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    Morning all

    Blue skies with intermittent fluff. Currently 18 degrees with a high of 19 expected. Barometer up a bit to 1028 mBar.

    Busy day at the coal-face.


      Lunch: a roast pork and apple sauce bap (wholemeal) with a bag of plain crisps

      To my surprise, that was the last of the roast pork out of the freezer. I'll have to roast some more


        Lunch was a cheese and ham toastie. That's the ham now used up.


          Tea: one of those steak and caramelised onion burgers in a toasted burger bun with sweet chilli sauce, and fries. Very tasty


            The car earlier was an old French van we've seen before, to which I paid little attention, and the gold diggers had their usual ups and downs - literally in the case of the ones who've ventured high in the snow-covered mountains. And after that I didn't bother with any more telly.

            So to bed, and read a bit more of Sam's November 1666 journal, where things are fairly quiet now they haven't been murdered in their beds by Catholics after all

            I've been feeling tired all week, and I reckon it might be due to being half-woken early every morning, the blinds here not blocking out as much light as the curtains at the old place. So I'm getting an early night to try to make up for it

            Goodnight all


              Morning denizens

              Sunny start again, currently 10°C with 19° on the cards, and the barometers continue to climb at 1021/1029mB



                Friday, must be since DID is on the wireless.


                Blue sky.

                Cool in here at 18.9 deg, 20 deg in the kitchen, 19 deg in the leanto.

                1027 mBar, in Hg, Torr, psi, (up from 1025 last night), 74% RH (GDR hair), 68% RH (Lidl electric).

                Meanwhile on the 10th of June 2019 it was sunny in Manchester, whilst it seemed to damp & drizzly everywhere else.

                Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the unbearable heat and cool breeze. No cygnets on the fish pond, two cygnets on the first pond. Another bad year for swans.

                Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons oak and barley toasted crust, yellow corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Archive Hour thing about Howard Gossage.

                Freecell score: 100%, running average: 85% (85.3%).

                Tea: breaded haddock, some peach slices, a yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: PM.

                Wheeler Dealers S12 E17 1992 VW Corrado: bought: £1200, total: £2860, sold: £5k5. Refurb antilock brakes gizmo, new discs & pads & sensors, 2nd hand sunroof (there's a reason they never get fixed), replacement oil cooler & seals, changed the interior for a 2nd hand set, ditto gear knob & steering wheel, refurb wheels & new tyres. Taxed to August, MOT to end of October. Looks like Edd did a good job on that then.

                Walking the Great Central Railway on 5select. HS2 for the Victorians. For less than £100 billion and rather less than two decades.

                Wynne's Welsh 70s on BBC1W.

                Dial 999: "Exception to the rule": E28: tooled up in this one too. The most frightening things were the uncovered drive belts in the factory. Feck me. H&S nightmare.

                Britain's bloodiest dynasty: Edward II. The poker is apocryphal apparently.

                Britain's bloodiest dynasty: Richard II. The last of the Plantagenet bastards.
                Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 26 May 2023, 22:19.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Cooler, slightly overcast. Promise of better ahead.

                  Day two of car shopping yesterday took me through to Edinburgh. TPITA.

                  Day three will see me scratching about around Glasgow once again pretending to like people for whom I have utter disdain. Grim.

                  Finished "The Consultant". Definitely odd, but not unpleasantly so. Would recommend if one's stuck for something to watch.

                  Will start Season two of "Hunters" tonight. Would definitely recommend season one if one has not seen it.

                  Former member of IPSE.

                  Many a mickle makes a muckle.



                    Afternoon all

                    Sunny. Gentle breeze. Currently 17 degrees with a high of 18 expected. Barometer up to 1030 mBar.

                    Busy busy again at work today. Much running around to get everything ready for a release on Wednesday. Plus bug fixing a report where the data engineer is saying "why can't we remove these filters, we shouldn't be applying customer business logic then sending them data" and me saying "why aren't we receiving the data those filters are calculated from?". Turns out, it is a data feed issue and fudging the report isn't a valid solution. It's almost like I know what I'm doing.

                    Woke around 4.30 am. No idea why. Am not especially tired as a result either, which is unusual.


                      Timesheet submitted, therefore: weekend!

                      Lunch earlier was zingy chicken, tomato and lentil soup with a crust of wholemeal

                      Lovely sunny afternoon out, and best of all: not too hot