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    The car tonight was a Porsche 912E, which needed a good chunk of engine debugging - always much more interesting than when they have a bunch of stuff about replacing the carpets. And then more of the opal hunters were having to carry out repairs to heavy machinery in the middle of nowhere

    Then there was the latest episode of the Glasgow station programme. And finally, an episode of that thing featuring the younger members of our local plod, though a lot of it was in remote places like Loughborough and Market Harborough

    Goodnight all


      {emotionless greeting}

      Three Word Slogan


        Morning all

        CBS with mist in the valley below.
        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          Morning denizens

          Grey kind of start, though it's hard to tell if it's overcast or haze until the sun gets a little higher. There's a 70% chance of rain shortly though, so probably more than just haze. Currently 11°C with 16° expected later, along with slightly sunnier conditions; and the barometers are down a bit more at 1008/1016mB





            No current precipitation.


            Wanly sunny.

            Colder at 15.5 deg in here, 16.5 deg in the kitchen, 14 deg in the leanto, 12.1 deg in the salting house.

            1012.5 mBar, 29.899 in Hg, 759.44 Torr, 14.685 psi, (untapped), 75% RH.


            The recycling engineers made their merry way along the road earlier, taking away the valuable collection of glass and food waste from next door & the waste paper from me.

            Looks like I ought to get the washing underway since this appears to be the last dry day for a while.

            Smalls in the WM.

            Meanwhile on 24th January 2019 covbob had problems with an indolent software architect (whatever one of those is), NF was busily emptying the freezer by eating stuff, and I had lentil <pffft> soup for tea whilst denigrating "The Name of the Rose" for its tediousness (oddly I found it reasonably watchable in the cinema all those long years ago, my taste must have changed, there's no chance of me ever wasting any of my life reading any of Eco's turgid tomes ever again.).

            Smalls out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

            Shirts in the WM.

            The WM came up with !Hygene! earlier. I think it wants a 60 deg wash to kill bugs.

            I'm harassed by my washing machine as well.

            Sun's out. Blue sky. Looks quite pleasant.

            The waste food bins have been washed out with the dishwater, much to the irritation of some slugs. Warm water with a bit of Fairy(tm) was much more effective than the cold water I used an hour earlier to remove the grosser detritus onto the compost heap.

            The cleansed bins will now take up pride of place in the greenhouse since they're definitely not going back in the salting house.

            Shirts out of the WM and pegged out on the line.

            Cottons in the WM at 60 deg to get rid of the !Hygene! thing.

            Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the pleasant sunshine.

            Lunch: baked potato with cheese and baked beans, red corner yog, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, the last of which had a hint of blue, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Oh, and two ripe pears off my very own pear tree.

            Oddly the jackdaws have stopped attacking the pears. Maybe they like them when they're like potatoes.

            Entertainment: Y&Y: some twat waffling on about some mob chef thing he's invented, now a thing all about funerals.

            Cottons out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

            Shirts almost ready for the iRon.

            Shirts roughly iRoned.

            Some gardening (i.e. massacre of the brambles) undertaken.

            Tea: chilli con carne (last portion) with rice, fruit cocktail, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Wheeler Dealers S13 E13 1973 Chevy Camaro: 5.8L engine giving 140 bhp as stock. Bought for $17k, $15k parts (including a stroker engine giving 450 bhp), sold for $35k.

            Trucking Hell S6 E?: allegedly this one features Rory. . A repeat. No Rory. I shall sue. He was in last week's trail sawing up trees.

            Note: Wheeler Dealers S17 E1 on Quest at 21:00 or 22:00 on +1. Mk1 Mini 850 1965: bought for £10k, £2k of parts, solder for £14k.

            Ancient Aliens bollox.
            why don't dolphins build cars?
            Feck me, it's because they haven't got hands. Duh! Unwatchable crap.

            Discovering Brad Pitt on Sky Arts.
            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 13 October 2022, 21:09.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all

              Cloudy but reasonably bright. There was rain overnight and low chance of any more. Currently 13 degrees with a high of 16 expected. Barometer down to 1014 mBar.

              Just realised my next meeting is with one of ClientCo's customer's and I'm looking a bit scruffy. I'm posting here instead of tidying myself up


                Morning all

                METAR EGFF 130850Z AUTO 03004KT 0200 R12/0275N FG VV/// 11/11 Q1016

                Visibility 200m
                Runway (12) visibility 275m
                Indefinite vertical visibility

                Seems to be lifting a bit so probably clear by the afternoon

                Watching Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix but finding the guy on trial incredibly annoying. Will persevere for a few more episodes (ie until the weekend)


                  All dry laundry has been put away.

                  Dirty laundry in the WM.


                    Corned beef butties for lunch again

                    Inevitable really, as the tin has enough for two lunches in it and it only keeps for so long once it's ben opened


                      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                      All dry laundry has been put away.

                      Dirty laundry in the WM.
                      That reminds me, I was going to stick some laundry on. Jeans today, I think