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test please delete

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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    I thought of that but the surplus from the pies is a bit sweet and cinnamony, and I had a jar of shop-bought apple sauce in the fridge to go with the pork, so I reckon I'll save the surplus for turnovers
    Ooh! A turnover! Now that's a fine idea.


      Currently 17 degrees and cloudy. Forecast it for a high of 19 and chance of rain increasing from 0900.

      The hourly chance of rainfall from 0900 to 1700 is 40% or 50% but the overall chance of precipitation today is 60%

      Undecided what to have for breakfast. It'll most likely be toast to use up the loaf.

      First coffee almost finished.


        Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs @ ScruffTowers®

        Grass seeding like a mad thing - pollen crazy, no cutting since it is a respiratory aggravant....waiting for the rain so it wets it down.

        No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
        I was an IPSE Consultative Council Member, until the BoD abolished it. I am not an IPSE Member, since they have no longer have any relevance to me, as an IT Contractor. Read my lips...I recommend QDOS for ALL your Insurance requirements (Contact me for a referral code).


          Morning all
          Thin high-level cloud and a bit humid, but doesn't look like "rain at 9am" as was forecast.
          …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


            Morning all






            Smells wonderful.

            Apparently Wednesday, though how the feck can one tell?
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all


              Breakfast was more sourdough toast with marmalade, eaten out of MrsB's presence to avoid dietary angst.

              1st coffee done.

              2nd now being contemplated.

              Todays plans include the construction of a work bench for th garage from the assorted bits of timber and board left over from the office conversion.
              "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


                The forecast rain hasn't turned up yet and it's now been pushed back to starting from 1300 with likelihood now up to 80%.

                The morning's white cloud is getting thicker and greyer looking.

                Bread in the toaster.


                  52% at 2pm for us now, rising to 82% at 7pm, but tiny amounts. Not enough to water plants, nor enough to make a wet walk.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                    The jackdaws are tap dancing on the chimney again.

                    And that fecking collar dove had better shut the feck up or I'll shoot it.

                    In its usual way of things, the rain has made various allergies worse, probably by launching mould spores into the air.

                    <sneeze> <cough> <sneeze>
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning denizens

                      Grey out; 14°C out there, still at 22-23° within, and no rain yet

                      Rain could apparently happen any time throughout the day, though at probabilities of 30-40% for each hour.