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test please delete

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    I think I may get an early night tonight and see if that helps me to get my arse out of bed in the morning


      Received my first Christmas card today. I guess I ought to write mine out this weekend


        No trundling needed today. I could put out the recycling but I am comfy on the sofa


          Not long to go till an om...


            Originally posted by WTFH View Post
            Taxis know it, but it's not particularly close to a regular train station - sure there's a half hourly one to London Bridge - but that's it.
            London Bridge ->
            Trains Tattenham Corner to London Bridge | Cheap Tickets & Times | Trainline

            Victoria ->
            Epsom Downs Station | Trains to Epsom Downs | Trainline
            ~1 mile walk

            Ah forgot Epsom station itself its a 10 minute bus ride. Just think you could lay on coaches.

            That does Dorking, leatherhead & Guildford as well.

            So we can do the Met Police, All the London hospitals & healthcare, LFB and most of the civil service fairly easily.

            Though setting up in Trafalgar Square or the art galleries might be an easier choice.

            oh look there is an easy to read option.

            Epsom Downs Transport Options | Epsom Racecourse
            Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


              Final ents of the day was BBC Arts - Inside Cinema, Series 1, Guilt-Free Pleasures reminding me of films I haven't yet seen, films I've seen and wished I hadn't, films I'd seen and should watch again and, finally, films I'm glad I never saw
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                Chicken rogan josh with rice and naan for tea

                I see the good doctor has now taken to just updating his morning post with the day's events. That's no way to get the post count up!


                  The snow has now been pushed back to seven in the morning, but is still expected to almost definitely turn up at some, if not all, points during the day


                    And the snow is now basically cancelled, having been traded in for rain except for circa ten in the morning, when it would be rapidly washed away by the rain that will continue for the rest of the day

                    Still, I was able to get that winter vibe by continuing to the end of S1 of Bron/Broen: S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, and S1E10. All suitably bleak

                    Goodnight all


                      Morning all

                      We had a lodger overnight.

                      HogCam was offline last night so went out to check it before bed. It had been knocked over at some point in the day, probably by The Dog.

                      Checked the HogHut while I was out there and found Junior, one of our regulars and we think a juvenile from years breeding curled up in the food bowl. Took the chance to weigh them and give them a once over. Looks healthy but quite underweight for the time of year, barely over 400g which isn't going to be enough to see them through hibernation. They really need to be over 500g to have a fighting chance of making it to the spring. Brought him inside in a large box with some bedding, food and water and will be calling one of our local rescues later for some advice. Might be that we can hang onto him and feed him up indoors until he puts on some more weight, or he may need to go into the rescue over the winter.

                      For comparison I managed to weigh one of the Grown Ups who visit and they were well over 600g.

                      "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.