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test please delete

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    Morning all

    Sunny with lumps of fluff. Currently 19 degrees with a high of 23 expected. Chance of rain this afternoon. Barometer down to 1008 mBar.

    I discovered what happened to my mum's last ISA so that's now all resolved. Now the search for good savings accounts starts. I think an instant access and a notice account would work well.


      Afternoon denizens

      There's been a sunny spell but it seems to be clouding over again now, as is only right and proper for a September weekend. Mild at 23°C, where it is expected to remain. The barometers continue heading down, at 1000/1008mB


        We have a thunderstorm now forecast around 3pm.

        This was an interesting 15 minute diversion about Janet Jackson killing laptops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y3RGeaxksY A bit of an in-depth look at the offending track itself.


          Lunch: a caramelised onion sausage cob; sauce: red. Very tasty

          No rain forecast here, let alone thunderstorms, but apparently we may get some of the former from tomorrow and the latter in the middle of next week


            Afternoon all.

            METAR EGFF 031420Z AUTO 16012KT 9999 NCD 19/11 Q1007=

            NCD - No cloud detected is bollox tbqhwy

            Wordle - done
            Heardle - no chance
            Worldle - done
            Nerdle - done
            Phrazle - done
            Globle - done

            Hoovering - also done whilst listening to the 'Socially distant sports bar' podcast, which is a good listen if you have a passing interest in sports and/or grew up in Wales.


              The thunderstorm never materialised but there was a brief shower.


                Mundane laundry is on


                  In the other Chinese


                    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                    In the other Chinese
                    And very nice too

                    It started spitting a few drops of rain on me as I left the Chinese, but nothing really came of it


                      Many cocktails have been imbibed. HWMBO cooked dinner on the BBQ. Ents has been The Repair Shop and tat on YouTube (including more from the chap I shared a few posts ago).