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test please delete

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

    Don't worry, we'll be back in another lock down before that properly gets going.
    Yes, I think that's highly likely


      Nice bit of buttered wholemeal toast to tide me over till lunchtime

      At least the butter's easier to spread in this weather

      Up to 27°C out, and I've closed the windows on the sunny side as well as the curtains. Now up to 28.8° in here, which I think is climbing less quickly that it did yesterday. Once the sun has moved round, I'll open the curtains but leave the windows until it cools down a bit this evening; I think that's what you're supposed to do.


        Mouse battery's flat. As it's one of those ridiculous Apple mice with the USB port on the bottom because Jony Ive didn't want a little rectangular slot ruining its clean lines, this is a good excuse to take a break


          Links are up


            HWMBO and the urchins have left for the next part of their summer holidays.

            They're back on Friday afternoon, just passing through, so I can't put everything away but I can wrestle a bit of control back

            Lots of bed linen to wash!


              scorchio! scorchio!

              Currently 29 degrees.

              Went to supermarket early in the morning and people were all wearing masks except one guy.

              One of my neighbours is burning herself in the sun.

              Now for a meeting....
              "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR



                The only time in the day I feel sleepy is in the bloody meetings...
                "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                  Lunch was chicken, tomato and lentil soup, with both wholemeal and multisided bread

                  The curtain thing kept the temperature from getting above 29° in here, and it even fell about .4° for a bit around noon, but crept back up again as it warmed up outside, to around 29.4°. Now the sun's moved enough to not be hitting the front of the building at all, and it's no hotter outside than in, I've opened the curtains and one of the windows to see if that makes things a little less stifling


                    oh ffs, now next door has been tested for covid & I'm supposed to go out in this fecking heat to buy cat food and soy milk.

                    Not that I mind of course.

                    It's 25.8 deg in here.

                    Wot it'll be with all the windows shut feck nose.


                    Morrisons visited for gourmet fecking cat food for the overweight cat next door, and some soya milk for the overweight owner (unspecified as to gender) next door.

                    Took forever to find what I assume to be soya milk, but tough tulipe if it isn't.

                    It's 25.8 deg in here.

                    Wot it'll be with all the windows shut feck nose.
                    25.9 deg as it happens.

                    And I've missed all the Engineering failing goodness in the mean time.

                    However, to make up for it, S3 E1 of Trucking Hell is available to make up for it.

                    Have I watched this one before? It seems unfamiliar.

                    It's 25.8 deg in here.

                    Wot it'll be with all the windows shut feck nose.
                    26 deg now with my hot little body.

                    Nope, haven't watched this one before.

                    Trucking Hell goodnes. ?Rory?

                    No Rory.

                    26.9 deg in here now.

                    It's still 33 deg in the salting house.

                    Innerestingly enough, the bit of roof that's got plants growing on it is much cooler than the bit of roof that hasn't.

                    I shall stick some wood up there tomorrow to see if it cools it down a bit coz the sun hits it from about 10:00 until about 20:00.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 19 July 2021, 18:40.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Finally remembered that I've got an ice cube tray

                      Should have ice sometime later this evening