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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    It's a much more pleasant day today. Not looking forward to next week but I'll complain about that when it gets here.
    Odd how a few degrees of hot is more bearable. Only 25 degrees today.
    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


      In a fit of enthusiasm, I moved a few more boxes of stuff to the storage unit once I'd finished work. The roads are nice and empty between 18:30 and 19:00, it turns out

      While heading out, I also got the recycling bin trundled. No room for mine, as the couple upstairs have moved and they've chucked a lot of stuff in there. Hope the bin folk don't get fussy and refuse to take it because some of the stuff is the wrong kind of stuff


        Tea has been spag bol, which was very nice indeed. And it looks like there are two more portions in the freezer - I thought there'd only be one left

        Temperature in the living room is now down to around 22°C. The bedroom is still at 23°, though - I assume the smaller window allows less throughput of the breeze, not to mention it having to make its way through a further doorway to get in there


          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan


            The car earlier was a series 3 Land Rover, which was nice

            Later viewing was old Police Interceptors

            And with less rubbish to watch earlier in the evening, I was able to make more progress on my SpriteKit/GameplayKit experiments, though for some reason using an SKAction to fade an SKPathNode in by increasing its alpha from zero to one wouldn't work. Could be a bug in SpriteKit, or just me doing things wrong

            Goodnight all


              Morning all

              TFIF, etc
              CBS, etc.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                Morning denizens

                Sunnyish start again, but there's a high, thin layer of dappled cloud reducing the glare somewhat. Not too hot yet at 16°C, though it might reach 23° later. Coincidentally, that's the temperature in the living room, while the bedroom has just bounced back from 21.something° when I awoke to 22°


                  Morning all

                  Blue sky with high level wispy fluff. Currently 18 degrees with a high of 25 expected. Barometer up a touch to 1024 mBar.

                  HWMBO went home yesterday evening and his flight went ok albeit the middle seat in business was being used due to other cancellations. He used the new Lizzy Line to get to the airport, which proved to be the more stressful part of the journey. The train terminated at Hayes. Then there was no service between T2&3 and T5, necessitating a change to HEX which wasn't much fun for the three people on the platform to try and manage.



                    More peculiar dreams. WTF those were all about is anyone's guess.





                    Cooler side of warmish at 21.1 deg in here.

                    1021 mBar, 30.15 in Hg, 765.8 Torr, 14.808 psi (up from 1019 last night), 68% RH .


                    Smalls in the WM.

                    Smalls out of the WM & into the TD.

                    Shirts in the WM.

                    Smalls out of the TD and airing upstairs.

                    Shirts out of the WM and into the TD.

                    Cottons in the WM.

                    Entertainment: Discovering David Niven (the bit I missed yesterday).

                    Shirts out of the TD and roughly iRoned before airing upstairs.

                    Cottons out of the WM and into the TD.

                    Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons linseed and soya toasted crust, bramble jelly and marmalade sandwiches, red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Entertainment: some thing on R4 about the interweb & censsorship.

                    Discovering Gary Cooper. He was almost British.

                    Freecell score: 88%, running average 85%.

                    Various bits of Ancient Aliens bollox.

                    Farscape S4 E12 "Kansas": The let's go back in time through a wormhole to Earth to feck up the timeline one. It was better than it sounds.

                    Wheeler Dealers 1965 Dodge Coronet. An ex drag race V8. A big block 7 litre V8. With no power steering and drum brakes.

                    They should have left the rollcage in.

                    Rather than fit a vacuum brake booster they've fitted an electric one. Didn't know such things existed.

                    The power steering upgrade was simples, nuts, bolts, new steering box, hydraulic pump & lines. Simples again.
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      A jeans wash is on, seeing as I'm not likely to wear those for a while