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test please delete

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    Walk briskly walked, green ring closed, along with the red and blue ones

    Quire fresh out there tonight, but pleasantly sunny for the moment

    Cloudy with showers at various points tomorrow, it seems


      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
      Extension confirmed until mid-May

      They want to extend longer, but they need ClientGov to agree budgets and stuff. However, as my contract ends on Friday, they also didn't want to lose me, so they've gone with the hassle of sorting out this extension and then probably sorting out another, longer one this time next week


        The end of my walk was via the Amazon Locker (I got a new 8TB drive). Coming away, I started to cross the side road when a bloke on a low-slung Harley appeared coming from the main road, who I hadn't initially been able to see because of another vehicle waiting at the junction. I stopped and stepped back sharpish, and as he went past me he slowed down slightly and said "Nearly got you." I laughed and said "Yeah" and he accelerated away, at which point I realised he was wearing full Hells Angels colours. And even weirder, the name of his chapter: Andorra

        What on earth a Hells Angel from Andorra is doing bimbling around the neighbourhood, I have no idea. We don't even have a local chapter he could be visiting

        We used to have a local chapter but they weren't actually affiliated with the global organisation, and after a lot of feuding from the mid-Eighties onwards they were forced out of existence in the early Nineties. I knew several of them quite well.


          Went to son's allotment for bbq. Glorious evening. They gardened while I burned the food.

          Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


            Tea was jacket potato with cheese and beans because I had the rare presence of mind to put a spud in the oven on low early enough. The remainder of the tin of beans will most likely feature in tomorrow's lunch.

            It's turning quite chilly out but I'm not yet about to close the living room window.

            Replacement paint samples arrive tomorrow. Hopefully one of those will be a correct match for the living room walls and I can get on with sorting out a few scuffs here and there. I've been doing some research on covering rust staining on exterior walls and, whilst it's only a temporary fix if you don't dig out the underlying metal, there do seem to be products that will stop the staining bleeding through for a decent amount of time. I may tackle that in the summer so my patio wall looks nicer. Yes, i know the landlady ought to do these things but I'm a nice tenant and I'm the one who lives here.


              Oh! I didn't realise there were only two episodes so far of Trucking Hell S4.

              Once I'm done with E2, in about 45 minutes, I will need to find something else to watch.


                Links are finally up

                I've got to start sorting them out on Sunday evening, though I did at least get all the tabs open last night; I just forgot because of gas-appliance-related business at lunchtime


                  Tea has been chicken jalfrezi, rice and naan, and was very nice

                  And I think I forgot to record lunch, which was a hastily-microwaved hot dog as I didn't really have time for anything more complicated


                    There's an amazing full moon out, with patchy but thin and dappled cloud to make it even more scenic

                    Bit of Trucking Hell watched

                    And now I'm getting an early night, for I feel quite tired after what felt like a very busy day

                    Goodnight all


                      Originally posted by NotAllThere View Post
                      Went to son's allotment for bbq. Glorious evening. They gardened while I burned the food.
                      I wouldn't expect anything less!

                      Kedgeree with Barley & chilli yum.

                      ok off to bed up early for miss v3s club. Have fun everybody!
                      Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.