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    The roast Big Chicken dinner finally come to fruition, and inordinately nice it was

    And the Scotch broth is now simmering down in the slow cooker. I'll need to portion it up and get it in the fridge in a bit

    Outside, it's somewhere about half way between drizzling and raining at the moment


      Seven bowls of soup garnered from the slow cooker in the end

      Haven't watched any telly apart from the inevitable Trucking Hell (aka the "But there's a problem!" show)

      Feeling pretty tired now, so an early night for me.

      Goodnight all


        Temperature 7.1 °C
        Relative humidity 88%
        Pressure 972 hPa

        Morning all.
        Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


          Morning denizens

          Sunny start, which is probably why I woke up about 6am initially and finally gave up trying to get back to sleep at 6:45. Still only 4°C but mainly a clear blue sky at the moment, though with the inevitable clouding over and 50% chance of rain this afternoon; barometers up slightly I think, at 996/1004mB





            Sun's coming out now.

            Seems quite calm out there this morning.

            Warmish at 16.9 deg in here.

            1009 mBar, 29.8 in Hg, 53% RH.


            Woke at 07:04 and despite a comfort break unable to return to the land of nod.

            So I got up.

            Yesterday's "Trucking Hell" dealt with a propane tanker on its side in a country lane near Loughborough.

            Rather more challenging than the car parallel parked in a canal in Loughborough in a prog last week.


            No, wait a minute, raining.

            No, sunny again.

            April in May.

            Stone me, here the opportunity of a lifetime:


            £26k for all that.

            Plus the delights of living somewhere that's infested with emmets in the summer.

            Feck me I was getting more than that in my quiet little retirement job frightening the Esteemed Customers.


            Walk walked in the deluge: rain, hail & murrain of beasts.

            The air seems a lot fresher.

            Lunch: scrambled egg & poached tomato on Morrisons sunflower & pumpkin seed toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            I suppose I should either continue with the cleaning of the springs or attempt to fix the increasing fecked shower before it dies completely.

            There's more water coming out of the hose than coming out of the shower head.

            Changing of same is not simple since it disappears in to the body of the ancient device.


            Access to the internals of said device obtained by grinding off the ancient dome headed steel nuts off the brass 6 BA screws which let me take the surround off, carefully making sure the mirror didn't fall off & smash in the bath.

            This revealed a blank aluminium plate, that, when removed, revealed in turn the innards of said device.

            Quite why it has a yard of black rubber hose doing the business is mysterious, but fortunately by some mistake in the continuum, the threads on the old shower hose matched the threads on the new shower hose that, until now, had lived down in the garage having been moved there from the parents' loft a couple of years ago.

            Anyone know how to find who held patent number 1235849/50?**

            That, aside from a serial number, is the only identification on the thing.

            It must be said that bare heating wires in direct contact with the water does seem a bit risky but there you go.

            All I've got to do now is put it all back together again and fix the leak it's got before I do that.

            Epoxy leak stop!

            That's the stuff.

            Entertainment: "Discovering Shirley McClaine" on Sky Arts.

            Reassembling the shower: in now has a metric counter sunk screw & some Septic threaded countersunk screw holding stuff back together instead of the 6 BA installed previously.

            Trucking Hell: the one with the Turkish artic with the blown tyre and the deflated airbags plus "no money boss" from the driver.

            He paid up in the end.

            After they'd changed the tyre & fettled the rest of the trailer.

            Merrie got stuck in a livelane on the M25 whilst towing a cartransporter when the brakes on the trailer came back on & the auto handbrake thing in the cab came on too.

            The fuel tanker tow was inneresting, but not as inneresting as the cloth lorry that had turned over, leaking diesel all over the road.

            Tea: the last of the roast chicken with bacon plus added carrots and onions, a yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Now: Traffic Cops S9 E6, which, by some mischance, I've not seen before.

            In other other news: it's pissing down again again.

            **Found it: https://www.freepatentsonline.com/4034203.html

            Well there's a thing.

            Entertainment: Weatherman Walking on BBC1W: from Aberavon to Swansea, with a trip along the Tenant Canal, and bats, and what used to be the village of Groes that was demolished to make way for the M4.

            45 minutes of someone Revenging.

            Dr Pimplepopper: wherein we see the cancer surgery on the basal cell carcinoma of the chap who had his rhinophyma removed last week.

            Nice job. All done under local. Mohs surgery.

            Now a lady with a lot of bumps: steatocystoma: lots of good pus with this one.

            Now a chap with a large bump on his forehead: it's a lipoma, an "egg yolk" lipoma.

            And finally a chap who's very scared: he's freaking out so she's given him some valium (at a guess).

            His girl friend is fascinated.

            3 lb lipoma. Plus a skin tag.

            Next up: Detonators blowing tulip up, man.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all

              Dry, blue sky, sunny. Barely a cloud in the sky. Currently 5 degrees ('feels like' 3) with a high of 9 later. 50% chance of rain from about 3pm onwards. Barometer at 1008 mbar. Oddly the Alexa spying device HWMBO has says it's 0 degrees. So I don't know what the real temperature is.

              Today's Kantar diary fact is:
              Russian political newspaper 'Pravda' is published for the first time 1912


                Lay in - appointment (I'm a few hours over this week as our customers are managing grade A stupid)

                Kedgeree for breakfast.

                Pleasant walk to the Docs for vaccination. Fairly well organised. in and out in 7 mins.

                Mainly blue skies with a threat of rain.
                "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

                I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


                  Risk of precipitation has moved to tomorrow, sleet possible in the wee hours. Currently lovely and sunny but darn chilly.


                    Lunch was delayed due to a meeting about stuff, but when it finally happened it was Scotch broth with wholemeal bread. Very tasty, this batch

                    After a sunny spell it clouded over and rained quite a bit, but it's stopped now and is just grey

                    I've got a feeling I'm developing a slight cold or something. No idea where I would have got that from, though communal door handles seem a likely culprit


                      I had a burger for lunch with ketchup, yellow sauce and gherkins.

                      I made it myself.

                      I had to wait until 1.45pm to have it due to over running meetings.
                      "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR