

      Though that reminds me that I forgot to watch the NEW! gold mining on Monday, so I'll have to try to remember the repeat on Sunday

      Viewing whilst dining has been a new Traffic Cops which I'm now watching the rest of


        In the post today, a card exhorting me to "Save the Date" of my oldest niece's wedding in September next year

        Hardly seems any time since her christening

        Though her christening was on the fiftieth anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, so I suppose it was a while ago. They don't seem to have bothered with selecting a similarly notable date for this occasion


          No further telly tonight, as I've been mucking about trying to do stuff I don't yet know how to do in Swift

          Goodnight all


            Morning denizens

            Sunny start again, just like the olden days (i.e. last week). Currently 18°C with 24° prognosticated, and the barometers are on the way back up at 1007/1015mB. Some rather Simpsonesque clouds hanging around as decoration, too






              Blue sky.

              Cool in here at 21.9 deg, 23 deg in the kitchen, 20.5 deg in the leanto.

              1014.5 mBar, 29.958 in Hg, 760.94 Torr, 14.71 psi, (up from 1013 last night), 67% RH (GDR hair), 65% RH (Lidl electric).

              Meanwhile on the 20th of June 2019 it rained on NF, whereas MS was in proud mummy mode when her wee boy got a 1st in his degree, and I failed to watch more than five minutes of "Catch 22" yet again (even if it was the non Alan Arkin version).

              Walk (very abbreviated due to accompanying dog walker & dog) walked. Made a change to have a conversation though the level of exercise achieved was moot. Nice list of local murders duly ticked off.

              Freecell score: 100% (of 6), running average: 85%.

              Lunch: baked potato with cheese & baked beans, a red corner yog, bramble jelly & marmalade on slices of toast, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: TWATO.

              Some gooseberries picked, washed, topped & tailed, & in the freezer. Not quite fully ripe but they'll do.

              Trucking Hell S1 E9.

              Tea: chilli con carne with rice, some peach slices, a yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: PM.

              Wheeler Dealers S13 E 1916 Cadillac. The last of the Edd eps. Bought: £37k, plus a spare car: $96k for both, total: $15k for the chassis, $3k2 for the engine, $4k for the exhaust, $12k for the body, $ for something else. Total Total: $133k9. Sold: it wasn't. The Pekin to Paris Rally: it didn't happen. Edd bought the cars apparently.

              Joy of Painting made up for it by falling asleep earlier during Trucking Hell.

              Trucking Hell S7 E2. Inneresting enough. Merrie had to remove some clothes.

              Some UFO bollox on Blaze that was too much bollox even for me.

              Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 June 2023, 22:01.
              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Lunch: sweet chilli chicken breast bits in a seedy bloomer butty, with a bag of plain crisps

                Wonder whereabouts in international airspace ladymuck and HWMBO are? She ought to post the flight numbers so we can follow along on FlightRadar24


                  Morning all, LA calling, local time 0711

                  Cloudy. Currently 15 degrees with a high of 22 expected.

                  Here for about an hour, waiting for our flight to JFK. My phone still thinks I'm in Hawaii.
                  Last edited by ladymuck; 22 June 2023, 14:19.


                    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

                    Wonder whereabouts in international airspace ladymuck and HWMBO are? She ought to post the flight numbers so we can follow along on FlightRadar24
                    The remaining flights are:

                    AA14 LAX-JFK 22-JUN
                    BA176 JFK-LHR 22-JUN
                    AY1332 LHR-HEL 23-JUN
                    AY1223 HEL-PRG 23-JUN
                    BA855 PRG-LHR 24-JUN


                      Gone terribly gloomy here and started raining heavily. Looks like there's some lightning over in the direction of Rutland, so that might arrive soon too