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test please delete

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    I'd like to have a go a quiche too. Last time I made one, many years ago, it tasted like scrambled egg.


      luncheon <well, it Is sunday> has been a spring roll from yesterdays chinese repast, with sweet chilli sauce. very tasty.
      and 80Cl of earl grey tea.

      the rolls are huge, 2.5 dia x 5 inches long.
      and you get three in a portion.*
      so two more lunches in the fridge.

      *only purchased to get the price up to minimum for delivery.

      recycling trundled
      fish ditch topped up.
      fish fed
      shrubs given a drink.

      might take a nap now.


        I remembered to have lunch at about a lunchy time today.

        Basically a cheese and ham toasty but it sounds posher when I say it was piadine flat bread with provolone and prosciutto cotta.


          Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
          Beef it will be aroasting, having found a lump in the freezer, and, miracle of miracles, managed to remember to take it out of said freezer yesterday so it defrosted.
          Beef duly roasted, overdone despite being taken out much earlier, ho hum.

          Rice pud: forgot to put stuff in it so it's more than slightly odd, now in the fridge for later.

          Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

          Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
          SpO2: 96% HR: 54.

          That's a very good resting heart rate.

          Were you a sniper in your younger days?
          I couldn't possibly comment.

          Still can't figure out if it's hayfever, since that frequently makes me feel a bit odd.
          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Afternoon all

            Weather - lovely, 18 degrees

            Breakfast - Weetabix (Aldi, 3), OJ (Aldi, 250ml), Toast (Aldi, 2) with Marg (Aldi), Coffee (CostCo 450ml)

            Lunch - Leftovers from weekly meals, Chicken Adobo, Noodles, Fish Soup, Rice


              Pâté on toast (wholemeal multiseed) for lunch

              99%, 62

              Got another family Zoom call later. Clashes with Monkey Life again


                SpO2: 97%, HR 63.

                Sunday afternoon shop done, dusted, rinsed in bleach and put away.

                Everything bought by Strangelove Mater used to get this treatment.

                Looks very much as if everything bought now will get a similar treatment.

                Especially things like oranges.

                I'll have to go to the bank to get some money out tomorrow.

                Nearly ran out this afternoon.


                The solar chargers on the car seem to be doing the business.

                Dunno how good they'll be once the weather returns to normal, mind you.

                Just discovered that Opera has a reader mode extension and an extension that kills the cookie request box thing.

                Sounds magick.
                Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 26 April 2020, 15:03.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                  I'll have to go to the bank to get some money out tomorrow.

                  Nearly ran out this afternoon.

                  I was talking about use of cash with my Dad on Friday. He very rarely uses a card for payments and so doesn't like how many places are pushing cashless. I'm guessing you're not having any trouble with using cash?

                  My Dad also got told by his local branch of Lloyds that paying in a cheque was "not essential banking" and on him saying that he'd be happy to not pay in the cheque if the bank would cover the fees and charges he'd incur if he didn't pay his bills on time, the huffy person behind the counter allowed him to pay in "this one time". They then told him he should bank online which I'm not sure would solve his need to pay in a cheque (unless Lloyds now offer some means of accepting cheques by sending them a photo in like Monzo do).

                  It just all conspires to reinforce my opinion that the technology push just disenfranchises so many people who don't have the technological means or capability to use the newfangled tools. Maybe one day we'll have a 100% fully connected population of digital natives but I hope to be dead by then.


                    Oh look, I guess it's time to drivel a bit.


                      I'm not doing very well with my essay writing. Did I mention I don't like writing essays?