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test please delete

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    About to go into battle with the comms person.

    I have my PM and PrgM on the call as back up The PrgM was glowing about the comms deck I put together so that's a start.


      Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

      Well, it was brisk at the start, but then my right knee started complaining a bit so I eased up for the rest of the way. I think it might be a coldness and/or dampness thing with that knee, as it's been pretty much OK through the summer

      Still, at least I made it back before the streets became densely populated with schoolchildren from the big school nearby. Nothing against them as such, but they do get in the way rather


        Comms meeting went well. I think they might have even cracked a smile.

        Got useful feedback, no blockers.


          Originally posted by BR14 View Post

          best place for them, on a wall.
          just use 6 inch nails.

          BR14 has obviously heard you play! verdict "not even good enough to get a night with Mary Poppins!"
          Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


            Getting dark earlier now


              Originally posted by WTFH View Post
              I just described someone as "he looks like he probably knows Prince Andrew"

              It appears that is considered inappropriate.
              I wonder if my ex boss still has a photo of him & Prince Andrew on his company website.

              It must be said that they both looked bored tulipless.

              Well that didn't take much finding.

              It's still there.
              Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 6 October 2021, 21:49.
              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Finished S6 of Elementary then took the car out to the nearby garage in the hope it had some petrol. It didn't.

                Now home where I decided to make a fish finger sandwich for dinner. Discovered that I picked up battered not breaded fish fingers. I'll live.


                  Lovely tea: steak & kidney Pukka pie, chips, peas and gravy


                    The battered version was actually quite nice. I may get them more often.


                      Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                      Ok, alert! NF going to bed before 05:00!
                      Not this time

                      Telly (after the inevitable Traffic Cops whilst dining) started with the final episode of Time. A very good bit of telly IMHO

                      At one point, a street name sign was visible, resulting in the inevitable trip to Google Maps. The prison officer's home is a mile or so up the road from where I lived in my early years, and much closer to where my mum lived in hers. And (minor spoiler alert) the funeral bit confused me briefly until I realised it was in Speke, between the Ford factory (now Jaguar Land Rover) and the river.

                      The water tower at the Ford factory was, to me as a young child, as iconic a piece of architecture as either of the cathedrals or any of the buildings at the Pier Head; and it still is. Also, that's where the Super Monkey Car was built

                      And then I watched Ridley Road which, despite what the website says, has nothing to do with the Swinging Sixties because it's set in 1962 and the Sixties weren't yet swinging then. It's a pretty good account of a bit of fascist and anti-fascist history I wasn't aware of, but I wish the BBC would stop allowing - or, as I strongly suspect, insisting on - anachronisms in their scripts. No East End woman in her seventies would have referred to "your ex" back then. No young woman of a respectable Northern upbringing, and probably of any upbringing whatsoever, would have referred to engaging in subterfuge as "blagging it". And there are many other examples, in what is otherwise a pretty good show

                      Goodnight all