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    Morning all


    Grey/white sky.

    Bit cooler at 16.2 deg in here.

    1010 mBar and 67% RH.


    Oh, the telex machine is oh so clean.
    When the fun stops, STOP.


      Originally posted by cojak View Post

      People are using some of their AH this week, so less hassle and I have enough time to lift my nose off the grindstone to say hello.

      My countdown app is telling me it's 141 days until my retirement...
      week days or days?

      Either way have a as the countdown begins.
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        Originally posted by eek View Post
        week days or days?

        Either way have a as the countdown begins.
        Full days.

        I'm not wishing my life away (much), but it's comforting to open it up and see a real number.

        And the fact it is falling in the next financial year is just pure coincidence...
        "I can put any old tat in my sig, put quotes around it and attribute to someone of whom I've heard, to make it sound true."
        - Voltaire/Benjamin Franklin/Anne Frank...


          Morning all

          It's a bit dull and overcast out but dry at the moment. It's currently 11 degrees and will reach 12 later. Very low chance of rain this evening but it's unlikely the sun will make an appearance. Barometer is at 1008 mBar.

          First coffee being supped.

          Slept very well and didn't wake in the night at all. Unheard of for, possibly, months. Gentle awakenings from Radio 4 which managed to find a slot for the one news story that wasn't about covid, b****t or cummings.



            Grey though warm out for November (10 degrees). Daytime high of 12 and over night low of 11 degrees. Apparently it is going to be arm until Thursday so in theory if it doesn't rain I will need to get the lawn mower out to deal with the grass that doesn't stop growing.

            Oh hearing some news about toll roads
            "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


              The Dog (tw) has been walked.
              It didn't rain while we were out, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a mucky walk. Have made it back in, but the sky is rather foreboding.
              …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore



                Morning all

                Cool, light breeze, blue holes in the sky.

                MrsB's birthday today, she's 28 (again). Presents opened and breakfast provided.

                Got a couple of hours now until the delayed interview with a prospective client B.

                Pimp is keen on this one. 3 calls last week to make sure I was still interested and ready for the interview. We'll see how it goes.
                "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


                  Happy Birthday MrsB!


                    Darn it. Constant noise all the time and it looks like the old couple next door have had an air source heat pump installed. There's a box on the ground and an aluminium duct going into their wall. Gonna be a pain when I'm in the garden.

                    If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                    John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                      Morning denizens

                      Grey day out, with some rain earlier leaving the place looking rather soggy, and not that warm at 9°C

                      Should remain dry until teatime though, and temperatures may soar to 10° in time for my planned walk via the chemist's for the monthly prescription