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    I looked at the grass decided I can't be bothered to mow it. I mowed it last week but it's grown loads. So I watered some plants with added fertilizer. It has still not rained.

    Tomorrow I will buy more bedding plants as there is a local gardening club sale. After 4 years of having the same ones this winter's weather killed them off.
    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


      Tea: pork cutlets with chips and beans

      The car earlier was the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, again. They must have done something right as it's taxed until October with an MOT until June. And the goldseekers are settling into the usual litany of minor screwups and occasional luck.


        Tonight's first major motion picture was Superman II (1980), which wasn't a premiere because I saw it on telly some time in the 1980s I think, but it might as well have been as I couldn't remember much of it. Also, this time it was in 4K and widescreen, so there will have been the edges of the picture and assorted small details that I hadn't seen before. Anyway, it's a pretty good sequel

        And then a rewatch of Chappie (2015), a great film and a good reminder that people who think AI is ready to take over are usually either mad as a box of frogs or out to line their own pockets, or have fallen for the bulltulip spouted by those two classes

        Goodnight all







          Cool in here at 17 deg, 19 deg in the kitchen, 16 deg in the leanto, 13.6 deg in the saltinghouse.

          1023.3 mBar, 30.218 in Hg, 767.54 Torr, 14.842 psi, (down from 1023.5 last night).

          Smalls in the WM.

          Meanwhile the discussion on the 7th of June 2019 remains as it was yesterday.

          Smalls out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

          Shirts in the WM.

          Shirts out of the WM and pegged out on the line.

          Cottons in the WM.

          Walk (abbreviated) walked in the unbearable heat. Phew wot a scorcher.

          Cottons out of the WM and pegged out on the line.

          Lunch: baked potato with cheese and baked beans, marmalade & 2x bramble jelly on slices of toast, red corner yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          "Entertainment": Money Box. The News Quiz. One o'clock news.

          Shirts in off the line & roughly iRoned, now airing upstairs. Nearly passed out from heatstroke due to the elevated temperature in the saltinghouse.

          Now I've sat down I have an overwhelming desire to sleep.

          Cottons in off the line & iRoned where needed, all airing upstairs.

          Freecell score: 100%, running average: 85%.

          Tea: more of that flavourless bol with spag, some apricot halves, a yog, 0.91*1.55 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          My Grandparents' War: Helena Bonham Carter.

          Maigret S1 E6 "Liberty Bar". Gosh. Some familiar faces in that: Paul Eddington for one.

          The Four Just Men E20 "The man in the road". Even more in this: Honor Blackman, Charles Grey, who, as soon as you saw him, you knew he was a villain. .

          Conspiracies Decoded: more bollox: Havana Syndrome, Confederate Hunley submarine loss 1864, Tunguska, 5G.
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          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Morning denizens

            Sunny out, though there's some bits off fluffiness low on the horizon, just peeping over the block opposite, to provide a bit of texture. Currently 13°C, 18° promised for later, and the barometers are hardly changed at 1016/1024mB

            Off south to take my Dad in to the hospital to visit my Mum later


              NGS garden visit with ll3 later, ll1 is busy. Boring morning doing up some crappy old cheap bedside cabinets to match the expensive Sharps bespoke wardrobe fitted a few weeks ago. By my DIY standards they look pretty good.

              Given up on Chrome, couldn't find what was causing the slowness. Edge is much faster. Basically they seem much the same otherwise, all the extensions transferred and work ok.
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              If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
              John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                Afternoon all

                Sunny with occasional chunks of fluff. Currently 19 degrees and that's the high for the day. Barometer down a bit to 1024 mBar.

                Awoke at some unearthly hour and dozed until about 5.45 when the need for a widdle became more urgent. I put the radio on to help me get back to sleep and very much enjoyed Ramblings. Dozed semi-successfully whilst trying to have a nice lie in. Eventually got up and pottered about doing chores and laundry.

                The next door neighbour is trimming their front hedge which will put mine to shame as it's in as bad a state as the rest of the garden. However, I am not in the mood to do gardening right now. I also don't have a hedge trimmer and need to find out if my brother has the family one still.


                  Home again

                  My Mum's been getting better in some respects, but is still in a tremendous amount of pain from her pelvis. She's being transferred to the specialist fracture unit tomorrow, as they think they've finally sorted out the respiratory infection


                    Meanwhile, the energy supplier at the old flat has sent me a bill to cover energy use from the date I moved out to the present. I checked, and definitely have the email acknowledging that I moved out on that date. The new bill even shows the refund I received based on the final meter reading. So I'll be telling them to buck their ideas up, when I can be bothered


                      Got through to the Brigadoon Chinese on the first try! I think it's the only time that's happened since I accepted they don't prioritise walk-ins and started phoning

                      Wait of an hour for the food, though