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test please delete

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

    Still waiting...

    It's nearly gin o'clock
    20 mins ago they replied to my IM on Teams and asked if they could call me 'now'. I asked which Teams they wanted to use (client or theirs), no reply, no call on either instance.

    I suppose I should just log off and wait until next week to be told my fate. It makes very little difference.


      Walk walked, green ring closed

      And en route, I collected an early tea: fish & chips

      I decided to give a final chance to the mediocre chip shop, as it's always busy around normal teatime but I've only been there in the evening, so I thought maybe if I got there when the chips were still fresh, they'd be better. They weren't, so it will remain consigned to the "mediocre" slot and future chippy teas will come from the much better place in the opposite direction

      The mediocre place boasts of its huge portions, and that's true enough; but hugeness-by-default doesn't make up for mediocrity. And the other place doesn't really charge any more, pro rata, for a portion that's as huge as I can manage anyway


        Sainsbury's delivery will arrive this evening between 21:37 and 22:37


          I had the foresight to put a spud in the oven several hours ago so I've had that with cheese and coleslaw for dinner.


            Cheese, crackers, port. The Kominsky Method (Netflix).
            Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


              feeling a bit queasy. also itching a bit.
              must be allergic to summat.


                I feel quite tired

                Not sure this getting-up-at-a-reasonable-hour malarkey agrees with me


                  Sainsbury's hour has begun *drums fingers on arm of chair* *gets up and looks out of window*


                    It's here!


                      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                      It's here!

                      Well, minor inconvenience

                      Due to careless packing, a bottle of Bishops Finger had managed to fall over and somehow lose its cap in the back of the van. As a result, much of the shopping now has a (rather pleasant) aroma of ale. (The driver commented that the back of the van now smells like a pub, and I had to cast my mind back over a year trying to remember what a pub smells like.) Also, it had smashed a couple of eggs so the half-dozen haven't been delivered; and the packaging of the in-store bakery wholemeal baps was slightly open so they've gone for a Burton (upon Trent) too.

                      Everything else made it though, and he's refunded me for the losses plus the value of an extra bottle of beer for the inconvenience

                      Time to enjoy some of what's left, I reckon!