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    Parentals have been phoned. All's well. My brother didn't go to Czech for his lads weekend, which is a relief to all. He went back to work on the 2nd and was re-furloughed on the 5th. My SiL has also been furloughed so we will be viewing any new patios with deep suspicion.




        Exercise bicycling done, green ring closed


          Been raining again, even though it wasn't supposed to


            Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
            Entertainment: The Oak Island nutjobs are on Blaze at 21:00 wherein they find Yet More Wood.

            There'll come a time when they've removed so much wood from the island that it'll sink beneath the waves and never be seen again.

            Or there's a chap down there somewhere inputting 4 8 15 16 23 42 into an Apple II Computer to keep the universe turning.
            Watched a couple of documentaries on the "Spy who loved me" dvd that were rather more inneresting than the film.

            The Oak Island nutjobs use their new big feckoff digger thing in the swamp and find what are presumed to be 17th century survey stakes.

            Gary finds something in the bump out but we don't know what it i yet.

            Yet another cribbing spike.

            Also There's A Storm Coming, said storm being hurricane Dorian, though it might not be going full blast by the time it gets to Oak Island.

            Meanwhile back at the money pit, they're drilling more holes from Shaft 2 towards (they hope) the Money Pit.

            In the swamp, it's very wet, oddly enough and the mud is glutinous so you can't see what's underneath it.

            At the drill site they think they've finally located the Money Pit.

            Axe cut wood at 106 feet.

            Meanwhile Gary is off to see a blacksmith about the cribbing spikes.

            Thinks they were pre 1820, possibly 17th century.

            Next a sample for dendrochronology from a log in the bump out.

            It's a Cat 1 storm.

            The stone paved area isn't looking very paved in actuality.

            The storm seems to have knackered the causeway.

            The swamp is full of water again.

            Smith's Cove seems to have survived.

            Next week they find some more rusty iron, this time an axe blade.
            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 15 November 2020, 21:58.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Nice tea of chicken casserole and rice


                Bit of coffee and walnut cake too


                  No telly tonight, which made a refreshing change

                  Getting an early night now too!

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning all
                    …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore



                      People are using some of their AH this week, so less hassle and I have enough time to lift my nose off the grindstone to say hello.

                      My countdown app is telling me it's 141 days until my retirement...
                      "I can put any old tat in my sig, put quotes around it and attribute to someone of whom I've heard, to make it sound true."
                      - Voltaire/Benjamin Franklin/Anne Frank...