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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    In the Chinese
    Very nice as ever

    Busyness status: "Not been very busy today"

    Conjecture as to reason for non-busyness: "It's the nice weather"


      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
      The Curse of Oak Island S1E5, series finale.

      Swamp diving with metal detectors at 'Mercy point'. A copper coin was found with an 8 on it. Assumed Spanish and 17th century.

      The loony brothers hired a chap to literally get down and dirty in the swamp. He found a flat rock.

      The metal detectors appear to be malfunctioning as the earlier signals are no longer reproducible.

      A chap confirmed the age and origin of the coin but a single coin does not a treasure make. It was decided more money should be spent to search for said treasure.
      You'd better treasure the sight of that coin, they don't appear very often.

      The flat rocks, well there'll be plenty of those.

      And round ones.
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Tonight's major motion picture premiere was Mad Max 2 (1981) which is excellent for its age; watching it, I got a better idea of where some stuff in Mad Max: Fury Road originated

        And then a rewatch of The Dark Knight (2008). Last Friday I used that GIF of the Joker stopping and looking back as he was blowing up the hospital in the project chat about launching prod on the Friday afternoon before a Bank Holiday weekend

        And finally S3E15 of The Shield, On Tilt (TV Episode 2004). One of those episodes where I remember that ladymuck went to a lot of trouble to make sure her parents weren't having any difficulty watching this brutal savagery

        Goodnight all


          Morning all. Shaping up to be a nice day:
          Temperature 7.6 °C
          Relative humidity 86%
          Pressure 986 hPa

          Should get up to 22 this afternoon. We're going to walk into town to see historical museum exhibition.

          Mrs NAT woke me about forty-five minutes ago and said she wanted a cup of tea and she'd been awake for ages. It was only after I got up and headed downstairs I realised it was 5:30am.
          Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


            Morning all

            Dry and sunny out. A bit of cloud that is expected to dissipate as the morning progresses. Currently 11 degrees, high expected of 21. Barometer up to 1027 mBar.

            I am not actually up yet. Currently having a coffee in bed. Rarely do that as I tend to just get up.

            Today's Kantar diary fact is:
            Saint Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal at Rouen, France 1431
            I did a stroll around Windsor on 2 Oct for Alzheimer's Society. You can chuck me a few quid here if you like: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lmallen-1








              17.5 deg in here.

              1025 mBar, 30.27 in Hg, 62% RH.


              It's a bank holiday, dry, warmish, & sunny. The weather's borked again.


              Strewth it's warm Bruce. :sweat:

              Sunday shopping trip to Tesco and Morrisons done, dusted, washed, dried, sanitised, and put away.

              The funny smell in the salting house was probably due to the swede that's festered there for several weeks.

              I've chopped the bad bits off & cooked the rest.

              Lunch: roast chicken legs (Morrisons, reduced, boned & skinless) with sausages, a red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              In other news: it's still sunny.

              Odd. Currently the picture of Jacko is associated with a post from LadyMuck from 08:47 in the LR forum.

              I've seen it ignore me but putting someone else's avatar next to someone's name is a first.

              Though with this current pile o'tulipe software nothing really surprises me.

              Do "they" actually charge money for this?


              Walk walked in the unbearable heat.

              In other other news: LadyMuck now has NF's avatar against her post of 08:47.

              Oh, and it's now 20.1 deg in here.

              Tea: a Ginsters vegan pasty (reduced, Morrisons, not as good as the vegan Moroccan one), tomato soup with a hint of chilli plus Morrisons wholemeal sunflower & spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a yog (red, corner, pippy), 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: Weatherman Walking. Iolo doing his birdwatching thing in central Wales where there's little else but reservoirs.

              Thing about Battleships & Dreadnoughts on 5Select.

              Thing about aircraft carriers, ditto.

              LM is now represented by NAT's avatar.

              20.9 deg in here currently, though how much of that is due to the location of the clock near the window is debatable.

              Just noticed that "Doomwatch (1972)" is on one of the antique film channels.

              Now that's a rave from the grave.

              Apparently it's about seafood driving everyone who eats it crazy.

              Nothing new there then.

              Entertainment: a thing on BBC4 about Oliver Postgate & Smallfilms.

              Noggin the Nog forever!

              (I won't mention Bagpuss in case it raises memories).

              Followed by "From Andy Pandy to Zebedee: the golden age of children's television".

              That brought back some memories.

              I ought to dig "The Clangers" dvds out of whichever pile they're in.

              There's a Muffin the Mule video somewhere.

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              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Very nice here in the East Midlands after some early morning ho-hum cloud.

                Might go for a walk later.
                "I can put any old tat in my sig, put quotes around it and attribute to someone of whom I've heard, to make it sound true."
                - Voltaire/Benjamin Franklin/Anne Frank...


                  Afternoon denizens

                  Very sunny out with a clear blue sky

                  Currently 19°C and may be climbing, though the weather app reckons this is the peak - but yesterday it said the same and we ended up at 22°. Barometers are fairly steady at 1017/1025mB


                    Clear skies and around 22°C. Pressure has dropped to 983. A bit windy, but that just makes it more comfortable. We walked into (and back from) town to see the "Border Story" exhibition, concerning Basel 1939-1945. Quite troubling - let's just say the authorities and citizens don't exactly come out covered in glory, with a few lovely exceptions of course. They did ban the communists and the nazi parties, so not all bad.

                    When Basel was bombed by the British, the locals blamed the government for insisting on blackout.

                    Tonight, pork chops and chips. And some kind of veg. Haven't decided yet. I think we'll eat outside today.

                    Edit: pork chops baked in an aubergine/tomato sauce, chips and lettuce/bean sprout salad. With a nice cold rose - but inside. Still a bit too breezy.
                    Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


                      Had a sausage and bacon baguette earlier, as the sausages and bacon Need To Be Eaten™ soon and there's no room for them in the freezer

                      And now the remains of the Big Chicken are in the InstantPot™ on their way to becoming soup. It's going to be chicken, tomato and lentil but instead of making it zingy I'm going to use Italian herbs, just for a change