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    Well I managed to get out today, went to the village and picked a few things up including Zoom ice lollies!
    "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

    I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


      Cake's out and seems good; just waiting for it to cool now

      Possibly a tad overcooked, but this oven has always seemed a little hotter than its advertised gas marks; next time, I'll set it a little lower.

      And with that having been done: walk briskly walked, green and red rings closed


        All planned tasks for the working week were done and dusted.

        Booked cinema tickets to see Dune this evening and Venom tomorrow afternoon.

        A Charlie Bingham macaroni cheese for dinner.

        Watching E1 of Prof B Cox's new series - Universe - while I scoff.


          My sister's father-in-law has died. He was taken to hospital around six this morning with an aortic aneurysm that was leaking. They had to resuscitate him once while they were waiting for his wife and my brother-in-law to get there, as they didn't know his or their wishes. Anyway, he regained his faculties eventually, and they were going to operate; but he refused, and died within the past hour

          He worked in aerospace, project managing satellites for British Aerospace among other things, and was the only person I've ever met who could start an anecdote "Geoffrey de Havilland said to me…"


            Bed made, averting an unpleasant surprise later


              Tea has been a rack of ribs in a smokey BBQ sauce, with loads of fries. Extremely nice


                Dune (2021) was very enjoyable.


                  Tonight's viewing started with my third or fourth attempt to watch Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and you know what? I just don't think it's going to happen. I got about twenty minutes in this time, having never previously managed more than five or so, and… nah. Not for me

                  So I abandoned that midstream and turned instead to Arbitrage (2012). It's an OK thriller, but it was never going to win any Oscars; I daresay it paid a bunch of people's mortgages for a while, and that's enough to justify its existence. Nothing to get excited over, but if it's there, there's worse things you could watch instead

                  Next up was a rewatch of Divergent (2014) which is still jolly good, though still not as good as the Hunger Games stuff. But it is jolly good

                  And a couple more episodes to bring me closer to the end of The Americans: S6E5 The Great Patriotic War (TV Episode 2018) and S6E6 Rififi (TV Episode 2018). I must watch Rififi (1955) some time - it sounds rather good

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning all

                    Lots of overnight rain has given way to blue skies here.
                    {emotionless greeting}

                    Three Word Slogan



                      Dry (as in not currently raining).


                      Blue sky in parts with white fluffy clouds.

                      Chilly in here at 16.8 deg.

                      990 mBar, 29.23 in Hg, 742.56 Torr, 73% RH.

                      Saturday apparently.

                      Walk walked (unabbreviated) in the intermittent deluge.

                      Saw a red kite.

                      Observed that the work on the leat from the res to the 2nd pond has successfully reduced the water level in said leat since the new bit of gravel has washed away & there's a cascade of water washing away the path.

                      I don't use that bit of path so it's ok by since it means I don't have to jump over the other bits it usually overtops.

                      Lunch: more of that lentil soup I made on Monday with Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      As it transpires, the tanking of the garage is about 99% successful aside from the puddle that remains puddlelike which is a bit disappointing.

                      I suspect that the endwall needs a bit of pointing in some of the more gross faults in the mortar, following which another coat of tanking would possibly do the needful trick.

                      The next batches of chilli con carne and spag fiery bol have been prepared, the chilli seems suitably fiery even before its sojourn in the freezer.

                      Sunny out there now: blue sky with white fluffy clouds again.

                      Mild potching in & out of the garage: can't quite see where the puddle is coming from.

                      Cleaned the gutters.

                      Tea: spag with the first portion of a particularly fiery bol, nice enough, a week in the freezer may make it even more fiery , a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                      Entertainment: The UneXplained with that space going chap with a wig. The one that Zeity wasn't keen on.

                      "The Quatermass Experiment (1955)": satisfied the desire to see the Wolseley 6/80 motor car again.

                      In proper black & white.
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                      When the fun stops, STOP.