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    Morning denizens

    Quite sunny out, but a frost start here too. Currently 1°C but expected to get to 8° this afternoon. The barometers are heading back up at 988/996mB

    Off south in a bit. I'll have to watch out for frosty bits on the bends, I suppose


      I pruned my apple & pear trees earlier. Never have to do that again.



      Woke at 05:45 again by curious dream about speaking with someone about the S&W500. Read book. Went back to sleep.




      Blue sky.

      Chilly in here at 10.9 deg, 9.5 deg in the kitchen, 8 deg in the leanto.

      1000 mBar, 29.53 in Hg, 750.06 Torr, 14.5 psi, (up from 995 last night), 75% RH (GDR hair, I think it's borked), 60% RH (Lidl electric).

      Meanwhile on the 3rd of September 2019 there was much discussion of baked beans, LM's client was doing odd things about paying invoices, I, unusually, was watching stuff about WWII and the V3 and Soviet Flying Tanks, whereas NF was reading "Requiem for a Wren" by that N. S. Norway chap.

      Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the sunshine. Quite chilly out there but pleasant enough to take the gloves & scarf off. Eventually.

      Lunch: baked spud etc.

      Entertainment: The Food Programme.

      This: (Parental Advisory Caution: The Great She Elephant appears at one point).

      Comparison between the Rover P5B or P6B and the SD1: the first two were designed by The Rover Car Company Ltd. whereas the SD1 was a Leyland abortion with all that entails. He doesn't mention the manual gearbox problems caused, IIRC, by designing in taper roller bearings instead of needle bearings. Oh how the mighty were fallen.

      Canadian border control: 55 rescued dogs in a Uhaul: told to go back & get a bigger van. Chap with a big feckoff cabin cruiser with $11k: the $250 fine was like water off a duck's back compared with running that thing. Ship: switch blade confiscated, some non pron dvds found concealed. Woman with two septic phones given the nth degree questioning after they found traces of coke on her car keys. Nothing found. Chap from the Caribbean with minor criminal conviction of 7.5 years for armed robbery: turned around. Some crazy puppeteer preacher chap with $11k: since he was with his wife they reckoned it was $5k5 each. A slow learner: banned from driving in Canada for life: caught, for the 2nd time in 2 years: arrested & clink. The rental truck was impounded & the renter is liable for the impound costs, transportation to the pound costs & the rental. I'll bet she was happy. And he was on his way to see his Canadian lawyer about the previous charges. Are they all this stupid or is it something in the water? Just askin' like. . Coloring pens from that China: filled with steroids. Excellent: a Judge from Arizona, caught with two "derringer" like pistols concealed in his RV & undeclared: fined and the guns confiscated & destroyed. Yeeehaw. Or something. Well it's all legal in Arizona. .

      NZ Highway Patrol. How dumb do you have to be to fail two breath tests in 2 hours with the same bunch of cops? Danish chap driving an RV & weaving a bit: blew 1000 on the drunkometer. He didn't seem particularly impaired: been an alcoholic for 30 years which might explain it.

      History's greatest myths on Blaze: more bollox on Blaze: the 1938 Mars Invasion scare. <click>

      Am Dro. Swansea in this one: from Dylan Thomas to the beach. Pembroke: Dinas Head. Cwm Elan and the reservoirs stealing our water for Y Sais. Llyn Tegid, rather unkind making someone afraid of heights do that traverse.

      Megadisasters. Comet explosion over SepticLand 13000 years ago killing off everything: megafauna and the Clovis People.

      Border Control Europe: what I didn't watch yesterday because it's so fecking tedious.

      Y Ditectif: Operation Julie: Queen's Award for Industry LSD production West Wales.
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      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Morning all

        Sunny, mostly blue sky with some wispy bits here and there. Currently a chilly 3 degrees with a high of 10 expected. No rain forecast. Barometer up to 1005 mBar.

        Off to visit Mum today. My godmother decided at 6pm yesterday that maybe we could all go for Sunday lunch and then realised places were booked up. So she'll take Mum out in the week and today I'll most likely take her to Tesco to buy stuff she doesn't need.


          Home again after the journey south. I now have even less room to manoeuvre

          Not a lot brought this time, in fact, and I think that's probably me done in terms of bringing stuff, unless nobody else wants the DVD box set of The Forsyte Saga or I relent over a few more books (as, inevitably perhaps, happened today). Maybe a vase or two and similar knickknacks, though I'm not much of a knickknack person. There isn't really much left except the furniture, which will remain for staging purposes as we sell the place, then get chucked in a skip; like Lord Heseltine, our family bought its own furniture, and not a lot of it is worth handing down

          Oh, but there's the microwave and a couple of matching occasional tables (each with a small drawer) that I've booked. I was thinking of getting a new microwave anyway as the existing one is a combi and takes up more space than required, given I no longer use the additional functionality. So their John Lewis one, only a few years old, will do nicely. And one of the tables will be a good replacement for the very cheap and gradually disintegrating Homebase bedside cabinet I currently have, while the other will probably be useful somewhere, once I've sorted the place out a bit


            Quite a lot of "our" furniture was Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian.

            Largely due to my great grandfather being a driver of a horse & cart for a chap who did removals back at the turn of the 20th C.

            The grandmother long case clock went when the parents' house was emptied and causes pain in my soul.

            Various other stuff like a japaned gaming table, victorian/edwardian wardrobe/dressing table/washstand went at the same time.

            The only thing I retained was the georgian chest of drawers which is worth a few bob and my sister didn't want it.

            The Crown AY wardrobes (one male one female) are next door in dilapidated condition. I wish I'd sold them since they're likely to be there until they rot, along with the blanket box and bedside table.

            What my late mother would say about it all I dread to think.

            I brought the G Plan wardrobe across to this house along with my old bed* which now graces the front bedroom.

            *Said bed has a CC41 stamp on it.

            Gosh that's brought back memories of the state the house used to be in before being destroyed by them next door.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Ham toasties for lunch


                Bedding wash on


                  Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                  Much rain this afternoon and early evening. Seems to have taken a pause for a while.

                  The schedule for Ambulance looks like it's maybe fortnightly? None this week but there is one next week.
                  Turns out there was an extra-long programme about something called the FA Cup last Wednesday, which bumped it. No idea what that's all about


                    Tea: a roast beef dinner


                      The schedulers have been mucking around again, meaning a bit less NZ roads policing after the Canadian customs

                      And later, for want of Ambulance (see above), a couple of episode of 24 Hours in A&E

                      And in among there somewhere, I found a couple of Metal tutorials which cleared some stuff up, though much remains unclear for now

                      Monday again tomorrow. I don't know how they keep getting away with it

                      Goodnight all