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New Forum Bug Reports

This is a sticky topic.
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    Probably a known issue among these 60 pages or so .... but an annoying feature of replying to threads is that any earlier post started and then ditched mid-post reappears on each attempt to post anew in that thread. In particular, when I post to this thread:


    With each new post, I get the text from an earlier, aborted post that has been cached somewhere. It looks like other posters have suffered from this too as there are sometimes completely orthogonal quotes or half-finished thoughts that make it through to a new post.


      This thread cannot be opened https://forums.contractoruk.com/acco...-inside-ir35-a

      Yet I was able to open it earlier but got sidetracked before replying.
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        https://forums.contractoruk.com/busi...5-new-contract can't be opened.

        Is it because the OP has a name that ends in a number?
        merely at clientco for the entertainment


          Ah, the Golden Oldie:

          Originally posted by this half arsed badly written piece of crap
          Error Saving Click: You haven't clicked this button yet.
          When the fun stops, STOP.


            multiquote doesn't clear, it appears in all subsequent posts entered in the thread