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    (Work is also slightly distracted while I watch to see my brother-in-law finishing the Caribbean 600. After almost 4 days of racing I'm sure he'll be glad of a wash, change of clothes and some sleep)
    {emotionless greeting}

    Three Word Slogan


      Morning denizens

      Up betimes, and out the back (then to the side road) to retrieve the miraculously-emptied bin

      And once that had been trundled back in: walk briskly walked, green ring closed

      It's a clear blue sky out, a bit chilly with it, but already warming up: about 3°C when I got up, 6° now, and 9° expected by early afternoon. Wind isn't very windy compared to recent days. Barometers are fairly sharply up at 1016/1023mB

      Next up: coffee, followed by shopping


        Shopping done!

        Just Sainsbury's today. Still a good number of people wearing masks, I was pleased to see.

        And while putting stuff away I realised that the gammon joint I'd thought had an expiry date some time in the next few days actually expired two days ago. I'm sure it'll be fine, but it means my plans for tonight's dinner have been upended - unless I just roast it now and don't actually make a meal of it

        But although a good amount is intended to be repurposed into ham, pea and lentil soup, it's always nice to have freshly roasted gammon; as T. S. Eliot said in The Waste Land:

        Originally posted by T. S. Eliot
        Well, that Sunday Albert was home, they had a hot gammon,
        And they asked me in to dinner, to get the beauty of it hot—


          Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
          And while putting stuff away I realised that the gammon joint I'd thought had an expiry date some time in the next few days actually expired two days ago.
          Just to be clear, this wasn't an out-of-date gammon joint I bought from Sainsbury's today; it was already in the fridge


            Lunch: sardine toasties, being the ones that come in olive oil. Very tasty


              Just booked the Corolla in for its MOT. They asked me to bring it in on Monday at 12:30. Shame, as dropping it off first thing in the morning allows me to pop into Greggs for a breakfast baguette on the way back


                Today's other exciting news is that a plan which has been years, even decades, in the making has finally come to fruition: I bought a sugar bowl


                  The mundane laundry that I forgot to put on has been put on


                    The gammon joint seems none the worse for being a couple of days past its use by date, so tea has been roast gammon, chips, fried eggs and beans

                    If it is in fact a deadly health hazard, I suppose I'll find out before too long


                      That time already? Good job I'm going to bed then

                      In the interim, the night's first major motion picture premiere has been Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) which I thought was pretty good; and overall I'd say this film series was much better than I expected it to be

                      Then a further motion picture premiere, being The Terminal (2004) and it's pretty mediocre. Probably worse than pretty mediocre, actually. Spielberg needs to grow up and stop stuffing random things that he liked in films he saw as a kid into films he makes for grown-ups

                      But some of it was good; I think I'd give it about 80% good v. 20% FFS Spielberg, get a grip

                      Anyway, I then rewatched Margin Call just to spite him, because it's a better film than most he's made

                      Goodnight all